Harden the schools

Harden the schools. Train and arm teachers. Promote and facilitate home-schooling. Fire the teachers union. Unravel the US Department of Education. Recite the pledge of Allegiance every day in every school. Obliterate the teaching of CRT, tranny dances, and wokey-wokey in the schools. Drive science, math, tech skills, history, and literacy. Re-establish learning standards. Frog- march the groomers.


Just imagine if big tech actually gave a flying F about doing the right thing and stopped this crap. Instead of coddling the certain groups and protecting child abusers goggle, facebook and the sort gave the location of these a-holes, we would still need an administration that would do something though.


Make the “breeders” responsible for their offspring!
Try identifying as a “parent”!
Right now, they’re just animals planting their seeds!
Get the government out of the home.

I felt this more times than I can remember, I’m not a serial killer and none of the hundreds of kids in my school’s turned into serial killers.
Discipline and respect works!


yes I remember when you would get swats in the hall or principles office. seems to me that was a safer time in school.


I was spanked at home and at school. A good paddling by the teacher or principle taught me many a needed lesson. It provided a sound base for my time in the Army and as an adult in general.

Easy for me to say though. I never had nor wanted children. I would imagine that having your kid spanked by another person might be a serious no-go for a lot of reasonable people. All I can conclude is that it worked for me.


my mom gave them permission to do it if I acted up, an then I would get more when I got home too! only took once for me to straighten up


Same here, but I required more behavior modification. Lol. It finally worked, sort of.


Don’t send your kids to public schools. Vote with your feet, 'cause changing the schools and the government employees in jobs for life is probably infeasible.


Putting kids in a private school is a lot easier said than done for most people I would think.

Along with the significant additional cost of a private school we would have to spend 2 hours every day driving our kid to and from the nearest one. Meaning my wife wouldn’t be able to work her full time job when I am stuck working out of town. One of us would have to quite and settle for a part time job making 1/4 or more likely less than what we do now.

And all of that is assuming we could even find a private school with noticeably better security.


True enough, but I suppose it is a matter of what inconveniences you are willing to tolerate to improve the security of your children. In my rural Colorado county, a lot of parents home school and have been leaving the public schools in droves.

The public schools, staffed by government employees with all the efficiency “government employees” imply, are not going to change. They are what they are. They stink and are sitting ducks. You have to take matters in your own hands and decide what you are willing to do for your childrens’ safety and education. Or, you can wait for the Border Patrol SWAT team to arrive.

In some areas, conservative coalitions have been elected to school boards, but they only seem to make matters worse by politicizing the educational curriculum. It is a race to the bottom. And changing the leadership of public schools is harder than simply voting with your feet and going to a private school or home schooling.


Homeschooling would have the same issue that private schools have for us. One of us would have to quite our jobs to make it happen. With housing prices and cost of living the way they are we can’t afford to be a one wage earner family. I suspect the vast majority of US families are in the same boat. I could maybe try to find some coop homeschool situation but then I’m counting on people with questionable qualifications to teach my kid and not instill any of their random beliefs on him.

I actually don’t have any issues with our little rural school aside from wishing it had better security. Our son is getting a good education with none of the added junk you hear about from some schools.

I wish the security was better but we are in a community where the vast majority of kids are raised viewing firearms as useful tools and not supernatural talismans of infinite power. Even if he was in a suburban school where kids only get negative exposure to firearms our son would still have a far, far greater chance of being injured in a vehicle crash than in a school shooting. I’m not gonna lock him in his room in a vain attempt to protect him from every possible incredibly rare random event he might face.


Only want to discus this and not insulting. How do you know this? Have you been in the room while the teacher is teaching? Do you not see the news story of the teacher doing front kicks and karate chops while insulting Trump?

Again how do you know? I’m from a small town as well and the liberal BS has crept in there. I’m very happy you think this is true. The liberal agenda has gone far and wide. I’m a senior citizen and have fallen for some of their agenda without realizing it.

I’m in total agreement that all schools should be hardened with armed security patrolling.


I have met and spoken with his teachers on several occasions. He is not coming home with silly ideas, aside from the occasional kids sharing silly kid thoughts. And most importantly his reading and math skills are way beyond what mine were at his age.


Will also add that I actually know quite a few teachers. Many of them with left leaning politics and I can guarantee you none of them has ever done this or anything remotely similar. They struggle every day just to teach kids basic learning skills for low pay and often have to supply kids with needed supplies out of their own pockets.

The news on the left and right are intentionally seeking out and bombarding us with extreme examples that are not reliable representations of what the vast majority are experiencing in every day life. That is true whether they are reporting the evils of firearms or the evils of teachers. Their agenda is clearly to distract and divide us. And they are succeeding.

Having said all that, there is a left wing bias in many schools. Especially in urban areas and at the college level. The right needs to do some serious soul searching to figure out how and why they have been unable to connect and share their ideas with the majority of two whole generations of young people.

