Are People Actually Still Doing This?

I’m not getting any kind of vaccination or booster of any kind. I’m done with that stuff. Never ever got Flu shot’s, had to get the Vid shot under threat of being fired but no more. We just don’t like to get shots we don’t need.


Short version: This small study of 303 people indicates getting the booster in the same arm you got the vaccine before may result in a stronger immune response.

So, for maximum positive impact, you might want to get it in the same arm as before. Based on the referenced study.


And yes, tens of millions of people are doing it, I think. If not hundreds of millions. In the US alone.

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I look at this vaccine the same way I look at the Beretta 80X “Cheetah” - DON’T BUY IT!


I had been required to get the shot to keep my job, as my company is a supplier to the federal govt. I got the Johnson because it wasn’t MRNA (it was similar to Flu shots I’ve gotten in the past), one and done, and never got a booster. My wife did the same. We both finally got a mild case of Covid back about a year ago when Omicron was going around like crazy. Lasted a few days and nothing big, but the cough lasted a while longer.

I will never, under any circumstances, get one of the MRNA shots, nor will I get another Covid, nor any other “mandated” shot ever again. Looking back, the amount of lies we were fed is beyond disgusting, and it has destroyed the tiny little shred of confidence or trust I had in our medical oversight organizations.

Just last night my wife and I were watching TV, and on came some ad about how serious Covid still is, and how it’s still supposedly some leading cause of death, and I said to my wife during the ad, “I guarantee you this was put out by Moderna or Pfizer.” Sure enough, in little letters at the bottom of the last screen, there’s Moderna’s name. They hate that their gravy train has run out of track.


Got the shot and booster (job requirement) still got Covid so F it. I’ll can’t see any advantage and I’m done with the Covid BS, the fake science and the sheep mentality. Next time someone suggests to me that I wear a mask they will absolutely HATE my response…


I just had to wear a mask yesterday.

Thought we were past that, but, found a location that required it where I couldn’t really say no.

Few and far between these days, at least


Anyone who is considering an mRNA shot in 2023 is blatantly disregarding their life. They are crazy! Deserve to be red-flagged, guns, sharp objects and strong chemicals confiscated for their own good.


There it is


My wife had a virtual doctor appointment this week. Doc we’ve never talked to before asked her if she had the Covid vaccine. She said no. He asked her to explain why not. She asked him if discussing that was necessary for her present treatment. He mumbled something like “we don’t have to talk about it.”

Blows my mind that some doc you see for a five minute online visit is asking her to explain what should be a decision between her and her primary care provider.

I had a doc appointment a couple years back. He wanted me to take a certain medicine for the rest of my life. I asked what the long term effects were of the drug. He said he honestly didn’t know since the drug was so new. Yet in the same conversation he recommended the covid vaccine. Wish I would have thought to ask him what the long term effects of the vaccine were.


Not only No! but HELL NO!
there is so much info out there now
I don’t discuss it anymore.
If you HAVE to for a Job (and you love that job, Your choice)
If you think it will keep you safe, Your choice.
If your wife/GF won’t sleep with you until you get the JAB
(there are plenty of other Women out there! Just kidding folks
:joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat:
Live long :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute: and Prosper, but for GOD’s sake LIVE
Long enough to be a danger to our enemies!


Alot of people are doing it.
I myself will not. Initially had the Pfizer shot, and later one booster.
No more.
I did not have any negative reaction like alot of people did, but I also have not had Covid as far as I know. A few months ago I had a nasty cold. To be sure got tested for Covid. That came back negative so have not worried about it.
Getting the test they asked several questions which had nothing to do with my health.
People wonder why I have not trust in our medical system at all.
Unless it is obvious trauma, they are just guessing and are in a rush to get you on a lifetime med for whatever pharmaceutical company “sponsors” them.


I guess I’m lucky. My primary care doctor, I see her once a year for a physical, is pretty chill. When the Vid thing started I asked her “Should I be worried about this C19 thing?” Her reply “Not until you get it”. Luckily she was the one that pointed us to the J&J vacs after I told her it was a work requirement.

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“It’s time to ‘THIN THE HERD’.” - THINK about it.

Some are!

Personally “I have a friend” who quit after the first two jabs.

The Chinese Flu is clouded with myth and misinformation. The statistics on the jab are more obscure than the disease.

The inflation of severity and death statistics back in 2020 will never allow the truth to be known.


I had a conversation with my primary. and it went like: How many shots have you had? - None - Keep it at that number.
Apparently. FL Dept of Health released a really bad report on the consequences.


They tried, but we know, and they know that we know, yet they are still trying.

(paraphrasing Solzenitsyn)


If you’re curious about the degree to which lying “government” sacks will stoop - pull up posts on THE ATOMIC VETERANS. From 1945 until 1962, servicemen were deliberately exposed to ionizing radiation during and after above-ground, nuclear-weapons tests - and have paid the ultimate price in their middle- and now old-age lives - if any are still alive. Their payoffs have been money and piss-pathetic “Atomic Veterans” medals. At least one of these tests was the one conducted with “Atomic Annie”, the nuclear cannon of the 1950’s. At least one veteran has remarked about the protective suits and goggles the test personnel wore - and the long distances at which they and their equipment were stationed from the site. FYI


This is quite disturbing. This is from a report produced by BioNTech. It shows death rates by country and their studies of their vaccines with resultant vaccine -related injuries and deaths.


From pages 386-387
Table 81

Global death rate 77 per 100,000 or 0.077%
USA death rate 302 per 100,000 or 0.30%

From pages 272-273
Table 56

From Page 23
CT – Clinical Trial
PM – Post-Marketing

An interesting view on the mRNA vaccine: COVID-19 Vaccines and Boosters Were Never Made With mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines and Boosters Were Never Made With mRNA


If I understand correctly, you are pointing out that according to this, US citizens had a higher reported death rate to the disease COVID-19 than the global rate?

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That is part of it, but also, look at the rate, 0.3%. That is not a deadly disease.

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