OOPS - Back Fired - Book Banning right here in Utah

They take the Bible out of elementary and middle school and pat themselves on the back but now that the Book of Mormon is in the crosshairs it’s not all that much fun?


The Bible is pornographic and immoral… for a Satanist. But we must welcome all viewpoints, dont we.


Seems like the headlines are full of adults who want to ban books in schools. That’s the one thing they all agree on. They simply can’t agree which books to ban.

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Constitutionally, yes we do.

Constitutionally we do. The Constitution doesnt define how to finance public schools, nor forces attendance. Can you imagine, one day teachers come in and find both their paycheck, and the children to indoctrinate and groom - missing.


Hey, if you want to remove the mandate for a public education because they are governmental agencies to whom the Bill of Rights apply, sure, yet another way conservatives would screw the middle class and the poor for protection against the “woke”. Just look at Florida to see teachers fleeing such a state.

And I would not mind having my taxes go down…

1 I didnt say remove the mandate to educate the public. The public needs to redirect their taxes from failed government schools, to schools of their choice.

2 Teachers, cops, nurses are a group that is very indicative of how well economy does. Cops run to Florida. Though I have not looked at how nurses and teachers do, I strongly suspect it is the same as cops. Care to cite your source?

3 If a teacher is compelled to show kids pornographic material or indoctrinate them against their neighbor - it is not a branch of education, but a felony. I can see why they flee.

  • Florida has 5,294 teacher vacancies, the state education association says, compared with 2,217 vacancies in January 2019 when Gov. Ron DeSantis took office.
  • Teachers say they are leaving because of low pay and DeSantis’ education policies, dubbed the "war on woke.

Sure , as long as they adhered to the First Amendment as its public funds paying for that school.

As for nurses, seems that they are leaving as well:

See where DeSantis got into it with the woke heckler? I stand behind him. Get your politics out of the schools. Lots of new teachers graduating every year. Give them an incentive to come to FLA, give’m the guidelines to follow and fire them if they don’t. Keep the good, trash the others.


Forgive me for not believing one word printed in Newsweek. What else happened between 2019 and now? Starts with Covid, end with 19.
What was lack of teachers before DeSantis started to push back on CRT and grooming, which started happening in 2022. Also, huge number of families moved TO Florida after 2019, creating a part of this vacancy. I am interested in analysis but not from known liers like Neesweek


And there it is, there will be no source of data that I can present that you will believe as any of them will not fit your agenda.

And your 2nd source identifies as "West central Florida’s NPR station ". I have stopped listening to NPR back in 2005, it is one of the worst in spinning, misrepresenting and shamelessly lying.


Did Florida ban the Book of Mormon from Elementary and Junior High Schools?


No that is not what he said. He said he doesn’t trust/believe Newsweek. How does not trusting a liberal rag translate to not trusting all news. Seems like he doesn’t like your favorite rag.

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Went back and read my OP, it still says Davis County Utah…

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I have no agenda, but certainly am not going to make a fool out of myself, listening or reading disreputable and discredited sources!

If this is all you read and listen to, I dont know if I am interested in further debate.


Newsweek was bought at a fire sell by a right wing owners in 2018…

Okay, prove it still isn’t a left leaning rag dishing out trash.

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I listen to mostly right wing news sources, Newsmax, instapundit and such.

I am very liberal, I don’t need to read left wing politics as I already know the arguments,…