"The Lord Hates a Coward."

I went to a Lutheran school. We always started the day with prayer and ended it the same way. I’m now a Catholic along with my wife. If ever there was a time in our history when prayer is needed it is now. No elaboration needed.


“Were just doing what we was told to do”. Since when do police answer to a school board???


It’s not just the Lord that hates a coward.Kinda universal.


I’m old enough to remember that praying in public schools was part of the school day. Then an elected ding-a-ling got a law passed that made praying in schools illegal.

For those of us who can remember this, society has taken a severe turn for the worse.


Nice understatement.


I don’t think it is the praying they are against. It is the fact that prayer is associated with religion and parents don’t want their children associated with any religion but their own.


‘They’ don’t want their deeds brought to light.


We said The Lords Prayer then turned to The Flag and said The Pledge of Allegiance.


no? perhaps they just hate God that much. hate science, hate the constitution, hate the flag, hate everything this country was founded on… perhaps. hmmm maybe


Sounds like they love hate. I hate, hate. Maybe they hate them selves. I think hate is a negative emotion.


Only time hate is useful is in war.After you see the horrors done to the enemy’s own people…it comes into play as a motivational tool.Makes it much easier to swallow what you have to do.


US Supreme Court declares America a Christian Nation

I agree with the SCOTUS decision


If I remember correctly, it wasn’t a federal law. (Maybe some states have a law saying no prayer in school, I don’t know.) It was a group of judges who thought they could legislate from the bench without being elected. And we the people tolerated that behavior.


Thats all it says. Pretty plain words.

Establishment Clause

The First Amendment’s Establishment Clause prohibits the government from making any law “respecting an establishment of religion.” This clause not only forbids the government from establishing an official religion, but also prohibits government actions that unduly favor one religion over another. It also prohibits the government from unduly preferring religion over non-religion, or non-religion over religion.


Oh Sure, There You Go Again, Referring to that Musty Dusty Old Fashioned out dated document Written by Rich Elite White Christian Males, you know the thing called The Constitution of The United States and the Amendments Attached to it.




Well, then it would seem removing religion from people’s lives shows a preference toward non-religion. I could understand if one felt compelled to pray, but I never did. It was allowed in school when I went, but not to be led by a teacher, etc. So, the school allowed the children to pray. Most they only did that at lunch time, saying “grace”.

By the time I got into high school, it pretty much was non-existent, as well as singing the National Anthem and Pledge of Alligence. So not only did they eliminate religion, but also patriotism.

I don’t and did not have an issue with people praying or expressing their religious beliefs. Only when they began proselytizing did I have an issue with religious expression. I don’t try to recruit people to believe in reality, though, I will admit that I attempted, initially, to wake-up family and friends to see the lies they were being told about COVID-19. But I found that people that are that willing to accept the indoctrination were not willing to listen and learn. Like members of a cult, reality is what they are told it is, facts and truth be damned. Thankfully, my immediate family and my closest friends were awake.


I also see hate as a prevention to war. Stop it before it has time to to grow.

Ah yes, you are so correct some days the memory is not what it used to be. I just remember an elected atheist and as I have learned a staunch anti-gun net named Madeline O’Hair or O’Hare pressed the issue as she thought making her son participate in mandatory Bible readings at school was bullying. Prayer in school was actually a ruling made in 1962 as unconstitutional.

if it is called “bullying” to make a child participate in a school activity then perhaps it should apply to some other mandatory school activities?


Forgot about the second part. Yes it was in that order. Prayer, then Pledge of Allegiance. Asked my nephew’s kid if he knew what the PoA was. Kid said he’d never heard of it… Sad