natural immunity

the big FU :fu: :fu: to all of the officials that said otherwise


We lost contact with our Son and are still not allowed to see our Grandsons (even via video calls) because we refused the jab after having had Covid and having our blood tests to prove that we had (and still have) natural immunity.

We have lost out family over this. I have no words any more.

This was a biological weapon used to attack our Country in order to divide us as a Nation. And it worked. It destroyed families, closed Churches and turned us against one another.


I’m in the same situation (kind of) I have family members who also won’t come near my wife and i because we didn’t take the jab.
for medical reasons and I don’t trust the government. they already got me while I was in the army in 1990. nerve agent antidote pills and a shot that was supposed to protect us from nerve agents that the Iraqis and Saddam were using.


Wow I can’t imagine that situation, and must be hard to deal with. Sorry that’s happening to you and your family. But even video calls seems extreme and must be a difference of politics maybe? My wife and I had some run-ins with her family and my family on the issue because we wouldn’t do it but nothing like that. I actually had COVID twice and she had it once and we’re like, hey we survived, it was not fun, but we’re still here. Meanwhile my Dad, Grandpa, and a very close family friend of hers had every available jab and each was hospitalized with her friend dying. So much for the vaccine.

For a nation that doesn’t bow or negotiate with terrorists, we sure are ignoring this issue with China. It must raise one’s eyebrows and ask why. Is it truly just the fear of their nuclear threat or is it because we have a few key bureaucrats that are political allies?


Sorry to hear that @Frank73! That’s sad. My wife and I are the only ones in my entire family and her entire family not vaccinated. Early on, my in-laws were putting a little pressure on us but they gave up. Luckily our families haven’t got too wild about us staying away.


Yes, you were more fortunate than many in regard to family and friends. My wife, (adult) daughter and I, are the only ones in our immediate families to have not gotten the death shots. We have some friends that also refused to get those shots. One of my wife’s decades-long close friends stopped being a friend over that. My closest friends also were mostly anti-shot, too. One did get the shot because he felt pressured by his family enough to do so, but not the entire regimen.

The “vaccination” program definitely was designed to fracture society and families and it worked. Sick part is the inclusion of it into the childhood vaccination mandate. The Biden administration is also still requiring it for legal travel into the USA.