Corona and increased concern

I have not been on the carona bandwagon. I believe most of this has been mass hysteria, HOWEVER I am starting to grow concerned over the illness and my family. That being said, I am more concerned about the hysteria than the illness itself.

My guts been off lately. I am concerned about an increase in probability of violence. Does anyone else feel this way about the rise in hysteria, or am I just being paranoid. It really hasn’t hit me until the past two days.


I don’t know.

My wife and I were at the grocery store this morning, and I sensed a tension in the air. People weren’t talking to each other (except my wife, but she talks with everybody).

I mentioned it to my wife when we got in the car and she hadn’t noticed.

Maybe we are getting paranoid.


Buy more ammo and tp everything will be ok


Personally, I’ve been a little lax in my home preparedness until I heard reports a few weeks back. I wasn’t as concerned about the virus. However, considering the people trampled to death during Black Friday every year, I was worried about people making a run on the grocery stores. Luckily, I stocked up on necessary non-perishable foods and toiletries a few weeks ago, as I really should have had them anyway.

Right now, you are seeing some questionable actions by customers in some stores related to supplies, even if it’s just crankiness from waiting in line for hours. “Just in Time” management on inventory meeting mass panic, exposes the weakness for this very popular strategy. Grocery stores usually only have a day or two supply for normal customer activity, and this means more empty shelves during times like this. IMO, if you have at least three weeks supply of daily necessities, customer overzealous purchases will reach a saturation point and things will start to normalize.

Personally, I’ll make a daily trip to the store and pick up one or two things as they become available (not bulk, but an inconspicuous amount) just to satisfy daily requirements and maintain emergency supplies. For example, one of my main meals is ground beef with vegetables. A few days ago the ground beef was stripped from the shelves. So when I saw they restocked, I just purchased one or two small packages to get me through a day or two and reduce dependence on my emergency food.


There was no toilet paper when I went today… or beans… or rice… Raman or frozen pizzas :joy:. Amazon is out too… :joy:. I feel really bad for those who are just doing their normal groceries shopping.


WalMart has cheap socks. Not to be gross, but, you gotta do whatcha gotta do.


Bidet interest in America will increase due to this incident :joy:


It is a product which has been trying like all get out to make it’s injection into the mass market for 10, 20 years now and having significant late night advertising recently! Although, we’re still not seeing the large porcelain manufactures push it on the diy/home improvement front. Much more directed focus at new build and professional remodeling. If nothing else, one proposes Google will see many hits on how to clean one’self without TP. Youtube may even have instructionals already!


Its only just starting, if your not already ready it may be to late. :wink:


Thanks God hysteria, paranoia and panic- these words don’t exist in my house.
What has changed in our life? Nothing really… we have to be more cautious, wise. Clean hands more often, think what we are doing outside the house… and wait… eventually Covid-19 will gone.

OK… maybe I’ve got more food in my fridge as usual… but I’m not overstocked :smiley:, and this is only to stay at home without risking “close distance encounters” .


Just wait until we can longer go to work for one reason or another. Kids at home, Bills can’t be paid, food, etc.


Sadly that is something we must be prepared for, mentally, and spiritually.


My work is already dismissed for the time being :grimacing:.


Stopped in the local gun shop. Owner said it’s about to get nuts. Due to the hysteria, from the virus, and places shutting down, his suppliers are running short of ammo. Right now, in his shop, no bulk sales, and he said his supply of 9mm is drying up, and it’s all in backorder. So, I grabbed the .357 mag I was there for, and a box of 12 gauge, 9 pellet 00 buck.


Bummer Dude, hang in there. :wink:


It’s so tough :beer: :sunny::joy::joy:.


I’ve visited Bass Pro Shop… and shooting / hunting department gone crazy :scream:
Usually I don’t see many people there, maybe 2 - 3 walking around, looking at firearm… but today… OMG .
Display has showed #35, the number I’ve taken for the line - 73 :woozy_face:
Everyone has waited for ammo… clerks have been running back and forth with boxes of hollow points…
What is going on… are we expecting zombie apocalypse? :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:


I’m waiting to hear the stories of people getting robbed at gun point over toilet paper…


I think “toilet paper” saga is over… There is plenty of it available in my location :kissing_smiling_eyes:


There are signs of things getting tense. My Mom asked me to go shopping with her today because she was concerned about people at the store. She started to shop on Thursday and saw people stealing the wipes they put out to clean the cart handles with and it disturbed her. I went with her today the store shelves were not empty but you did notice the gaps in places (TP, bottled water, soap, etc).

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