Curfews are back

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine is issuing a statewide curfew starting Thursday for 21 days to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The curfew will be from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Retail establishments should be closed and people should be at home during those hours, the governor said.

We are no longer free as a people what will we let them do next


It is amazing; the virus must only come out after 10pm. Could that be any more out of touch at all? STL county is starting all of that again too. I live in a “free” part of the state and we are thankfully wide open here. Our county admin and the MO Gov says there will be NO mask mandates or lockdowns on their watches.


I was wating to see if he was going to impose a bed time also seeing how im a grown man paying my bill with a curfew how are we letting these people do this tell us we cant work we cant go out we cant have Thanksgiving and have to be in at a certain time

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I know how this works, I remember watching “Gremlins.”


Its very interesting that most of the seriously over the top lockdowns are in Dems States, where they were okay with protesting and looting, and then they were okay with Democrat dance parties in the streets when it appeared Biden had stolen an election, by using COVID as an excuse for mail in ballot corruption. But now getting together with your family for Thanksgiving or going to church his terribly risky, we as Americans have a lot of freedoms that the Dems are usurping and if Biden is able to steal the election these freedoms will be lost permanently!


Yea ohio is ran by a Democrat with a R next to his name

Yes complete RINO. Can’t wait to see him voted out of office. Jim Renacci can start his campaign any day now.

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Yes, curfews are back. I will assert that feedom comes with the price tag of responsibility. I will also make the assumption the curfew is aimed at bars–I can’t think of many other businesses that are open to the public after 10. And no, the virus doesn’t just come out after 10, maybe just more of the people who seem to put their own wants above what is best for the community as a whole. When you’re out in a bar, are people following the guidelines on social distancing, hygiene, and masks? Not from what I have seen.

Now let’s talk big picture. I would much rather have the situation reversed–if you don’twant to wear a mask and you want to engage in behavior that endangers the public, so be it. You’re FREE to do that. BUT-- you should then be not able to get care if you get sick, and you should be civilly liable for spreading the disease. Choices should have consequences.

Legally, we can’t do that first part, because of the federal law (EMTALA)–you can’t be denied emergency care; and proving transmission is impossible. So, since the consequences have been taken away for people who endanger public health, why shouldn’t the rights be curtailed?

It is my assertion that if everyone would just wear a mask and wash their hands, this thing would go away like the Spanish flu did 100 years ago. Until such time, we will pay a price for people who refuse to take steps to be responsible members of the community.
As taxpayers, when you look at the cost of this disease for the poor and the elderly, you need to remember that their healthcare is payed for by tax dollars–working people. I want them healthy. We should all want them healthy.

But you don’t want to wear a mask. How about if your surgeon felt the same way? The mask doesn’t do him a bit of good–it’s there for the patient.

This doesn’t need to be a fight over ‘freedom’. Are you also upset because you’re not ‘free’ to drive impaired? Or not ‘free’ to drive 100mph on city streets?

I’m a conservative, and I had a career in health care. I’d ask you to think about the public health implications and the downstream burden on taxpayers if we don’t get this under control. If you’ve got a better solution, I would love to hear it, but please take the politics out of this and focus on the issue–which is how we stop the spread of the virus and end the pandemic as fast and cost effectively as possible, with minimal damage to the economy.


10 pm to 5 am?

The virus runs around town at those hours?

Reagan said, freedom is only one generation from extinction… I think I will blame the current generation for it’s extinction.

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Didn’t these types of things get done by those in our past…

Pol Pot

hmm… At what point did the United States cease to be free?


As I truck around the country, some restaurants finally were opening up a little. After a long day it was nice to find a place to sit down and grab a bite. Can only take McDonald’s and Taco Bell so often. Not a fan of the muzzle s. Been using the same paper masks since like May. Better things in life to worry about. I’m more worried about driving around at night with these curfews

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And if you see a situation you do not like, do not patronize that establishment.

Interesting. If one person does not wear a mask, and you might be one of the at risk, you should take precautions. Wear a mask or not enter that establishment. Why should everyone else be forced to act in specific ways, just because a few are nervous. Those at risk should take precautions, and when we, the rest of us, need to interact with them, we can take precautions and wear a mask also, but out in public, outside on the sidewalk? No.

Do we plan to do this also with the annual flu? The flu does kill. There are those who are at risk for the flu. And the recent numbers, including the CDC numbers, shows the mortality rate for Covid is not that high… as it has been reported 99.5% + survive.

Just saying, those at risk should take precautions, everyone else live their lives as they want, and if they must interact with someone in the at risk category, take precautions to help protect them, but not as an every day, everywhere, forced masks.

This is a door that should not be opened, as once across that threshold, you might find it difficult to close and secure the door… or put it another way, put the Genie back in the bottle.
If we allow rights to be curtailed (and yes, they are already being curtailed… church is denied, and prohibited, as are other Constitutionally guaranteed rights…), what is the end game, the final result… at what point do we say the government can not take our rights and they must return those they took?
And, what do we do when the government likes the power and refuses to return the rights, or any freedom, and becomes even more tyrannical.
This may not be coming across as well as I would hope. Sorry.
The CDC was studying firearms violence as a ‘national health crisis’. Under the national health crisis of Covid-19, the governors (mostly Democrat but some Republicans) have curtailed our rights, have limited travel (Freedom of Movement), has prohibited church (Freedom of Religion) {Yes, people can pray in their homes, but the right to Freedom of Religion is NOT just for in our homes}, Shut down businesses (Right to the Pursuit of Happiness) {We have a right to our property and a property to our rights, and we have a right to use our faculties as we see fit}, …

Now, if they determine firearms are a national health crisis, and they curtail the right to keep and bear arms, … limit travel, confiscate firearms, arrest or punish those who ever supported the right to keep and bear arms in the past, refuse to let them have gainful employment, wear a symbol on their clothes to be easily identifiable. This will allow for ease of detainment.

I know that sounds absurd, and perhaps facetious but it is similar.

Be careful of what you want to impose, as regardless of how ‘good’ and ‘beneficial’ it sounds, it grants power to government and curtails rights and freedom that may never be recovered.

And, if we do it for a virus with a 99.5% + survivability… will we do it for the annual flu, will our lives forever be under the scrutiny of mask police.

It is a fight over freedom. So have more respect for it than others. I have seen some of the results of tyranny, corruption, countries that could be wealthy and are in abject poverty, except the few at the top… and the mandates they imposed on their people. it was not a pretty picture.

A better solution is live and let live… The Constitution, Freedom, and our guaranteed rights. If you are at risk, the same as the flu… avoid crowds, avoid any place you can when you do not feel safe. Ensure those who come to visit you at home, wear a mask, and those who come to interact with those at risk should wear a mask, but not everyday everywhere, outside or in large stores with plenty of open space and air. Let businesses open, and if you do not feel safe going to the gym, do not go… those who fee safe, can go.
There are many who have had it and were not really impacted by it… the same as the flu. Is Covid perhaps more contagious? Perhaps, but it really is not that much more serious based on the numbers.
If you have an underlying condition, and are at risk, take precautions.

And, remember, a large percentage of deaths in the US was in New York City… so what did NYC do that was wrong…



  1. the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
    absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government.

As for your Assumption for being for bars would be wrong Ohio is already on a bar and restaurant curfew.
So because tax dollars pay for some healthcare we should do everything to make sure they stay healthy so we should regulate what they eat how much they can eat and tell them what medical treatment they can and cant have since my tax dollars pays for it

But for the greater good right sounds something like a tyrant would say

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Yea im sure glad I only work with the public from 8am-5pm or the virus would get me but since i work in the mornings im good

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Well said.

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I live in California but local PD and county sheriff have stated they don’t have interest in enforcing our hypocrite governor’s orders.

