I will not be wearing a mask or burka when I vote today

I will not comply with wearing any form of face covering or any other type of garment that promotes a political stance that I do not agree with.

It is my First Amendment Right of the freedom of speech to either dress and or speak my political views or not.

I will make a peaceful stand of my rights today. If I’m issued a citation or… detained… by LE, so be it. I am mentally prepared to fight this in court if necessary.


It’s what I love about this country. We have the freedom to chose our “fight”


I just voted. 1/2 the people voting didn’t have masks on either. There was virtually no line as well. In and out in 5 minutes.


Seems to be one positive of Covid. People have been voting early and avoiding the long election day lines.


I was going to wear my blue line mask or something similar lol.


Glad it worked out.

I was of a different mindset. I would not be deterred from voting even if I have to wear the mask and nothing else. :wink:


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I’ll probably not be too popular for this…

I just don’t understand why this is a political issue at all. Do you all realize how many times, throughout history, society worked together so that we could exist today? I don’t want anybody to feel like their rights are being taken… but I also see a great deal of hypocrisy in the fact that the very people that label themselves as “protectors”…as “sheepdogs”… refuse take a simple step during the limited times they are in stores and such… to protect vulnerable people… Blows my mind because I know most of you are thoughtful and caring people…I just think we have allowed this tiny piece of cloth to become a battlecry…and it makes no sense to me at all…
It’s especially disheartening that these brave folks pretend they are going to wear the mask to get past the greeters at walmart, and then take them off…putting the greeters job at risk and forcing poor kids and retirees to choose between saying something and risking incurring a violent or confrontational wrath vs. saying nothing and getting canned…it’s just horribly unfair to those people that are just trying to do their job and keep the stores open by taking minimal precautions.

Every ICU in my area is filled to the max, and that is the case for almost all ICU’s in the country… this should be bothering everyone and encouraging everyone to work together for a solution that doesn’t lead to shutting down the entire economy…if only there were something simple that people could do to limit droplets leaving their face…

I’ll end with this and then leave it be… hope we can keep it somewhat cordial… I work for a program that helps children in DHS custody… One of my volunteers is a 78 year old vet. He is one of the finest people I have ever met. He does more to make the world a better place…every day… than most people do in a Month… He has changed hundreds of lives for the better… 2 months ago he caught covid…and he caught it bad…he was placed in the ICU and he remained there for over a month… alone… surrounded by none of the people he had spent a life time lifting up…He managed to survive, and I am so thankful… when he passes, I want him to be surrounded by his life’s work… not cut off from people in the ICU… I’m sure we all know somebody like this… you have the freedom to choose whether or not you want to protect these people…whether or not you believe they are worthy of your protection…I hope you all come around to the idea that they are worthy of your protection.



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Unlike most personal protectional issues, wearing a mask is not for YOUR personal protection, it’s to keep your spit from escaping your body when you talk and breathe, and going towards OTHERS. If everyone does it in high density spaces (indoors), we can mostly go about our business without excessive concern.

Just watch almost any video on it… Masks cut airborne fluids dramatically. Pretty common sense stuff.

It’s not your right to endanger others, and it’s not a political statement. Just like smoking in dense public spaces. Don’t be so self centered and selfish. We all benefit from a healthy, open, and functional society.


With all due respect, Kentucky has required masks in most locations since soon after the pandemic began and they have been mandatory for the last three months. During the last three months, Kentucky has seen the highest infection rates since the start of the pandemic. The clinical evidence, at least in Kentucky , is that masks have not lowered the infection or death rate. The potential issues arise because of the ineffectiveness and misuse of the face coverings.
Cloth face coverings may be more problematic then beneficial. Unless there is significant filtering, cloth coverings will breakdown larger particles into smaller particles which tend to linger in the air longer than larger that fall to the floor. The smaller particles are also more likely to make it through the masks of other people.
Cloth face coverings also need to be properly laundered regularly, like every day. Some may do this but I doubt that most are. And, unless there are multiple layers, including an appropriate filter to prevent microscopic particles from penetrating the barrier, they are more or less useless.
Single use masks (surgical masks) are meant for just that, single use. They are meant to be used for a single procedure. Many people are still using the same masks they have been using since March. These masks are meant to be replaced often but are generally not being replaced.
It was also determined very early during the pandemic that the virus can be contracted through the eyes, as well as the mouth and nose. More recently, there are indications that the virus can also incubate in the ears.
In the end, the only truly effective mask would be a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) such as is used by the fire department. Of course the 30-60 minute air supply, cost of ownership and the ability to refill heavy air bottles creates its own problems. Rebreather units are even better and can last up to 6 hours but the cost is even more significant.
I guess my point is that everyone keeps saying look at the science, but only want you to look at certain interpretations of the science.
But yes, I wear my mask and have many spares available even though I question science when the clinical data does not support the inferences made by many of the scientists.


