vaccine mandate

How many THOUSANDS were killed or maimed by the “vaccines” or driven out of the military for reusing to take them? Highly trained, skilled and dedicated. ….gone… Eliminated by their own Commander-in-Chief. We no longer need the Chinese, Russians or Muslims. The United States of America is being destroyed by its own government.


Uhh he was installed to do this


Installed to destroy America? Yeah…he’s doing a pretty good job of it too.


I’ve said it before, Joe Is Not In Charge! At the moment we don’t know whos pulling the levers in the background, Soros, Gates, Obama, Hillary, Bill, Xi Jinping…

What we do know is that Joe is in cognitive distress to the point he is incapable of leading our government. It’s not Joe we need to worry about, it’s the man behind the curtain.


I’m guessing the numbers will be in the 10’s or 100’s of thousands.


Do we trade one incompetent for a lesser incompetent via the 25th or can we get a BOGO, then go straight to the the speaker of the house?


In the past week I’ve seen two school-mates pass (age 46 & 47) from heart attacks. There seem to be almost daily and random deaths from people in their 30’s and 40’s. I’m not sure that we can prove it’s the vaccine but what the hell else can all of these seemingly random deaths be from?


A lot of the articles I have read of deaths in the US and abroad, ages 18-30, are dying from clots but they are not stating what the cause was, not stating if they had the vaccination or not.


Yeah I dont honestly think we’ll ever get the truth behind COVID or the vax. The fact the European Video of the Pfizer exec admitting they didnt test the vax for preventing transmission was released to the public was shocking.


Yup. I’m one of them who refused. I was officially banned from Reserve drills as of 01 July 2022, but not separated. So I’m 6 months behind on retirement points, which means the loss of a “good year” towards retirement. My contract is up in a little over a year. I am pretty sure I won’t be re-enlisting with the Army. A tiny bit of satisfaction will be when my unit contacts me to invite me back to drill, whenever they get around to it.

I have been studiously following the medical stories about everyone from children to 30-somethings dropping dead for no explainable reason, and am so glad I didn’t get that shot. The evidence is out there, if you look for it. Thus far, no one has connected the dots, officially. So these “mystery deaths” will continue to be a mystery until evidence is examined.


Here’s what’s about to take place. Kamala will step down to take a high paying position at some PAC or similar organization funded by Soros. Brandon will then appoint Gavin Newsom as VP. Gavin and his Aunt Nancy will then use the 25th to crown King Newsom. :nauseated_face:


Makes sense. Newsom has publicly said that he won’t challenge Biden in 2024. IF that happens, then the entire US will become Kalifornia writ large.

The only stumbling block is that the Congress has to approve any new VP nominations. Republicans have a majority in the House come January 3rd, 2023.


My rule of thumb is that I only take things like vitamins that help my body do what it does by design. I don’t take pharmaceuticals that instruct the body to stop doing what it normally does or to start doing something that it doesn’t normally do. This mRNA “vaccine” tells your body to stop making proteins that it normally does and to instead make spike proteins that it wouldn’t otherwise make. The body then attacks those spike proteins because they’re not supposed to be in the human body. There’s also mRNA that tells the body to not attack other elements of the “vaccine” that it would otherwise attack. And there’s apparently a plethora of other “messages” (mRNA) that aren’t disclosed and probably won’t ever be disclosed and how dare anyone ever question “science”. Even the doctor who helped develop the mRNA technology is banned from questioning its suitability for mass use, much less forcing others to be injected with it.


We’re going to have to tell our children and grandchildren the truth. There are monsters under the bed and they look like you and me! They walk among us as if they are normal!


But do you trust that? How many “Republicans” from CA could be “convinced” to vote in favor of such a move? A majority of the House will refer to themselves as Republicans in a few weeks. But 100% of them are still politicians. And it won’t take very many of them to claim something like, “It’s the president’s right to choose whomever he wants… blah, blah, blah…” And Kamala is so horribly bad that it doesn’t take much to convince enough people that Newsom is better than Kamala. Que mala!


My 33 year old nephew died suddenly and unexpectedly.

Daniel worked in the health care industry and had received his latest “booster” shot just 2 weeks prior to his death.

He was a self-described “skater-punk” and enjoyed spending his time at the local skate park, perfecting his skateboard tricks while counseling the underage kids with the benefits of higher education.

Long story short, Daniel was in peak physical condition, and the coroner’s report only reveals “respiratory arrest” as the cause of death.


Stumbling block like the Judas Republicans who voted in favor of the $1.7T bill. :man_facepalming:t4:


Yup. I read an article that even our own FDA has come out with a study showing that the Pfizer vaccine cause blood clots.


Not quite.
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Aren’t Soldiers suppose to follow orders from the commander and chief , he took the shots and he is still here…