Go get shot!

Despite what Biden and Harris said during the campaign, we now have three vaccines that show excellent efficacy against COVID-19: Pfizer, Russia, and Moderna have each announced more than 90% efficacy. There are 8 more vaccines still in phase 3 trials. I believe we will see all 11 released soon.

The most powerful way you can give Biden and Harris the middle finger is to get one of the vaccines that were developed without their support and against their wishes.

I received Moderna vaccine as a phase 3 trial participant. I had aches and pains after the second dose which resolved after one day. I have been exposed to COVID-19 at work and did not contract the virus. The vaccine works.

It would be nice if we could post a collection of photos of people getting shot to give Biden the bird. :sunglasses:


This is certainly one side of the vaccine discussion. Curious how long this one stays civil.


I think the pandemic will end when it no longer has any political use.

Just my opinion



@DBrogue you get the “post of the day” award.


It’s nice to know, especially from someone with actual experience getting the vaccine.


I think the vaccine is a viable option for people that have pre existing health issues that would make catching covid more dangerous. For the majority of the population that will either show no symptoms or recover fully. I see no need for an unnecessary vaccine


I think I’ll wait quite a while to see what happens before I even consider this king about getting it.


While I disagree with your opinion, I will defend to the death your right to have it.

November 16

I think the vaccine is a viable option for people that have pre existing health issues that would make catching covid more dangerous. For the majority of the population that will either show no symptoms or recover fully. I see no need for an unnecessary vaccine


I appreciate that. And I don’t think anything negative or condescending of those who choose differently. I believe you have the right to chose the path you think is best for you.

I think there are people who would greatly benefit from a vaccine and I would hope they don’t let pride get in the way of sound judgment.


And… Fauci says even if you get the vaccine, you will need to wear a mask, stay on lock down, and cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For all those who are bothered by Fauci… or just admin and moderators.

Grow a pair


So all good by the 4th then? Gives me some time to get a hat for that 3rd eye but I’m a little concerned about the tail…


It’s going to be interesting to see what happens with the mask mandates when significant numbers of people start getting vaccinated. It’s going to be difficult to force people who feel like they are immune keep wearing them.


Kind of takes the fun out of being a tyrant. :innocent:

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As someone who just got over COVID a couple weeks ago. I feel that way already.


I respect the bravery @Loren_Jay, but feel like “my body is not a science experiment” and so have no pioneering spirit about these vaccines.

The best way to give the middle finger to the above mentioned petty tyrants is to thrive. Whether by getting a shot, or staying away from the shot is up to each of us.


What does this sound like?

This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality and climate change.

  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

This part always sounds like a rip off is about to happen.


The military made us vaccinate , then added vaccines for nations we’d be stationed in… still here kicking & fighting.
Sometimes it just issss necessary. It isn’t as much about self choice but more about self preservation.
My concerns are side effects & possible links to other developing illnesses like cancers, or limited affect to protect from the current strains that may evolve into something more lethal.
To each their own right though. No reason to force anyone to take it if they don’t want it.


Isn’t it great how they’ve eradicated the regular flu? Haven’t heard of a single case of H1N1 being diagnosed since the pandemic started.

And how about the effectiveness of this movie vaccine? 90% effective or more, depending on who you listen to. Yet the annual flu vaccine is usually around 50-60%. They’ve had years to work on those vaccines against a known virus.

Just seems …convenient to me.


Had to have multiple shots, both arms, and big fat rear… the day before departure. Had to have all of the required shots and everything in the ‘yellow book’, and my bottle of Chloroquine … nasty tasting pills…
TDY to Africa the next day, and was my arms sore…

But, that was heading to some rather unique resort locations… with some grass huts and dirt floors, (and they called it government provided quarters and cut my per diem…

Here in the states? Less concerned about illnesses, though if we keep a border open, who knows what will return… and far too many vaccines have bad ingredients, are manufactured in China, and is still inconclusive about side effects and as you say links to other illnesses.

Freedom and liberty. If someone wants a vaccine, they can get it… if someone does not… they do not. No force.

Unfortunately, I see the force being … you can not go to work if you do not have the vaccine, you can not shop, you can not travel, you can not do anything unless you have a vaccine Identification Card. Not really all that unrealistic.