Active Shooter: Have the Conversation Now!

@KevinM, @Tom_Grieve, and Steve Fisher discuss how important it is to have a plan with your family in case of an active shooter:

Kevin talks about making plans with his kids for in their school at the linked point in this video. It’s a longer video and well worth the watch!

What plans have you made with your families in case of an active shooter?

The white background is really had on the eyes.

As for planning we have a standard plan as to whether to seek cover, run etc depending on the circumstances.

We always identify exits and good escape routes and have a primary and alternated gathering spot in case we get separated.


Similar to @WildRose however my kids are very young so getting separated isn’t something I can allow to happen so we’ve focused more on cover, hiding and defining what are and are not good defensive positions. As the kids grow so will the plans but for now I’ll risk staying the risk of being separated and or trampled far out way the risk of hiding in my opinion

Work our way behind shooter and toward exit. Get Her out! Circumstances would dictate what I, myself, did from there.

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