Hornady Mandates "Vaccine" for Employees

I have just read a very recent memo that Hornady has issued to their employees mandating that they get the “shot”. The excuse used by Steve Hornady in the memo was that is was a Govt. mandate and he had no choice but to comply. Just not true, he has a choice.

As we all know, any Federal mandate like this is unconstitutional. Joe Biden administration knows this as well, this is why they are working thru private companies by threatening OSHA violations if companies with over 99 employees do not mandate the shot. Other companies, like Southwest Airlines, have decided not to enforce such a violation of human rights, but unfortunately Hornady has caved. I suspect government contracts might be a concern for Hornady, I don’t know, but certainly their employees rights are not a concern for Hornady.

This is sad to me, I feel bad for their employees, and I can no longer support Hornady for tyrannical behavior like this and thus will no longer be buying their products.


That prick Steve has no backbone. Stand up for your workers, Steve.

In my classes now, I’ll be telling all of my students to avoid Hornady because of their willingness to bend to whims of the government and doing exactly jack $hit to backup their workers.

I cleaned up my language as I wrote this.

edit: I just tried calling them to voice my displeasure and make my feelings known and you can’t even get through. There’s a recording that says, “All of our operators are busy.” Goes silent, then, “We did not understand your response.” And repeats 5 times until it hangs up. Tried the 800 number and the local number, same thing.


Seems the honcho doesn’t want to lose those government contracts, but may lose some employees, as well as civilian support.


I know we all have differing opinions about the COVID vaccines.

However, I think that Hornady’s response to the federal government’s action and using that as the basis for a boycott is misplaced. Yes, the mandate(s) may be unconstitutional. However, the constitutionality question needs to work its way through the court system. A company like Hornady can’t hold off, waiting for that eventuality.

I’m not going to punish Hornady for doing what they feel they need to do in this political climate.

That’s not obvious.


You need to brush up on the constitution. Federal Government does not have authority to mandate to the states, which is why they are attempting the work around via the OSHA threat.
Let me be clear, I’m not saying the Feds have not done this in the past, they have, the NFA of 1934 is an example. Why, because our State and local legislatures let it happen. And we voted those legislators into office.
To your point though, it will never even go to court if companies like Hornady simply cave to the tyranny. Or maybe you don’t feel these efforts to force experimental medical treatments on people is wrong?


A good article out today on that very subject…


Very pertinent article Kevin1776, thanks.
Yes, the states do have the authority, the Feds do not, that is why local elections are so very important!


I respectfully disagree. If they won’t hold the line against what many of us perceive as tyrannical and illegal actions, it falls to others. In this case, their customers need to speak up and stand up.

I don’t have the data, but given the ammo shortage, I wouldn’t think their revenue is at great risk if their government contracts are canceled. The civilian population would eat up any resulting “surplus” immediately.


I know the US Constitution very well, though I am not a constitutional scholar. That’s why I responded the way I did. Please point out for me where I erred. I can’t see where in my reply I stated that a claim that the Federal government can mandate vaccines.

Do not put words in my mouth.

Nothing I wrote contravenes anything in that article.

@Tom142, @Kevin1776 – I’m still not going to punish Hornady. Or, did my rights get taken away?


This is going to get hate mail but oh well.

I remember being required to get the MMR vaccine or I couldn’t go to school when I was a kid. So I guess I don’t get where everyone is making such a huge blown out ordeal about getting a vaccine against COVID19. My sister works at a hospital and is around COVID19 constantly and has seen the difference it can make. I will not boycott Hornady over requiring a vaccine. I don’t 100% agree with “get the shot or get fired” but I have been using their reloading products for a long time and will continue.

Just my 2 cents…


It is still a free country (in most states–Kalifornistan where I live is kind of a hermit kingdom much like North Korea). Hornady can choose to bow down to trailer-trash royalty and comply with the Third-World-caliber edicts of Xo Bai Den The Magnificent–or the company can take no position, counsel their employees to seek the advice of their own medical caregivers, and remain silent. This not an arena they need to fight in.

My own response to Hornady–as a bullet caster and reloader–is that I have almost zero need for any of the tools or components you produce. Sierra, Speer, Nosler, Barnes, and others provide the jacketed bullets I need for the 10% of my shooting that involves such projectiles. One of the few Hornady tools on my bench–actually made by Sinclair before Hornady absorbed them–I have all of the tools and accessories necessary to last the rest of my life.

Hornady is already on the wrong side of this virtue-signaling Kabuki theater sequence. I won’t join it, and I won’t purchase another thing from your companies unless and until you rescind this unprincipled and ill-advised course of conduct.


I am not buying any more Hornady products. I’ll miss the One Shot gun cleaner.


Your rights did not get taken (for now), but Hornady employees rights did.


As I see it, the experimental status, rush to market, government and media bias and promotion, side effects, ineffective results at times, case in point having 40 percent of a vaccinated group attending a party on Cape Cod get covid, seeing other countries ban certain vaccines, Fauci rightfully stating science is experimentation while the sheep bleat “follow the science” , and exclusion from indemnity for big pharma are the differences between this vaccine and the previous mandatory vaccines we all took.


I was watching a sailing vid on YouTube today, Sam Holmes, living the life I once dreamed of. He’s in Norway now, happy that they’re basically ignoring covid, no masks, no mandates, no distancing …so I just looked at stats for Norway. Death rate of 1 percent…also noted the Amish seem to be putting covid behind them, and not in danger of going extinct by any stretch. Personally, as I’ve preached…do your cardio, eat right, take your vitamins,put down the meth pipe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, and don’t trust Brandon.


I suppose there was a reason why I was always a Dillon Precision Man.

I don’t even shoot Hornady ammunition.

Meh …


Get it, don’t get it. I don’t care, but don’t tell me what to do with my body.

But when you threaten to fire people and “cast them out of society” for not taking a bull$hit fake “vaccine” that doesn’t do anything, you’re definitely not on my side, and I definitely don’t want anything to do with you. At this point these people are no different than actual Nazis demanding to “see your papers”.


Take the subject matter (C-19 Vaccination Mandate) out of it. Certainly every American on this board understands and certainly should be massively offended by the Federal Government turning citizens (employees) against citizens (employers). Friends against friends Brothers against brothers. This is a terrible sign and should scar the crap out everyone. Instead of going fetal we should be reaching for pitch forks. To add to my fear, the astounding number of otherwise freedom loving Americans that are not only complying with no resistance, but the number of Americans that are taking up the cause for the federal government in a rather militant manner.