Trick that may save your kid's life

After recent school shooting tragedies we should teach our kids how to protect themselves in the school in case of active shooter scenario.
This trick is pretty easy to apply to lock the classroom door.

Let’s share other maneuvers that may be helpful.


That is a great trick and agree 100 percent that it can save a child’s life.


A lot of parents are buying armored backpacks for their kids.


First aid, stop the bleed, save a life!
Especially if first responders are going to wait for the keys to the door!

Uvalde is unforgivable in more ways than one. I figured, if there was a parent in there screaming about their kids curriculum, they surely would have broken down the doors. Just saying!

Let’s just get rid of TSA and hand everyone a parachute, we’re buying bulletproof backpacks for “kids”, they hate carrying the history books!

Armor up the school, get rid of the signs and install qualified security, human or mechanical!


It’s been a long time since a college back east had a shooter can’t remember the name of the college but in classrooms that heard the gun shots they immediately use their desks to barricade the door ways so not only they doors locked but also blocked so the shooter could not see in and went to try other doors that would be easier but to no avail, it slowed down the shooter so much that the respondind police took him out. This is just a suggestion from what worked before and as for me i would like to see that be put on the drills like fire, earthquake, and such for all schools. As this has this in it Stay Alert and Don’t Get Hurt :cowboy_hat_face::cactus::sun_with_face::sunglasses::+1::us_outlying_islands::nerd_face::us::statue_of_liberty::ferris_wheel::dart::desert::us_outlying_islands:


I think the armored backpacks for kids might make people feel better but are of pretty limited usefulness. They are pretty heavy and kids backpacks are already overloaded these days. All the ones I’ve seen are only rated for pistol rounds. Rifle rated backpack plates would be much too heavy and bulky for most kids to carry. The kids would have to be able to keep the pack between themselves and the shooter under chaotic conditions and at a proper angle which wouldn’t be easy for a kid especially if the shooter hits the pack a time or two.

The best bet is for armed staff to immediately confront the shooter. Next best option is for teachers to barricade the doors and get the kids out of sight or better yet out a window (if they can) and running away as fast as they can.


Israel had a school shooting and armed the teachers. They have 2 attempted school shooting since and the shooters were killed by the teachers.
The back packs may well be a feel good option so the parents feel they at least did something. The kevlar armor will stop handgun rounds and if worn on the back while running away might be useful. Might be a good idea to stick a door wedge in the pack.