I believe the fate of the nation depends on incorporating the ideas from both sides into solutions to the growing list of problems we face. If the right can’t reach a younger audience their ideas are going to rapidly fade away and our options for future success will be cut in half.


You got that right. It seems like kids just don’t want to listen to conservative ideas. My dad taught high school and I understand the low pay aspect. He drove a school bus to help supplement the home income. But where are their mind’s getting closed? It’s at that level conservatives need to attach with counter information or demand better representation from the teachers.

Good job for knowing who your kids teachers are and with talking to them.


I think what was recently proven what was considered an excellent response (14 minutes) is just too long and It is time to arm willing administrators and teachers. This person took a couple minutes to shoot out the door to get in, hearing those shots many could be more prepared than the shooter. She/he/it probably wouldn’t have made it much past the door.


I know of familys making longterm plans to Home school These are folks who have new borns talking. I agree with them


Sorry, I couldn’t just copy/paste like YT. Still blaming the gun.


And in Tennessee today.

Republican state lawmakers including Speaker Cameron Sexton have accused the trio of attempting to incite an insurrection. :rofl:

ABC News
ABC News

Tennessee lawmakers expel 1st of 3 Dem lawmakers after gun protest; votes continue.

Voting has begun in Nashville, where the Republican-controlled Tennessee state House of Representatives have already agreed to oust one of the three Democratic lawmakers in what marks the first partisan expulsion in the state’s modern history.

State Rep. Justin Jones, the first lawmaker expelled when lawmakers voted to adopt HR65, called the resolution “a spectacle” and “a lynch mob assembled to not lynch me, but our democratic process.”

“We called for you all to ban assault weapons and you respond with an assault on democracy,” Jones said during his 20-minute opening statement.

Earlier in the Thursday session, the legislature passed HB322, a bill that requires schools to implement a number of safety plans and security systems, over the objections of the three members who face expulsion.

“This bill is not about school safety that will not make our students safer,” Jones said, adding the move to “make our schools militarized zones” is borne out of refusal “to address the real issue, which is easy access to military grade weapons, which is easy access to weapons of war on our streets.”

State Rep. Gloria Johnson, a former teacher, decried the possibility of “gun battles at our schoolhouse door,” and state Rep. Justin Pearson, the last of the trio, argued that “the root cause that each of us have to address is this gun violence epidemic do the due to the proliferation of guns.”

“We don’t need a solution that says if you don’t lock a door or get someone with a gun, we need a solution that says people shouldn’t be going to schools and to houses and to neighborhoods with weapons of war,” Pearson added.

Protesters gathered both inside – in the gallery, where they were told to remain silent – and in large groups outside, in apparent support of the three Democratic lawmakers.

Jones, Johnson and Pearson are facing expulsion resolutions for allegedly violating the chamber’s rules of decorum by participating in a gun control protest at the state Capitol last week. The demonstration came in the wake of the deadly Covenant School shooting in Nashville on March 27, where a former student fatally shot three children and three adults, police have said.

When protesters crowded the state House and gallery hallways last week, calling for stricter gun laws, only one Democratic lawmaker was granted permission to address them.

Others, particularly young progressives like freshman Reps. Pearson and Jones, also wanted to speak but were prohibited by Republican leadership.

So, during a recess, the duo, along with Johnson, used the well of the House chambers to demand action. With their mics shut off, they brought a megaphone, leading chants.

Days later, Tennessee’s Republican Reps. Bud Hulsey, Gino Bulso and Andrew Farmer sponsored the expulsion resolutions Monday. They argued the Democratic lawmakers “did knowingly and intentionally bring disorder and dishonor to the House of Representatives through their individual and collective actions.”

Hulsey, Bulso and Farmer did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

Republican state lawmakers including Speaker Cameron Sexton have accused the trio of attempting to incite an insurrection, even likening their actions to the violent Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol, according to ABC affiliate WKRN.

MORE: Tennessee lawmakers face expulsion after gun control protest

Since the Civil War, the Tennessee state House has voted only twice to expel a member.

As of Thursday, the trio of Democrats said they have already lost ID access to the state Capitol and been stripped of any committee assignments.

But Pearson and Johnson told ABC News, no matter the results of the expulsion vote, they will remain undeterred in fighting for their constituents.

“If we are expelled on Thursday, you can expect the protest to continue the resistance to build, and the advocacy for our communities and for the people that we care about,” said Pearson.

“This is not going to stop me in the least,” Johnson added.

ABC News’ Sarah Beth Guevara contributed to this report.


Perhaps conservatives’ first step could be treating teachers more like people who are doing a tough but important job, and less like enemies who should be paid less so they can’t make political contributions through their mandatory unions. The blanket disdain for teachers is on display too often from the right. Why should teachers trust Republicans?


The main problem is there are little or no consequences to the things kids do today. Spanking may not have been the all-in-one fix decades ago for misbehaving, but it sure set me straight. Kids seem to be coddled too much and/or their parents are oblivious to the bad manners of their child(ren).