I will not be wearing a mask or burka when I vote today

This desease is not flu. I am not a virologist, nor medical dr. and may be wrong about it, but I think there will be no immunity and no herd immunity to it, kinda like with the common cold virus. Eventually the CV19 virus will diminish in severity to the level of common cold, but in the meantime, expect it to impact the minds and fuel politics.

I too chose to endanger innocent people. Was asked if I had one and politely informed one of the staff I did not. He then TOLD me to put this disposable mask on. Again politely said no, no thank you. End of the encounter.

To those that feel vulnerable, stay home, protect yourself. When you get the numbers to “jive”, I will use a face covering. Seems like this will be done tomorrow anyway. It’s ok to riot, protest, and loot. But I can’t congregate at church? It’s political and I didn’t declare it “they” did. Good evening all.


I wore this to vote.


This is America, not a dictatorship.
If you wish to wear a mask, knock your self out. Just as if you wish to not own a firearm, I won’t make you own one and don’t tell me I can’t own one.

The wuhan flu is NOT airborne unlike measles or other airborne diseases. You can argue all you want but the science is there. A mask does you no good. If you have a cold or regular flu, and sneeze or cough, as a courtesy you cover your face. It’s been like that for centuries.

I have always been a bit of a germ-aphobe and have always just washed my hands, after pumping gas, pulling out the back of a chair at a restaurant, door knobs, pens to sign stuff, PIN buttons, etc. This is the main means of transmission of all COVID and flu type viruses.

It maybe a bit of an exaggeration that “All ICU’s are full across the country” They are not. Here in Austin the statistical data shows there are 22 people in the metro area in ICU on ventilators. That is out of a surrounding metro area of 2,300,000. I have a nephew in Columbus, Ohio who is an RN at Riverside Methodist Hospital and he says there is 1 person in ICU right now. Another nephew in law who is a physician in residency in Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital and he says they have 2 as of this past weekend.

My personal physician took my Defensive Shooting Fundamentals class last week. He did not wear a mask. We discussed the whole wuhan thing and he told me the above info, which corroborated what I had already done research on.

Finally, the social engineering with masks is spell binding! It’s as if extra-terrestrials are performing some mass experiment on us. With a little research, you’ll find that the social engineering with the masks has a lot of similarities to Nazi Germany in the early stages of Hitler’s take over. Find an extreme that will bind the masses together against a common perceived enemy. Fight the enemy to make the rest of the country safe, everyone should do their part to comply with dictates that were not voted on by State legislatures and then signed into law by governors. Report, threaten, assault, harass, intimidate, eerily similar to the 1940’s.

Sorry for the long post, I usually don’t go this long. :slight_smile:


The mask-debate has been going on for months! I’ve seen mask-debaters in the halls at work, in the aisles of stores, in parks and gyms. I have even seen people mask-debating openly in church!

Tip of the hat to you @MikeBKY. I disagree with masks, however I wear them in places that ask me to, out of respect. In addition, if it makes those around me feel safer, I’m OK with it. Just my opinion, but wearing masks isn’t the hill to die on.

The CDC has stated that masks do not prevent the spread of this virus. That is about the only truth the CDC has openly admitted. If you are at risk or believe wearing a mask is helpful or eases your mind, you have the option of avoiding public or taking precautions you believe will be of benefit to you.

I voted early. Masks were required. Poll workers wore masks and those checking us in were behind plastic shields. When asked for id, those same workers did not only look at the id, but handled it. They then handed it back to me. Nowhere, before, during, or after, was my id cleaned, nor their hands. How did “social distancing” and masks make that physical contact safe? That poll worker that handled my id probably handled at least several hundred or more before me. My wearing, or not, a mask did not help.

I have been only in contact with my wife since mid-March. Clearly I do not, even I did in March, have the virus. My wearing a mask will not prevent anyone else from becoming infected.

It’s like UBCs, no matter how many more times I get a background check, it won’t prevent a criminal from illegally obtaining, possessing and using a firearm. I feel the same way about masks.


Just curious… how many of you that are tying this to politics…wear your seatbelts? You should all stop doing that…be free and such. Just saying.

Obviously joking around… On a serious note though… you are killing your voters by being reckless… You don’t need a mandate to tell you that it is in your best interest to not kill, disable, or financially ruin your fellow republicans just so you can make a tiny stand on an issue … Herman Cain is dead because he was reckless like some of you… This won’t be the last thing we face collectively… and if you continue this reckless behavior you will slowly shift the vote in a long term way… That’s my prediction anyways.