So, why do you wear a mask?

I wear masks in places that require me to wear a mask.


I think it’s important to consider the possibility that people are engaging in other risky behaviors or not properly wearing their masks. Also, you have to consider the portion of our society that is intentionally trying to undermine the effort to slow down the virus. There’s a large group of people that actually went around wearing lace masks so they could seem to be abiding by the ordinance. It’s not clinical evidence because these other factors are not controlled.

Here is a video that demonstrates the amount of particles released in the air while using various types of face coverings… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNeYfUTA11s

To me, this is simple… if I eliminate some of the droplets coming out of my face, by putting a barrier between my face and others, then I am decreasing the risk to others. The more steps I take to do a better job of that, the better… Our parents told us to cover our mouths when we coughed, and we tell our kids to do the same… Why? Why are we not divided on that? Why are some of us not patriotically coughing in the face of others? The only answer I can come up with is that nobody politicized covering your mouth while you are coughing… nobody made that a battle cry. So we do it because common sense, in the absence of politics, suggests it’s probably helpful to others.

3 ply cloth covers do a pretty good job and are breathable.

One of many studies to consider: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-020-0843-2#Sec3
another that covers spread in countries that have social norms of using masks appropriately: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/342198360_Association_of_country-wide_coronavirus_mortality_with_demographics_testing_lockdowns_and_public_wearing_of_masks_Update_June_15_2020

I want you and everyone to look at all the science… the actual science… but, more importantly, I would love to see everyone just care enough about their neighbors and families to not put them at risk until they know for certain… the ICU’s are full right now… that’s a fact… If I see smoke billowing out of a building, I don’t just saunter in like nothing is happening… I take precautions… In the ICU’s, the smoke is visible.


If a mask calms the nerves of easily excited folks - I’ll wear it. But let’s not get fanatical about it. If you cough outside - the least movement of air will blow away the viral particles. If you cough inside – masked or not – viral particles will linger in sufficient concentration to infect the vulnerable. If you went to a place where a lot of people visit, like the grocery store or the polling place (except here in Palm Beach – they are virtually empty aside from bored poll workers) you have enough chance to catch it, that it virtually doesn’t matter what you did the rest of the day.

Take it easy.


I wear a mask from time to time, if in a crowd. Don’t care for folks being close to me anyway usually give everyone some distance. If you wear a mask you’re protecting both of us. So I don’t need one. Thank you for being safe.

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CDC told people ill with COVID19 they can go and vote. If this were school, they have to fog the classroom and quarantine everyone who was even in passing contact with the sick student.

Can you blame me for not trusting any “science” that comes out of CDC mouth?

“Voters who are sick or in quarantine should take steps to protect poll workers and other voters,” according to the CDC. “This includes wearing a mask, staying at least 6 feet away from others, and washing your hands or using hand sanitizer before and after voting.”


If the cdc was doing their job at the beginning of this mess I might listen. They were way to concerned about other nonsense to bother. Wish they would get back on track.

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I think they were describing a minimal standard. That’s how that seems to me. You have to realizes that they are usually talking with a society that is going to do it anyways… So you give them minimal standards…

That said , the cdc isn’t the only source promoting the safety features of masks…

Anyways… people have their minds set… Nothing I can do to change that… I just hope folks react a bit more intelligently when (not if) we find ourselves facing a more devistating virus that has the potential to end us… We will, rightfully, receive our Darwin Award for slowly matching to our very predictable and avoidable demise lol…


I don’t and won’t!!! It is my right as a United States citizen to stand up to socialist control. Heard immunity is a science that we have been using for years and it works against flu. We inject our people with a little bit of the flu and our body builds up antibodies to protect itself from it. If we would just take off the masks and let everybody get it it would be gone by now and then we would be dealing with it just like we deal with the flu we get it in small little bursts and everybody will be healthy.

letting the virus spread quickly, everybody gets their antibodies to protect themselves from it. By slowing it down like this, our body is able to discard the antibodies.

But unlike you @Glock27ccw I see the truth and see how the Democrats are using this virus as a way to socially control us. They Don’t Care about us, they care about gaining control. Their plan is to scare us into submission. I will not be scared into submission, I will stand up against socialism and against the Democratic party.