Biden's Vaccine Mandate Is Only a Press Release, It Doesn't Actually Exist

that is the claim here…

Get the COVID shot, Joe Biden demanded a few weeks ago.

Each business with over a hundred employees must see that each worker gets the jab, he said.

You must get the shot, Biden reiterated. You must, you must, you must.

Immediately, companies complied.


My girlfriend was recently told that she is to get the vaccine or lose her job. My company hasn’t gone that far yet, but we could go from saving for retirement to being homeless. This seems unreasonable to me. We both work from home 100%, wear a make when we’re out, and don’t ever go to places with a lot of people in a small place…even under normal circumstances. To us, this feels like “not America.”

We’re okay giving kids masters degrees without being able to write, speak, do math, or…think for themselves. We have more important things to focus on. Heathcare. Veterans. Reasonable retirement for citizens. Focusing on citizens (hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge).


perhaps the thing to do is ask where is the actual mandate???

if there is no mandate then trying to force anyone is kinda illegal?

and just plain wrong?


Shows the depth of control wanted and to some extent achieved!

It was not about masks, or vaccines, it’s about control!


I’m wondering how it would be if the current president was Republican and made vaccination mandatory… :zipper_mouth_face: :thinking: :face_with_monocle:

To be honest it’s boring seeing new threads “Biden did this”, 'Biden did that", “Democrats are bad”… etc, etc…

I was hoping couple years ago to have a good time reading posts and do “firearm related” discussions at USCCA Community… but every year it is worse and worse…
Hopefully it doesn’t turn into another Fakebook Social Paranoia Forum… :nauseated_face:


USCCA Community: “Your Place for Self-Defense Education, Training and Discussions with Responsibly Armed Americans”

Stay safe.


That part has been bothering me from very beginning.
Everyone can post anything and it will be treated as “Discussions with Responsibly Armed Americans”.

I’m trying to believe that USCCA Community won’t follow the same path as other social medias which started as “good, polite and informative” and ended as “***, *** and ***” [please use any words you like, but they won’t be “good”, “polite” nor “informative”].


@Jerzy In all honesty, major events at this level of our government could very well effect how “Responsibly Armed Americans” act.

Also, by the title of the thread, I knew it was about politics and the Wuhan Flu. Not too hard to avoid if you are not interested.

That is easily answered. Even Biden and Harris said they would not take the jab if Trump was president…

Perhaps the moderators might want to create a “political” section?


I for one was skeptical of the COVID death count since early 2019. As well as the efficacy and safety of mRNA vaccines. It has nothing to do with who might hold office at the time. IMO, pumping experimental vaccines into people is kind of personal – almost a personal attack if it is not optional. This forum obviously attracts people who take freedom and personal rights rather seriously. Thus the high level of interest and debate.


Hopefully not…
I’d like USCCA Community to stay focused on firearms, self-defense and training / education.

It is not about avoiding if not interested. It’s about keeping this Community within the boundaries it was created for.

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Forums are what they are. If you find one that only provides something interesting to you…you’re probably the only one on there. :slight_smile:

I hate forums, as what I want is the answer to a question. Instead I get opinions about everything.

Still, this is the best I’ve been on and Biden is a dope, and leading our country (loosely), and his actions are surely firearms related.


Ok Jerzy, let’s change a single word then.
“Bidens Firearm mandate is only a press release”.
To me that’s not really that hard to imagine.


I can understand your response…

that said the things this administration is doing WILL in time have an affect on all of us…

there is a pattern here… if it plays out like other patterns of this nature… NOT good!

so IMHO we all need to pay attention and express our objections or praise on such…

to those we have placed in power over us…

so we need to be informed… and IMHO name calling or cursing is NOT conducive to such…

and is most often used by those that are losing the discussion…

by posting this information…

it MIGHT save one of us from accepting something that may be very bad for them!

we need everyone of us to know what is going on… or we could lose much if not all…


People are truly sheep. If a non thinking population is so brainwashed they will follow without any thought. I’m not a anti vaxer, I’m a anti non thinker.


This administration can not be considered as democrats. They are a socialist/communist party if we are calling things by their actual name. Some people are about that life. But not democrats. The last republican administration had every chance to make a power grab and didn’t. Finally, every time this topic is presented you respond. You could just move to a different topic and not recognize this one but you don’t. Free speech is a very important part of freedom. This way bull crap can be peacefully addressed without any physical confrontations. I love this outlet for that very reason. It’s one of the last platforms in my world that provide various opinions. Love all your posts brother. Keep on keepin it real.


hmmm… some believe both parties were over run with communist/marxist way back in the 60s to 80s???

and some refer to the dem party as communist???

been watching both parties for awhile now… not sure either one cares about this nation or it’s people…

so much greed and corruption in both… they are amazingly rich now…

most are at least millionaires… and they manage to do it on a government salary???


If you read about 20th century mass attrocities, you will see a lot about willing and pro-active collaborators who didn’t hesitate to destroy lives of their neighbors and even family members.

There are many willing potential collaborators in this country. How did it come to this? Godless society.

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government run schools most likely… that and much of the net titans pushing certain things…

was not that long ago this kinda thing would have had many howling and raising a ruckus over much of this stuff…

in the past much of that happened in europe and elsewhere… the U.S. was very different…

in part due to the basic values and culture that it started with…


New York must allow religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccines, judge rules


A history of state run public schooling and religion. :us: