What do we do?

If our kids are stuck in a school getting shot at by a lunatic, and the cops don’t go in… what do we do as responsible armed citizens?

This is a real question from a real parent. I really don’t know how I’m supposed to feel like my kid is protected in a place where there is no armed security and the police are not going to do their job when they get on scene (for whatever reason.)


Good question.

I imagine parents as a group, at many schools, might be wanting to meet with the school administrators to review protocols, preparation, and drills.

Sad, but I’ve heard of police dogs also being heroes; Would that be appropriate to have trained dogs who work side by side with human guards? If they figure a way to ensure the dogs not target an innocent bystander.


You saw what happened to some of the parents in Texas? If you get there before the LEOs I wouldn’t be able not to go in (as I am always armed). And then your a target for the killer and LE.


At 62 years old, I’m closer to the end than the beginning, I would rather have him concerned about me than shooting 4th graders.


My point exactly. :+1:


I don’t even want my kids in public school anymore. There is no more discipline, they’re teaching woke garbage, and now 19 people get gunned down and all Brandon can talk about is disarming America “deer don’t wear Kevlar vests”. We can’t even agree that kids need armed security at school.


While this incident was horrific and there will likely be more in the future thanks to media inspired copycats, these events are still incredibly rare.

I would be more worried about your kids dying on the way to or from school. 21 kids every year on average.


But even the chance of that happening is very very low. There are a lot of ways that large numbers of kids come to harm in this country every year. A mass murder school event is probably one of the rarest.


Join with other parents.

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Serious answer to that question if posed by a parent looking me in the eye. If your armed and semi qualified, nothing stops you from trying to save a, let me rephrase, YOUR child!

As you make your approach, dial 911 giving a full description of who you are and what your wearing, weapons system, current location and direction of travel.
Give play by play as it’s happening to dispatcher, allow others to escape, recruit someone you feel can assist, anyone! Have that assistance evacuate the injured! Or at least stop the bleed.

If contact is made between you and shooter, try a distraction if he’s shooting at you, he’s not shooting the children.
If the administration didn’t defund, you should have back up in less than three minutes.
If defunding persists, you tried, went out with empty magazines, smoking barrel and maybe saved a life or two or three, they name the library after you!

Who stands by or stands down while children are actively being shot and killed? I’ve heard recently that the “chain of command” gave the order to stand by! “THEY WERE JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS!”
May want to give that some serious consideration as a gun ban goes into affect and the national guard is coming to a neighborhood near you. Just saying’

The only legitimate excuse, is you voted for Brandon! There’s only one more piece of the puzzle, confiscation! Just because the sky is still blue, the trees are green and I can save 15% on my car insurance doesn’t mean all is right!

We witnessed as this administration murdered soldiers, women and children, all for the purpose of ending our society as we know it. They are changing the world and acting like a parent whose child is being shot at, they are coming at us, guns blazing! There is nothing standing in there way!

Absolutely NOTHING comes between me and my child, the officers that stood blocking the parents from entering would have had to shoot me in the back! If you consider what’s happening us, we’re being shot in the back! He wants a legacy!


From a ration sitting at my desk standpoint, I would hope I could work with the police and pray to never be in that situation.

From a father standpoint, if I were there I would think the police would need to stop me from going in.


Form a Concerned Citizens Group. Publish your concerns and demands. Put pressure on the School Board and PD. You pay the salaries of these people. Demand satisfaction for your money. If they are not being forthcoming and helpful go the your state legislators and news outlets. Get the VFW and other civic organizations on your team. Remember - everyone reports to someone.

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Call senators and congressmen. They spent Forty Billion on the Ukraine, but won’t spend 1.2 billion to harden our schools and provide security? Also do everything else.


If law enforcement isn’t there, I’m going in. If they are there, and not going in, I’m going to jail for assaulting an officer. That said, I know most of my local LEO. Odds are, they grab some of us that are there to help. Maybe that help is to grab kids as they run out. Some of us, would be handed a vest and a shotgun. I guarantee.


My kids are both in their late 20’s.

So, think of other potential victims and imagine being a parent or spouse of one of the teachers or school officials.

I would definitely go in heavily armed if it involved my kids or my wife—with 911 on the line.

Start by getting on an instant recognition basis with those who work at the school so that if, in the extraordinarily unlikely event there is a shooter at your school, and even less likely situation that you are present at that time, AND on top of that LE is not there (if they are then assume they are dealing with it or stopping you) (this is getting extremely unlikely now), but anyway, recognition/first name basis with faculty/teachers/staff so that, if all that comes to pass and you go into the school when a shooter is on the loose, you are recognized, and no time is wasted explaining you aren’t a threat, or getting them to tell you information when you say “where is he”


The conversations need to start NOW with the School Board and Administrators. They should be WILLING to have an open panel discussion. If not, they are NOT working in the best interest of the children. USCCA has a wonderful training built to educate large groups like this. Countering the Mass Shooter Threat Training is a great place to start. I would talk to a local USCCA qualified instructor to help lead those conversations.

Keep us updated! :+1:t3:

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IMO: didn’t bother reading all of this. It’s the same old story different day. Right after Sandy hook there were all kinds of plans to safe Guard
Kids in schools that died on the vine because >

  • money
  • “ we don’t want our kids to feel like the are in a police state “
  • don’t want teachers to have guns.
  • don’t want to have metal detectors in schools.
    I don’t think that people understand how lax security is where it shouldn’t be. We keep getting tax increases for people to have better pensions but the kids aren’t as important as the all mighty dollar.
    And if there is a family that’s not into firearms that has their kid murdered in school the knee jerk reaction is to take away guns from people that can protect them, not understanding that the wrong people will still have guns. There are still heart wrenching commercials on line
    about Sandy hook School even though the building was removed quite a while ago.
    PS: the answers are simple and so are the people that are running
    PSS: ever since our state got a sun down tax the governor of our state got a special state police unit dedicated for his safety 24 seven because of death threats even though we’ve never had a governor assassinated yet children are systematically being murdered.

our tax dollars at work for us.


Heads up. I’m showing this to as a reminder of how little our government cares about children that are being murdered and
( how much money is being spent elsewhere ) I understand that National security is important but ( Really $$$$$$$$$$$$$ )
PS: spending a fraction of that money on school security would save many children’s lives.
PSS: pay attention to the cost for one aircraft.


I’ve seen that video ad a bunch and it really looks like clock bait so I never click.

Can you tell us the name of that model of that aircraft so we can look it up?


I don’t do videos but agree with your point. Our priorities are pretty screwed up in this country. I’m all for a strong defense but the military industrial complex is throwing money all over the place on massively expensive systems that in many cases don’t even work properly and take billions more to fix.