How has your view of preparedness changed because of covid19

How has your view of what you need to prepare for or being prepared changed.
1)Do you think owning and practicing in a Hazzard suit is warranted.
2)Do you practice in a respirator?
3) Is situational awareness different with social distancing.
4)Is your idea of important goods different now than it used to be? ( Is toilet paper really worth that much)
5) Do you train or are planning on training with more groups,or not.

How have the current realities changed your thoughts on training and what should be trained or prepared for?.

Did supply chain issues affect you at the grocery store? We’re people calm? Or was it a little bit of a challenge.?

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My wife and I are both the kind of people who almost always have a “backup” of whatever it is that we consume regularly. A full bottle of mouthwash is always behind the partially full one, as are dish soap, toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, hand soap, etc. You get the idea.

Imagine our surprise when we noticed that we only had one large package of TP in the house when TV News said to stock up on it. We’re down to about a dozen mega rolls now, in late April, so I think we dodged a bullet there. We’ve been lucky to find bread and other high-use food stuffs at the store when we needed them. I always get a 90-day supply of meds when I reorder them. I believe we are in much better shape than most people.

  1. Absolutely not - I would feel ridiculous even trying to train in a hazmat suit.
  2. No - not even sure how I might do that.
  3. Absolutely yes: Never in my life have I been so aware of how close others are to me, and what I touch as well as a vision of how many others touched that same thing. I wear a simple (non-N95) mash in public and I practice safe distancing as much as I can. I’ve been known to change isles if there is a cluster of shoppers ahead. I get a very creepy feeling if someone gets too close to me, especially if they aren’t wearing a mask.
  4. Not really. I was thrilled that I bought a small box of face masks designed for dusty work areas. A few of my neighbors are elderly so I passed a few out to them. I’ve still got two left in case I lose faith in the ones we have been wearing since all this started. These would be useless in a heavily infected area, but they are a perfect adjunct to practicing social distancing.
  5. When this eases up I will return to my local indoor range. I don’t know anyone else there so I don’t expect to even talk to anyone but the guy at the counter who assigns range lanes.

My only additional concern is in regards to a lot of people who live paycheck-to-paycheck. It’s almost certain that some of them, having lost a regular income, will resort to muggings and/or burglary. We do not live in a high risk area, thankfully, but there is always the chance of encountering someone with kids to feed, in a parking lot or late at night in my kitchen.

The supply chain behaved like a slinky. It’s starting to catch up with demand now, I think, but it’s got a ways to go for me to get everything at the store that is on my list.

Finally, my greatest fear is of a twenty-something with a hungry wife and kids, rent due, a brand new gun and all the training one can get from a TV cop show. Every possible scenario for such an encounter has a very bad ending…


I’ve found areas that I need to close the gap between consuming/producing. Nothing unmanageable, however I don’t want to waste this knowledge and learning experience by waiting. We’ve already begun making strides


I’m more dedicated to conceal carry, I want a bigger gun for home defense (or maybe an excuse to get a bigger gun :joy:),
I’m keeping a gun close by in my house while we’re in quarantine (normally just kept gun locked by nightstand),
I’m considering keeping more ammo stocked, I am also considering keeping a big box of MREs in the house. I know I wrote all that, not a lot has changed though. I reacted heavily to this because I my wife and I have a newborn baby. I was already preparing to be super prepared to protect the baby, the COVID came too. I’m just chilling at home hoping people do the same.

Now I’m more concerned with people failing to realize quarantine is working. Now people are protesting. I see people at the store are more relaxed and they’re bringing their whole family’s and no masks. I studied a decent bit of biology in college. This virus is not going to disappear, and it’s going to spike in a bad way if people don’t follow the social distancing and mask procedures. I think people think because NY peaked, we’re all good, but many states have not peaked, and even those who have can see a rise if we don’t take reopening slow. My wife’s a nurse, and one of her nurse friends said 8 people died at her hospital during her shift from COVID. (We’re still on the low end), but now people are claiming this is a hoax…


Persective : Nothing changes,I am gun ready
Perspective: if this were a real event,people are unprepared for a biological attack,I train periodically to know how to operate in all environments
Perspective: The govt cannot protect each individual in cases like this, I may have to change my areas of fire,since contamination may make me change what and how I defend my home is normally lots of open areas,under contagion maybe most areas of egress are closed off. - making last stand scenarios more prevalent. Or less?
Perspective : what are the long term health effects and how does that impact our training

Yes we have our normal conflict training,but to be prepared are you shifting your weight with conditional changes?



