COVID-19, a different perspective

This guy has a completely different perspective that quite frankly probably has a lot of merit:

I am interested in feedback.


• I’m so glad I’m not alone in realizing this has been an exercise or an attempt to overthrow our current democracy. I can recommend (2) videos for you to understand this on a global scale…since this was hoped to be a global problem. God bless you & I pray you have a true understanding of scripture from true Christians.

Please don’t watch unless you are ready to “swallow a hard pill of truth” if you do deem this to be truth-worthy. Don’t take my word for it; understand it for yourself.

We’re Living in 12 Monkeys
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Look Who’s Coming to the Rescue!
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…vaccine…you will come to hate this word
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I don’t wish to belittle this man or his “system” in my reply. In fact, I have a good friend I studied with when I was an undergrad (we were both premed) and he later went on to study American Indian health issues while finishing his American history PhD, and later completed his Masters in Traditional Chinese medicine and accupuncture (which he now both teaches and practices). I like him (referring to my friend), as I trust his judgement, knowledge, and appreciate his background in western medicine as well as traditional eastern techniques.

However, I think that Dr. Shiva is taking this as an opportunity to sell his services, books, and information packets from his website: Your Body, Your System. At the bottom of the website it states:

This website is an educational tool. Content provided in this website is not medical advice.
The statements made on our websites have not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration).
Before you begin any health program, you are advised to consult your doctor.

Below I am linking one of his videos where he better explains his belief/treatment system. If you go in for that sort of thing, that’s fine. However, it seems like he doesn’t believe in western medicine, as he stated in your video about Dr. Fauci’s “big lie that HIV is responsible for AIDS…”

Finally, a doctor whistle blower. It’s about time.

EXCLUSIVE Dr Rashid Buttar BLASTS Gates, Fauci, EXPOSES Fake Pandemic Numbers As Economy Collapses

It is not actually a “different perspective.” Responses are not uncommon here that reflect our distrust of the hype which has been laid on everyone through the media. From the start, some of us have suspected chicanery in all of this. For those who don’t typically distrust the media, our views have not been acceptable.

I certainly hope that we will soon see who the perpetrators have been from the beginning and who has supported the efforts to wreck the world economy - if not specifically America’s. It is going to take a very long time to get our economy kick-started again.


Just my opinion…

Doing a little research on Dr. Rashid Buttar, it seems that his doctorate is in Osteopathic Medicine, and he has fought for chelation therapy for treating patients diagnosed with cancer and autism. Info from his website, Build A Successful with Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, gives some insight on his treatment methods:

This led to Dr. Buttar’s theory of toxicity to evolve from 4 toxicities to 5 toxicities and finally to 7 toxicities. Two of the seven toxicities deal with that of the emotional/psychological and spiritual realm.

In the video you linked, he does say a few things that raise my concern as to his credibility. I’ll paraphrase the few that I heard within the first 10 minutes before I stopped listening…

  1. People geting stressed from the news reduces their immunity - I’m assuming he is linking this to the theory that this is a conspiracy…

  2. Noone has been able to establish a single death to the actual virus from the proper established methodology - OK… from my understanding, most deaths related to the virus are the small percentage of folks who experience the more severe symptoms to include massive lung tissue damage related to viral infection (if you know how viruses replicate in human tissue and the body’s natural response). The resultant damage to lung tissue produces Acute Respiratory Syndrome… yes, it can be caused by other things, but if the damaged tissue is infected suggests it is caused by the viral infection.

Below is a presentation from the Cleveland Clinic… Although it may seem rudimentary, I’ve had to listen to as well as create and give similar type presentations while working in a genetics laboratory… You have to remember that researchers’ priority is the actual research, and simple presentations are often thrown together for weekly or monthly lab meetings to make sure the staff is informed of their coworkers’ findings.

  1. PCR can’t be used for diagnosis - Maybe I’m misunderstanding the inferences… I, personally, had to design and create a PCR assay to screen for a genetic mutation in mice related to gene therapies being tested for a children’s disorder which resulted in death by the early to mid teens. This was around 20 years ago. There is already literature out there relating to the genome sequencing of COVID-19:

National Institute of Health, “Identification of Coronavirus Isolated from a Patient in Korea with COVID-19,” 2020

More info on COVID-19 Genome sequencing: Scientist Live, “COVID-19 genome sequencing,” 1st April 2020

Info on the tests being given: MedicineNet, “What test methods to doctors use to detect and diagnose COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2)?” 2020

Background info on the second type of test listed in the above article (Serology; general description pre-COVID-19): National Institute of Health, “High similarity of IgG antibody profiles in blood and saliva opens opportunities for saliva based serology,” 2019

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Due to the rapid spread of the disease and the rapid onset of potentially fatal conditions in a significant percentage of people, the medical community has been thrown into the research realm. I am linking some YT discussions from the “EMCrit” YT channel. It seems like a research discussion, except the immediacy of resolution required negates the traditional strategy for developing treatments for conditions (not flu related) that only affect let’s say 1/100,000 people, and may allow for someone to reach retirement while still surviving.

Without the time and limited fatalities such as with many of the disorders throughout our population, the sense of immediacy means hospitals have to improvise, coordinate, and adapt on the spot. IMO, this is not the norm, and potentially causes a disconnect with what the public expects to hear, versus what is going on during this rapid evolution of care for the current pandemic.

Some interesting pulmonary care discussions in these videos, but I think it shows the frustration of the doctors with figuring out how to save patients:

Watched it a couple weeks ago. Have a bro in law, PHD chemical engineering and Masters in Petroleum Eng. and masters in chemical engineering. Plus his son is a bioengineer. My point, this man is smart indeed and spot on. I have my wife, BSN 40 years, two daughters BSN’s. I am surrounded by maniacs. I know a lot of the estimates are so incorrect in regards to what heals you and how long you can be sick. I believe that we have more health risks with Influenza, but yet we never shut down the economy. I can go on to contrast the Wuhan virus. Blessings!