Nothing “prevents” the spread of corona virus. Condoms don’t “prevent” pregnancy and STD transmissions… they make them less likely.
This doesn’t work in Black and White terms… We are dealing in the gray and trying to minimize damage…and we are failing horribly because people are out here associating their ability to put people at risk with freedom.

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Or pants when in public for that matter… Not much different than a mask to cover your spit emitter.


Yes, and GFZs don’t work, either, so we should pass laws requiring masks? The only difference is that it isn’t because people ignore wearing masks, that the CDC study indicated that they do not work. It is that there are other, more effective means of transmission, such as direct and indirect contact, like at the polls where the poll workers were touching everyone’s ids, then handing them back without any sanitizing of their hands, nor the ids.

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That should be a personal choice. As it is most school buses do not have seatbelts, neither does much public transportation. with the exception of aircraft. So much for the “it’s for the children” claim of the Socialists, as they claim about “gun control”. No, I am not a Leftist, only able to spout what my masters let me post.

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@Michael726 the practice that kills the most voters and tax paying citizens and a number of great minds is abortion. Imagine if forty years back, some doctor killed the very person who could have found the cure for this and many other dire diseases.
Why don’t we debate the real killer being spread through our society.
Can anyone tell me how many babies are killed each year? I’ll bet plenty who have never looked to see can tell you how many have tested positive for covid19.
I’ll make my stand here now. I hope USCCA will not block my right to make this statement because I do like the organization, but if so…

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Hey Dave

  1. I don’t expect any laws to be made. I expect people to be smart enough to keep their hands up when in a fight….in this analogy, the left hand is guarding the chin while the right dangles uselessly at the waist. The problem… we share the same chin… If you folks won’t be reasonable then I think the focus will be on shutting down business operations since you won’t be responsible while using them…which has been directly leading to the increase in covid cases and our overfilled ICU’s …which means people that don’t have covid, but need critical care…are less capable of getting that care….etc. etc… a million reasons to be reasonable, and an easy path to avoiding a shut down.
  2. Link me to the CDC release that specifically states that being showered in infectious droplets is less of a risk than contaminated surfaces please. I would like to read that. It seems that common sense would say otherwise. Getting infected via surface contact requires additional steps in comparison to being showered in droplets.
  3. I also disagreed with the seatbelt law. Bet you still wear one though? I started after about 5 tickets. The difference is that if I want to risk my own life, that’s nobody’s business but mine… How do you feel about “No shoes no shirt no service” signs? Do you walk by them topless and crocless? Or do you respect the places wish?
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I’m not going to debate abortion rights with you… I will just say that I find it odd that the same folks that won’t wear a piece of cloth to save their grandmothers, want to force women to carry a child full term if they mistakenly get pregnant. You can’t carry a piece of cloth for 5 minutes in the store, but you want women to have to carry a baby for 9 months everywhere they go….think about that. The best leaders…lead from the front… maybe if you showed you cared about life after birth, fewer people would be horrified to bring life into this world.

PS. I support your right to say whatever…I hope you don’t get censored either. However, I’m not going to get caught up in a secondary debate… We are chatting about masks here…that has nothing to do with the issue of abortion.

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Well @Michael726 you said you wouldn’t debate abortion but jumped right into your debate.
I don’t care if I’m censored, but I doubt I will be.


Not a debate. I just offered an observation. I didn’t make a case for or against abortion.
Take it easy

But you did. Read your own post.


No I didn’t…reread my post. I simply observed your behavior and suggested a change in your behavior and suggested that you might be able to influence people to bring life into the world if you did…

In the beginning, this was the “novel” coronovirus. “Novel” means, to me “New.” Being “new” meant, to me, that we knew nothing-or near nothing, about what it was or how deadly it could be. Therefore, extreme measures, such as wearing masks, distancing, etc, were warranted to take time to determine these things. As time went on, “experts” and the CDC gave out advisories that were conflicting from week to week- at times, even day to day. None of them had the guts to say “We just don’t know, at this point…” Of a sudden, ALL deaths were attributed to C-19. It seemed that NO ONE was dying of cancer, heart attack, etc. No breakdown of what part was played by underlying health problems in the deaths of people in the C-19 tally. If a person had a heart attack, was tested, and was found to be infected, that person went onto the C-19 death list. I would like to see a list of how many people expired exclusively from contracting C-19. At this point, I wear a mask and keep my distance to lower the anxiety level of other people. However, I also continue go about my business without worrying constantly about it. In my opinion, “Worry is like a rocking chair; it gives you something to do, but doesn’t get you anywhere.”

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