The only thing that I have really thought more about during this covid-19 thing is my home security. I have thought more, after already having been through one home invasion, about the possibility of home looting by desperate people if things get too far out of control and how I would react and handle that. That’s a little bit different situation dealing with someone who feels like they are in a desperate situation.


None of the above.

I already planned for supply chain disruptions… and this is absurd due to a virus… our enemies are watching…
What will happen if bombs start dropping and the supply chain is really disrupted… or power grid is destroyed.

Civil unrest… we have seen it in small amounts… the greed of people, particularly in Louisiana a few years ago when the EBT cards malfunctioned and people KNOWING they did not have that much money… ran to Walmart and bought everything… hundreds, thousands of dollars of goods…
Do you have much faith in other people?

Keep aware, keep ready, have supplies… have ammo and your BOB and a Get Home Bag.

Though, this may have actually shown more storage is needed… as some things are still in short supply and eventually home supplies will run low.

Oh, I should say, as part of training, hazmat suits were part of it… or NBC suits… not pleasant and not something I would actually train with now… if it is that bad, we have much more to worry about.


People are protesting because they want the Constitution and Rule of Law.

People are also protesting because the numbers are not matching the inaccurate modeling the ‘experts who are running the nation used’.

Experts instead of elected representatives… .which is a dream of the left.

We have had this flu season alone, up to 60K fatalities from the flu, and we did not shut down businesses, deny freedom of movement, curtail liberty and freedom or rights.

It is not a hoax, it is an illness, but it is not the zombie apocalypse, and it is being used to shred the Constitution.

Reports are now coming in from Santa Clara county has as many as 81K cases, and California as a state has over 400K cases, which would reduce the mortality rate. The cries of it is a hoax is coming in because of the massive tyrannical overreach of the government and now the numbers across the nation are not matching the panic.

So, should we quarantine, social distance, and shut down restaurants and businesses for every flu season?
It might reduce the flu fatalities by what… 25%, 40%, or 50%? That would mean instead of 60K there would have only been maybe 30K.

When do you stand for the Constitution and rule of law.


“What is not said about Covid19
By:Johnathon Harcher

We must remember that the reporting of the…” by Johnathon Harcher

A different view

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If I decided to protest, and picked up COVID. I’d have about 2 weeks to pass that on before I even knew I had it. So let’s have multiple protests and expose all of those people. Then turn around and demand healthcare when I was advised to stay home. Meanwhile , if my parents visit, they could get sick and be at risk of death, my wife’s parents and grandparents could die. My 2 month old could be hospitalized and potentially die. Every healthcare worker I interact With has potential exposure because I decided to protest.

Part of the reason numbers don’t add up is lack of tests, the people who are not high risk being told to quarantine for 2 weeks.

It’ll be fake to many people (speaking generally here) until it’s them or their family in the hospital. I’m with Trump and my governor with opening the economy slowly while still taking measures to reduce the spread.


So, you accept that government can deny rights, by simply declaring a public health emergency?

Would you accept the government declaring a public health emergency and prohibiting the Right to Keep and Bear Arms?
If they can deny free speech, freedom of movement, liberty (and yes, liberty is denied by stay at home orders, and you are imprisoned), pursuit of happiness (property), the use of our faculties to work at that which we want, to earn an income, to operate a business, and deny assembly, association, freedom of religion, and Due Process, they can and will deny the right to keep and bear arms.

The testing is only a small portion. There are several reports where the modeling that helped create the panic was based on faulty or incorrect information and has been drastically revised downward;

There are far more infected, which means the mortality rate is far lower…

Just one of several reports on the higher infection rates.

