Our powder keg

Damn right we are this crap has to stop


Exactly. If you haven’t read their “Bible”, go to the UN site and download their Agenda 2030. Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development | Department of Economic and Social Affairs Read it carefully to see what they have planned, including deweaponizing all citizens of the world. Well, except for the UN soldiers. Scary as H*ll, guys.
Don’t let the Leftists surrender the USA to the UN socialists.


I don’t think Brandon was appointed by God.

I think, as @craig9 said, God helps those that help themselves. He had all those people step forward and sign affidavits, the lawsuits and everything set forward to prove what happened. And, due to the freewill that He gave us, those that could do something about it, chose not to.

He did his part, we failed in ours.

I can only hope that we can recover from our failure and that this great nation isn’t doomed because of it.

(PS: For clarification, when I say “we” or “you” it’s not you or me, it’s used in the collective sense.)


Most of the world’s populations are totally clueless about The New World Order, and the deliberate poisoning of the world’s population by many methods … fluoride, GMO foods, Glyphosate, aerosol spraying of our atmosphere, “vaccinations,” etc. See their Georgia Guidestones. This megalithic structure clearly states their goals for mankind. There is ample evidence that these inoculations that are being forced on mankind have Graphene Oxide, obvious nano-tech and some type of “hydra” creatures in them. People are dropping dead from these poisonous inoculations. Open your eyes to truth.

Of course, our usurpers, who control the mainstream narrative, say that the thousands of doctors, worldwide, who stand against this inoculation tyranny are liars. So, you need to do your due diligence and do your own research … to protect your own family.

I can’t get into this in great detail. It takes a lot of research. We have lived in a CORPORATE UNITED STATES since they unlawfully passed The Organic Act of 1871, and put us under Maritime “law.” It’s all about LEGAL VS LAWFUL, or Constitutional. That’s why everything involving government is in UPPER-CASE letters.

I suggest that those who care begin to research the world that we live in. It will take time. And most would rather listen to CNN and watch sports. This is why our world has been taken over by criminals who want to lower the world’s population by 90%. See The Georgia Guidestones, in our state of Georgia.

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You are certainly on the right page, Larry252.

Well, since two people have mentioned this quote now, I will point that this is found nowhere in scripture. Here’s what is:

“…I (God) will strengthen you and help you and hold you up with my victorious right hand.” (Is 41:10)

“ If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will heal their land.” (2 Chron 7)

God helps those to humble themselves and trust. In Him, simple as that.

It’s this second truth that stands out to me as relevant to our current problem with Brandon. I believe if we take that truth at face value, humble ourselves before God, pray and seek his face, then God will bring healing to our land. I think that’s our only chance.

At the same time, looking at the example of Nehemiah when he was rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem, we see that he armed his people to the teeth to repel those who were threatening violence against God’s people and their work. They OPEN-CARRIED their weapons, and it served as an effective deterrent against the enemies of Israel. Not a shot was fired in anger or in defense.

Our figurative walls are lying in absolute ruins right now. We are trying to rebuild them while the enemies of liberty are trying to tear them down and disrupt our work. We need to arm ourselves with truth and the ability to defend ourselves and our loved ones.

So it’s both 1) Trust in God and 2) Be prepared for the worst, praying for the best.


This should be posted at the top of all topics. Thus no hurt feelings. And no feelings of being accused. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Be careful what you wish for. Should we give up our First Amendment Right to Protect the 2nd Amendment? Most protest DO NOT TURN VIOLENT.


It would be nice if we could reference who or what comment your responding to. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was referencing the topic about staying clear of protests.


Well, we don’t give up any right just by staying away from protests of idiots. What’s smart is to exercise our 1A rights by speaking out against the destructive narratives that are ripping our country apart.


I agree. But what gives you the right to decide who is an idiot? That’s what I’m saying. Saturday there was a another mass murder by a gun. Certainly there will be more protests against guns and gun owners. We all here believe there are good and responsible gun owners. So those protesting against guns are now idiots even if one of them might have lost a family member or friend in a shooting?

The great beauty of the Constitution is it gives us the right to voice our opinion. It gives us the right to be independent in our actions to live our lives as we choose. We create laws that say you are free to do what you want as long as it causes no harm to others. That holds true for a person speeding down a road or a protestor who is no longer protesting but acting out in a violent manner.

I love my country and the freedoms it has offered me to enjoy the life I have made. I don’t want any of those rights taken from me.

Ok, point taken. “Idiot” was not a good word for me to use. Individuals who experienced that kind of loss surely are not idiots.

Unfortunately, crowds can take on an intelligence level all their own, even if the individuals aren’t idiots.

What I am suggesting is that we as responsible gun owners make a free choice to stay away from violent situations (as in: “K. Rittenhouse really should have just stayed home”) because in our current environment, things are tending to turn violent too quickly.

For me as a responsible, defensive, carrying gun-owner, I choose to see and avoid trouble. I’ll still gladly speak my mind, but I’ll do it wisely, and not around people who’d like to try taking my gun and shove it someplace uncomfortable. I’d rather just avoid them altogether.


I am about the same age and cant recall the nation getting ready to rip each others throats out as bad as it now. Its like crazy now. Constant tension and anger. We live from one bad time to the next.





The only ones that I know of with that level of violent tendencies are Antifa and BLM. Those groups do not represent me, nor my beliefs, nor peaceful tendencies. I also believe they do not represent most of us on this site, as we believe in non-violence and situations that our situational awareness gives us a gut instinct to avoid.



No matter the march or protest topic, side or opinion, when large groups congregate, on any side, emotions run high; And people behave differently than they would if alone. There is higher potential for an accident, or a fight.

Those scenarios can be volatile. As much as I respect our right to free speech, gather, and protest, I need to think again about if I want to attend it, if I would ever carry a lethal EDC CCW there or not, or if I’d want my daughter or son to attend it.

Interesting post, now that warm weather is here, and with technology these days compared to even the 1990’s, we see and hear a lot of video, almost instantly across the USA and world.

Recently lossed some family to natural causes, and have my own health challenges. Glad to be alive, spend time with family and hopefully improve in health. Stay safe.


Watch for the good around you. There’s plenty of good going on as well, which gets overshadowed by the negative stuff. But realistically, there’s much more good in every day than there is bad.

Be deliberate about noticing it - it makes things easier.



But, you know it’s true


Yes and no, I know we certainly have a responsibility to do what we can do manage the world. God gave humans authority over the creatures of the earth and a job to care for it.

I also know, that in the larger sense, it is God alone who is our help. Take God out of the equation, and every nucleus of every atom will utterly dissolve into subatomic particles. And it is God alone who sets the course of human history. And it is God alone, not our efforts or abilities, that bless us and our families.

So it’s not either-or, it’s both-and.

A couple of truths to think about:

“He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless.” (Isaiah 40:29)

“Pride brings a person low, but the humble in spirit gain honor.” (Prov 29:23)

Make it a great day everyone!

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