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Loving our Florida Governor DeSantis ! He states we will not shutdown again, period !
Do I wear a mask ? Sometimes when required to enter a business. Do I thrown away my paper mask every time ?
That would be NO, I wear them as long as 6 or 7 times, throw it in on the back seat of the car. I also pull it away from my face every couple of breaths to get some cool fresh air when shopping.
My shooting range does not require masks and I have been there about 30 times since April without one. If I go in to browse for any length of time, I’ll throw one on. Am I one of those at risk ?? I’m a strong healthy 76 year old. We live in a retirement community where the media has some of the old " mask mice" scared to even come out of the house and are experts at " mask shaming ", lol ! Did you notice that people supporting all those lock downs are getting paid regardless, retirees with pensions and SS, government officials, , etc., etc. ! Florida opened up July 1st and all the younger people I know couldn’t wait to get back to work, not just for the money, but to get back into a routine and see friends again. Sorry for the rant, but I don’t take orders well !


That is a great analogy, and I see your point on this. I would submit that the majority of gun owners are responsible; it’s a small minority of people responsible for the firearms homicide rate. I would compare them to the people who don’t wear masks for the sake of analogy. Because of their wanton disregard for other people’s safety, we are at risk of losing more freedom.

If it’s not bars, who is this affecting??? As to healthcare spend, it’s 1/6 of the economy. A sizable portion of that (varies by geography) is government funded–generally about a third of it in rural areas and over half of it in urban areas. it’s not insignificant, and you bring up an interesting point. My private insurance incents ‘good’ behavior–maintaining a health weight, not smoking, etc.–with lower premiums. This is not the case with Medicare or Medicaid.

I am not defending the curfew from a moral stance. It’s distasteful and extreme and an infringement on freedom. I am more put off by people who choose to continue to place others at risk by avoiding easy to do common sense precautions that can help stop the spread of a disease that could kill their neighbors.

Thank you, I was not sure if it came across well. I would consider your point valid about the homicide rate with the qualifying addition.
The firearms violence is less about ‘gun owners’ and more about crime, period. Including those who illegally own firearms.

There is risk with freedom, and nothing can be done to prevent illegal acts, even unintentional acts that are unsafe.

I still stand with the view, Covid is not very different than the flu, and we do not shutter businesses or schools or demand people shelter at home and be under house arrested basically, for the flu.

As I said before, if an individual finds a situation uncomfortable, such as a bar or restaurant, do not go in, avoid that location. I am concerned that the idea of force used to require others, who are not ill or who have less fear and are not in the risk category, might be far too much government power and tyranny.

If an individual thinks people inside a business are not wearing masks enough, there are other businesses, or other times to enter. Not to sound ‘cold’, but the individual who has concerns should be the one to alter their choice, not their fear or concern be used as a wedge to force others to be forced to alter their choices.

If we go down the road, we could see government force to be used to limit many things in some misguided effort to make everyone safe… from everything, and that is impossible and only serves to give government power and reduce the citizens rights and freedom.

Remember, each flu and coronavirus is different. The 2009 H1N1 - 09 may not have killed as many people, it was less contagious, but it did kill far more children. The common cold is a coronavirus, so, I understand concern, but I think that concern should not translate to more government power and limits on citizens.

We are at risk every time we drive a car or cross a street, or just walk. I know of a fire chief and his wife, killed in a car crash… not from another driver having ‘wanton disregard’ for other people’s safety, but from the wind. A part of the natural world… and the wind caused a tree to fall on their car as they were driving. Sorry if this sounds too flippant but, should we cut down all trees, to make it safe?

As for this, you make the choice for your own self. I think @Shawn31 meant was the government mandating health decisions for the people, similar to what they tried to do in New York by prohibiting drinks over 16 oz… or banning sugar or some other government control.

Yes, if you choose wisely, you not only have reduced premiums, you use the health insurance less often as you are healthier, but it is your choice and not forced onto you.

I agree with you, we should all be more healthy, but we should all have the freedom to choose… .without government penalty.

And again, are we going to do all of this, close schools, require and mandate masks, punish those who refuse to wear a mask, for every illness, for every flu season, for every cold season, for everyday all year long.
I know you are concerned about this specific virus, but where does the line get drawn.

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You said it better than I could