Some Ohio teachers 'terrified' over new bill allowing educators to carry guns


This is being passed into law where I live


24 hrs seem to be a short training… but isn’t that a direction we all want?
If Schools are not safe place anymore, let’s the people working there give a chance to defend themselves.
I’m not sure how they can be more terrified thinking about firearms being carried than a vision of being killed by some punk… :thinking:


Uh, they do realize that the proposed rule is voluntary right? If they like their doctor, they can keep- uh whoops, wrong topic there… If they want to remain unarmed, they can choose to do so and thus would not need to be trained.


Yea I honestly like the idea there was a kid at my daughters high school that had 3 hand guns in his book bag and my daughter took a pic of it and sent it to me I called the school and they had the situation taken care of pretty quickly.


A partial explanation of Utah’s laws for teachers:

Carrying A Firearm On School Property

It is LEGAL for a person to carry or possess a firearm on or about school premises, as described in 76-10-505.5 (see below) IF:

  • You have a valid Utah “regular” concealed firearm permit including a temporary Utah concealed firearm permit

Teachers & School Employees

  • NO ONE can require you to notify anyone or receive permission to carry a firearm.
  • Firearms must be possessed as provided in district/school policies. Always have your firearm concealed on your body at all times. The firearm CAN NOT be in a desk, briefcase, or bag where a student or anyone else may gain access to or steal the firearm.

For example; the Jordan School District Policy Manual, AA409 – Scope of Employment states, “District property may not be used to hide, cover or secret a firearm. A lawfully concealed firearm must be within the employee’s immediate control at all times. Employees must recognize that students could gain access to a firearm that is not properly concealed, or controlled. Therefore, employees must use good judgment and strictly follow the law and this policy.”


In Nevada you can carry concealed in a school if you have permission from the person in charge. At least it was a few years ago I don’t know if it changed.


This article is on Yahoo, and so it spins the facts to the left.
I am sure teaching CRT, handing out adult-only materials to young kids, celebrating weird holidays and other inappropriate activism take a lot of energy. If teachers stop doing this crap to themselves and their students, their burden will be a lot less.


Hmm, I’m exploring going back to school. Maybe a teaching degree and a move to Ohio is the ticket. :thinking:


Terrified of keeping kids alive? Publish their room numbers. I’m sure the kids parents won’t mind if they go first. Oh, and make them last to check on and save when the good guys are being…good guys. Humans are such idiots.


The whining teacher embarrasses me for my Buckeye state. Seriously, nobody is including sworn LEO duties for school staff, just clarifying how, if desired, they can defend themselves if another lunatic shows up and removing a ridiculous several hundred hours of training for those who wish to carry.
Always has to be one…


First off, don’t let any of the terrified teachers near a gun! They will be part of the problem.

Next, have a plan in place for the armed teachers to follow and include some training. You don’t want some spray and pray teacher running around the building.

Lastly, hire some teachers with a backbone to replace the terrified ones. They can be part of the solution.


Requiring the hundreds of hours of training police officers have to go through is completely ridiculous. Especially considering that the majority of that training has nothing to do with defensive firearms use and active shooter response.

But 24 hours doesn’t seem like nearly enough for people in dynamic situations surrounded by children every day and expected to respond to an active shooter while almost certainly being outgunned. If I was in that environment every day I would want a minimum of 4-6 days of focused training and a 1 to 2 day refresher every year.


IMO - it’s easier to find fault than it is to present a solution but in this case depending on teachers to defend students is once again a half assed short cut to disaster.

  • putting a fox in a hen house, I one teacher blows a gasket Think about it.
  • will a armed teacher keep his jacket on with a hot summer day, would you :question:
  • protecting means, money.
  • professional armed guards or police.
  • metal detectors.
  • improved security IE: among other things I was a contractor for a power company and a gas company. I had a picture ID and gained instant access to any school University Hospitals airport hangers and commercial business without notification ; to include water company pump stations unattended. It was a little more difficult getting into state prisons.One of the hardest places to gain access to was any aeronautical government contractor. Not to mention a lack of safety for contractors working Union carbide. “ they told us not to worry, by the time you smell something you’ll be dead “ Hmmm that was just before Bhopal.



Training is key for safety knowing the gun and how it works and what to do if need comes for anyone that may have to use the weapon.


Some teachers seem to be terrified a lot. Seems just a few months back they were big on letting the world know that they were sentenced to death by having to do their job while covid was a thing… meanwhile the rest of we essential workers ( I was essential 'til Biden became your president) simply continued on, no bumper stickers or window stickers proclaiming our ‘terror.’


30 years in aerospace…yup, good security. Badge access only since the early '90’s every place I worked.
Funniest situation was having a hissy fit at my shop and deciding to change employers. Sikorsky (Lockheed Martin) calls me up to interview. I drive down, get to the building, door’s locked, badge access…but wait a minute, there’s pressure pad activated automatic doors right next to the entrance, so I step on the pad, go in, see the security guard and ask where I can find my guy. Guards says " how’d you get in here?". I tell him how. He says I can’t do that. I said I just did and will again if he wants to see. He says I got to get a guest badge at the guard shack. I drive there, go in, get a form…asks my licence plate #. I put down “Idunno”, hand it in, get my badge, had my interview where the comedy continued…amazing how a circus can make some of the most amazing things known to man…


I don’t blame them, a huge portion of “pro 2A” are against it, and teachers are generally not likely to fall into that category

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I see it the other way, as we all know, since we are talking about government mandated training here.

Are teachers really THAT inferior to everybody else? That reckless and negligent and dangerous, that despite dozens of millions of people being able to legally carry concealed around kids all over the country in all kinds of places with 0 seconds of government mandated training, if we let teachers do that, they are just going to shoot their own students because they are so…

…clearly not.

24 hours of professionally provided in person training is probably in excess of what 99% of private citizens out there with guns have received in their lifetime.

IMO teachers are no worse/less capable than anybody else and schools are no more inherently dangerous a location than anywhere else, we know that shall issue and permitless carry with no training requirement works, anything more than that is just an unnecessary infringement and every extra dollar or extra hour or extra hoop required will result in fewer teachers being armed which will result in more dead kids

Raising the barriers to entry and reducing the number who go through with it is not what we should be aiming for

It might however be a necessary compromise to get the ball rolling.


I could get into a Chemical plant because the woman at the guard station told me I had a beard. I got into a heated argument for discriminating against me because I had a beard ; after 20 minutes of
Bla - Bla they told me my beard would prevent a a good Air seal for a gas mask. OH WELL THERE STUFF DIDN’T get fixed and I still have hair on my
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