Now, I have two questions. Words matter. When did I state anything remotely suggesting Coronavirus is fake as you seem to imply with your comment? Second, do you stay home and avoid your child, your parents, your grandparents when the flu season is active… and if so, are you avoiding them now as the flu season is still here.

We have had per the CDC as many as 60K fatalities from the flu, and in the first week of March 2020 the number of hospitalizations were 380K - 710K and in the first week of April, there were 410K - 740K hospitalizations for the flu, that is a 30K increase in one month, while the flu season is nearing an end.

In Virginia there are so far in the 2019-2020 flu season, approximately 800 flu deaths. Virginia has 324 Coronavirus deaths. Yet, Virginia is shut down and people are suffering, lives are being ruined, businesses are being bankrupted.
In North Carolina, they are reporting approximately 167 flu deaths, and 245 Coronavirus deaths. North Carolina had a peak of 7,162 cases of flu and the peak occurred the end of the week of February 8.

I have not said Coronavirus is fake, or not something serious, but I also think the flu can be serious, and we do not suspend our rights, liberties, and freedoms for the flu, nor do we shut down the economy, and the numbers are very similar. Coronavirus may be slightly more contagious, or perhaps not, it might be slightly more fatal, or it may not. Those at risk should take precautions, just as they do for the flu.

I find it amazing, so many are so willing to surrender their rights, liberties, and allow government to act in violation of the Constitution and Rule of Law.


@Kevin29, let me ask you two questions:

  • have you or anyone you care of had flu?
  • have you or anyone you care of had coronavirus?

In my case both answers are YES. And none of arguments how many people die because of flu or any other illness make sense.
Please don’t look and numbers and don’t compare them because the conclusions are wrong.
Look at the dynamic of the situation - this is the real problem here.

Anyway, think who is violating Constitution and Rule of Law. Government? Because I have to stay at home? Or perhaps because I don’t have work now? I don’t think so.
I stay home and don’t give up my rights because the most important right is this one:

Every human being has the inherent right to life. This right shall be protected by law. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life.

Constitution and Rule of Law were written to protect “Right to Life”.


Perspective, it’s not about those currently dying,it’s not about the inaccuracy of any given model or the flu. It is about 4 things

  1. it was a created bio event( proven)
  2. it is a spliced virus between sars virus 3rd generation(sars,mers,and the new sars all from China with HIV)
  3. HIV is multiple cancers and does not have a cure,is highly mutatible,and can live up to 50 years, while breaking out at it’s own intervals. When it becomes aids
    4)this virus sars-cov-2 is a spliced RNA strand (RNA and dna are at the core of our(human) genetic make up,once it gets in, it becomes the covid-19 disease,that attacks,hibernates and kills . Which is why since this has emerged that all countries are having to date up to 5 reactivations of healed and new outbreaks killing more people.

They cannot kill it.

That makes it a perfect weapon or accident.
Rights are only given up if compliance is not voluntary, in every low hit area,rights should not be questioned if they are,then those in that area know who to get rid of at the ballot box,problem is they elected them to begin with,and those people are making politics of a national emergency.

In my opinion that makes them unfit to serve,but a lot of others do not feel that way. Hence the vote to revise what they do,and insure we ask other questions when electing people.
However the real question is what this thing will do down the road.

IAM sure it wasn’t lost on anyone that Dr.Brix the lady in charge with POTUS at the briefings is the head of HIV Aids handling for the country. I am sure everyone noted she was his first hire,even before then political Dr Falchi.

Consider the ramifications of a mutating virus killing the population that you cannot find a vaccine for because it mutates at a higher rate due to its contagion spreadability -that is faster than the medical systems ability to develop any type of vaccine.
Consider also that you essentially have to come up with a cure for hiv1 in order to stop this thing.

Consider also that at 4.5 million test( serum blood test) per month and a population of 330 plus million in the country, a non mutating virus will take approximately 6 years to test everyone. Hence social distancing and lock dowsns.
If it mutates at will the country is doomed.
The issue isn’t the current dead,it is keeping the virus from mutating while trying to test the asymptomatic,to develop test and plans to determine the x thousands of current infected,so vaccines can be developed .

