What are your top 5 concerns about COVID-19?

The media and political frenzy about COVID-19 can cause concern in the most stoic and prepared among us. Which sources are to be believed? How deadly is the situation? Are these precautions necessary and will they work?

What are your top 5 concerns about how COVID-19 affects your family?


That my 401k caught the virus and won’t recover… I’m not so worried about the people as the mortality rate is nearly insignificant for most of the population.


Unfortunately I work in retail and I have contact with people all day long and right now everyone who comes through the door is a potential killer.
We are pre-elderly. At least that’s how we think of ourselves.
Right now I’m revising my will.
1-My wife w/underlying conditions
2-myself w/COPD.
3-grandchildren in their twenties.
4-No cure.
5-Marshal law! That’s big problem.
I wouldn’t be worried about my job if the market didn’t crash.


Not to sound callous, I feel for people who are sick or have family members who are sick.

I worry about the economy. Louisiana’s Governor just shut down all restaurants except for pick up and delivery, bars and casinos closed until April, no events with more than 50 people, all K-12 schools closed until April.

I am afraid this is really going to tank the economy in my state. I have heard of record guns and ammo sales, gun part is great, but ammo shortages now cropping up…

Louisiana depends a lot on tourism, like New Orleans and even the casinos. When oil and gas drops to a certain point, they shut down wells on land and off shore. I hope I am thinking it will be worse than it will be.


I am concerned for all my family and friends who are working in health care, LE, and first responders.
I’m concerned that there are too many opinions and false information being represented as fact.
I’m concerned about the economy.
I am thankful for the people here who are keeping level heads–this is not the case in most places from what I’ve been reading.

  1. The elderly.
  2. Young adults, like my son-in-law whose primary job at a coffee shop vaporized because the state of MN closed all bars, restaurants, and coffee shops.
  3. The next time.
  4. What we don’t know about coronavirus yet.
  5. Worldwide economic resilience.

Thanks God me and my Family always have been prepared for such situation. I’ve been hoping it would never come into US (we’ve been here over 15 years)… but… here it is.
For now Covid-19 doesn’t affect us directly. Of course we are experiencing everyday life difficulties, like all of us, but all precautions taken keeps are safe.
Because of the age we don’t worry about us, we worry more about our neighbors (most of them are 75+) so this makes our life more complicated, we are trying to avoid direct contacts with them now (I don’t want them to feel uncomfortable).
Other than that all remains the same. We still have food, water, gas, electricity… and reason to live :love_you_gesture:
Even Marshal law doesn’t scary us… We’ve come through it already :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


My concerns are for the potential long term devistating effects on the economy. I have a very good job as Service Manager for a commercial/industrial HVAC company. We are a small, privately owned company that is already experiencing factories and institutions refusing outside contractors entry.
We are prepared to shelter for quite some time, but no income would make long term mortgage payments tough.


I worry about my elderly parents.
And also that we wont be able to learn from lessons this pandemic teaches us. Look for the lessons in it.


I imagine I will catch a lot of flack for this one but to be honest I dont worry about any of it.

Worrying does not help and can be detrimental to your health. It can give you stress, high blood pressure and anxiety attacks just to name a few.

I will either get sick or I wont. If I get sick, I will live thought it or I wont.

People have survived worse than what is coming both in the short and long term.

I cant change what is coming but I can be smart and do my best to survive. This includes gathering information and taking medical advice from professional people I know and trust to make good decisions.

Manage and control the things which are within your abilities to, and do what you can to minimize the risks to you and yours.

Above all stay safe and make sound decisions.



@DBrogue Words to heed, thank you. Stay safe, Bruce and Nancy. :wink:

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My only real concern has been for my 13 year old grandson. Because he’s Type 1 diabetic, (diagnosed age 2), his immune system is compromised, so catches a lot of what goes around. He has enough already on his plate. I was happy to hear schools were closing and hope it’s extended beyond the current two weeks. As for me, I go along on the same principles as @ DBrogue, am not a worrier.


My wife works in a doctors office, at the front desk. She’s in the front line, because sick Poole come in, and she’s their first contact.

My son. Right now in Illinois, school is off until the 31st. If they decide to close daycares, one of us isn’t going to work.

My parents. Mom, Dad, and stepmom are all over 67.

Last, me. I work in a warehouse, for a retail pharmacy chain. We will not close. We will not shut down. In fact, we are working overtime. Without the thousands of me, the whole system comes to a halt. The warehouse workers, truck drivers, and retail store employees. The stress is making me a little grouchy, but I will be ok.


Hang tough 45, you got this :slightly_smiling_face:


My concerns aren’t even about the virus. My concerns are about the government taking advantage of all this panic to do some unconstitutional stuff.

  1. People overreacting

  2. People panicking

  3. People being idiots

  4. People doing stupid stuff

  5. Governmental Overreach


My biggest worry is how people are reacting to this. Some are already going to extremes, what will happen if their lives are disrupted for 2,3 or 4 months or more? Keep your families safe.


My concerns are for Health Care workers, First Responders, as well as those that are economically impacted by the sudden loss/reduction of income. Also concerned about the impact on students and their parents. The panic-buying of basic supplies is also concerning as well as the example it sets.


The over reaction is my biggest worry. Then my friends who own restaurants a bar and coffee shops would be my next worry since they are unlawfully being forced to close.
I guess some kind of martial law and attempt to take my guns, which will not happen.\

The flu is still more dangerous with 39 million documented infections. Just check the CDC.


I’m with you on that one @Brad :frowning:

My other concerns are supplies of perishable food goods as well as supplies of prescription medications.