Defense advice for a new teacher

Ok. Maybe not completely related to this thread, but would love thoughts from teachers or families of teachers rgd what preparedness steps you take while in the classroom. My daughter is a new teacher starting her first year as a second grade teacher. I have seen things on the internet like body armor plates that you put in back packs. What other things do you do?? Thank You

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If she’s in a district that allows carry I’d suggest getting her enrolled and trained.

Above and beyond that I’d also get her into some Krav Maga classes to learn both empty handed and environmental weapons skills.

Even if she can’t carry a firearm at work, there are a whole lot of other very effective options such as “Tactical Pens”/Kubatons that if you know how to use them can very quickly disable an attacker.

I’d also have her check with the office and see if they have any specific plans for how to handle a shooting at school. If they don’t get her enrolled in a “Countering The Mass Shooter Threat” USCCA course ASAP and see if she can encourage some others to attend with her. They can then suggest to the administration some ways to come up with a reaction plan for the whole school.

I work with schools and churches frequently so drop me a PM if I can help.


CPR training and Stop the Bleed if available as well. CPR is more likely for an elementary school teacher honestly, kids choke on things, have allergies etc.

Door stops put on the inside of the door for a barricade, paracord to gum up the arm at the top of doors, 10-15ft is plenty for that trick. Any verbal judo classes she can get would not only help with potential conflicts but would also help with unruly children.

I can’t tag him for some reason but @Michael7 would be a good resource to ask since he is/was a teacher.

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General recommendation: Try to always get in eight hours of sleep a night, same time every night. :slight_smile: Kids are HARD. (even the little ones) ((especially the little ones?))

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