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While this new Coronavirus is dangerous, it has been treated as the world ending plague and we have allowed government to abuse and ignore the Rule of Law, and curtail liberties, freedoms and rights.

Aside from the fact the models were extremely inaccurate, there is also other facts such as the Coronavirus and the lab in China, had people with connections to some US universities…and the money trail may implicate some US entities in the research, and it all follows the Repo market… where the banks were going to the ‘trough’, to obtain cash of overnight needs and the fed was pumping over $75 Billion dollars a night to keep the banks afloat, and the fed is now helping foreign banks in Europe to remain afloat.

There is more than just a virus here.

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The Communist country of China will do whatever it takes to protect its ungodly beliefs. As a matter of fact. China has in my opinion been waiting for a time such as this to deceptively unleash hell on earth, Biological warfare comes in many forms. If for one minute we assume that this rogue ungodly nation won’t cause havoc, well your seriously misguided. They have been pursuing many ways to dismantle our nation, and this might be there result. We have to acknowledge that many companies mfg. drugs etc. In china. We should give good incentives to come back or go to another country and if they refuse, well we build there plants here in the USA. In other words we have plenty of business folk who would be willing to take on the task. Make that particular product here with or without there permission, Trump is the man big time for the job. Agreed?


We should be careful using word like: “rogue ungodly nation … cause havoc” or “dismantle our nation” …
Even it’s China, we do not make them enemies.

I agree that China owns majority of our production, but who started it?

I’d like to have all production back in US or Canada, even Mexico. I’d like to see different than “MADE IN CHINA” product’s stickers… but are we prepared to pay more? Hopefully yes, because nobody is able to beat cheap Chinese production. :frowning:


Agree that the rhetoric isn’t helpful. Inflammatory language and ranting rarely is.

If people want things to change, they can change them. It really ins’t that hard. I live in NC with plenty of land but people buy these ugly houses on tin y lots, so they keep making them. If there was no demand for Chinese products, there would be no supply. Surely we aren’t waiting for China (or anywhere, for that matter) to make this happen.


Brother I spent a lot of time researching, We shouldn’t be politically correct. Get over it. If someone were to attack you, you gonna fight or flight, Common, we aren’t hurting anyones feelings here, Lets get real and state the facts. K

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China is a communist country, they are ungodly, they have no faith but to destroy all that believe otherwise, Its coming really soon, There military is exploding with growth. Do you think with an army of 200mil we can defeat, No way, They are rogue with the leadership,. Trump knows what’s going on, You just have no security clearance and the need to know. Pull out or remanufacture the same product in USA or a country that wont try to control we the people!


“all political power comes from the barrel of a gun” sound familiar? The ChiCom government only respects a position of power. Period!


I agree - productive conversation ends when inflammatory language or ranting start.

Please remember, the Chinese people are not the government and vise versa. While they all live in a communist country, they are diverse and some may believe in God or an assortment of gods. Even if they don’t believe in some sort of deity, that does not make them any less human or their individual lives any less important than our individual lives.


OK @Thomas106… whatever…

Please do better research before you post something. You can also hurt somebody’s feelings. :point_up:

I lived in communist country for almost 20 years. Every morning I woke up with cross over my bed and I was praying every night.

Do not promote old slogan: “We’re the best, f*** the rest”… :confused:

OK. Enough… I think it is the time for “magic 24 hr :zipper_mouth_face: period.”


A different perspective…

So… let’s use, for example, a country that is dependent on other countries with different political and cultural beliefs for cheap labor… a country that is dependent on other countries with different political and cultural beliefs for oil… a country that is dependent on other countries for food… a country that is dependent on other countries for being part of the world wide economy. Sounds pretty weak. Oh, by the way, I’m speaking of China.

China’s economic boom has seen socio-economic transitions in 10-20 years which historically might have taken 100 years. The mass migration too and later from the cities, not having enough ocean rights to catch enough fish to feed their people, citizens starting to complain because they have had a massive middle income and communications boom where they are starting to realize their social and political issues, rising costs of labor forcing China to outsource to other SE Asian countries and Africa for cheap labor, being surrounded by countries that have conflicting political systems, not having a coordinated military nor experienced military commanders who often are just politicians (that’s an interesting rabbit hole to go down), and growth of anything, including their military, dependent on countries with free market economies who keep telling them they need to change their economic system and reporting, the one (now two) child policy that means a shrinking younger work force/retiree population ratio that can’t possibly keep up with the costs of the benefits allegedly attributed to a Communist welfare system… all seems to add up to a problematic country that is being held together by misdirection and paper thin propaganda.

I don’t really understand how when people describe similar things in the US, it makes us weak, but for China (or w/e country) it makes them even stronger. So… does cutting China off and forcing them to coordinate more with other countries work in our best interest or theirs? Does the billions of dollars in trade, food, debt instruments, etc. that we do with China make them weaker or stronger being partially dependent on us? What leverage do we have if we cut economic ties off from China… just military?

Interestingly enough, even the countries disputing geographical boundaries are working for more trade with the country.

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  1. China’s military is 2 million, not 200 million. That’s one of the reasons China fears the number of guns in American Citizens hands.

  2. We built China’s factories and production capacity chasing cheap labor. That and the World Trade Agreement.

One of my biggest policy gripes has been that rather than chase cheap labor overseas. We should have chased it right here in the America’s. North, Central, and South.