Yes open the country slowly by lack of hot spots,but in the world,there are major 2nd,3rd,and 4th waves tearing up countries and wrecking economies.

And now they are finding that the young are infected and sick without knowing it. In other countries those young are having major health issues ,after the fact… some could run blocks pre infection,after infection they can’t run a block. .if the military gets it our capability is hampered,in 2013,14,15,26,17 Chinese generals stated publicly that this capability was one they thought was important to the superiority of China.
In general the value system there is not of God and life(hence why they welded apt buildings shut in Wuhan and left whole buildings of people to starve). The stakes are very high,for our children . The immediate stakes are high for us,but it can be real high if we misstep.

The danger in my mind is the Globalist that want to keep it that way,and oppress our rights illegally,vs those of limited govt that want to bring manufacturing and other work back home.
The politicians siding with globalism and politicising these events should be removed because they are not for the people.

We the people should be prepared to defend our selves with our God given rights and affirmative legal defense,instead of the typical defensive legal arguments which strip us of a lot of our rights. Just something to consider

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If people weren’t protesting over quarantine, they’d be protesting for quarantine because their lives would be at risk :joy: I think I’m going to stick with the Guns and gear section and not touch any other spot on here for a while :sweat_smile:.


I’m doing the same…
:slightly_smiling_face: :point_up: and :zipper_mouth_face:

I’m gonna enjoy Netflix now… :tumbler_glass:

Before my next movie… My wife (she works at Chicago Hospital) was wondering how many people who were protesting recently, would visit hospitals in next few days, looking for help… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

BTW: Thank you, doctors , nurses, and other medical personnel who are on the front line


Yes, and I still stand by the numbers, and stand with the Constitution and rule of law.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

If you give up one, the others have little meaning. Unless you only think we have a right to life and no other rights. A right to life in slavery would be acceptable?

It is amazing how quickly people surrender essential liberty.

If the public health emergency was issued and the government declared the Second Amendment suspended, for the good of the public health, would that be acceptable?

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While there have been reports it has been bioengineered, and it may have been released either accidentally or intentionally, there is still the fact, we have the Constitution and the Rule of Law…

Or we do not.

Why is it, that data from scientists, that does not agree with the mass hysteria is ignored.

The data is coming in that far more people have been infected, and that means the mortality rate is lower. Yet that is ignored, and the panic inducing media screams that we must lock down.
The fact people are arrested if they try to open their business, or simply go to a park, even if it is empty, should be a slap in everyone’s face.

If you fear Coronavirus and surrender your liberty and rights, the next step is to surrender them for the flu, and then the common cold which we still have no vaccine or cure for.

I simply find it amazing so many willingly surrender their rights, and then try to justify it as ‘well, it is an emergency’, and then try to say it could not happen under other circumstances, or think government is the savior.

I only point out the fact there is other information out there, and while it is a serious illness, it may not be as bad as originally made out to be, and we have people, humans, whose lives are destroyed, ruined, whose businesses may be bankrupt, and as I pointed out, Virginia has had more flu deaths than Coronavirus deaths.

Has anyone checked other states?

This is a concern. I must not be expressing it well. This suggests you find the Constitution and rule of law of less importance, and government control to be appropriate.

Indeed. Visiting other sites, as this one has far too many who scream to defend the Second Amendment, yet advocate for the surrender of their rights, liberty, freedom, and based on their comments, would surrender their Second Amendment right… because the government told them to… and all for a ‘public health emergency’


Changed? No, not really other than maybe I need to keep more tp around,

I’ve always felt that we shouldn’t be dependent on the PRC for necessary “strategic” goods and manufacturing.
I’m not sure how running up the national debt is going to solve that problem.

We trained in MOPP suits in the Army,
It isn’t anything I’d care to do again,


I did not give up anything but my busy weekdays schedule so far. Meaning none of three rights were abandoned.

And so far my 2nd Amendment is still legally holstered on my hip.


I like how you think. :slight_smile: But be sure to check out the training sections too - just avoid the ones that include COVID19 in the topic?