Lawmakers approve plan to have schools display 10 Commandments


State senators in Texas have adopted, 17-12, a plan to have the Ten Commandments displayed in school classrooms.

The plan, Senate Bill 1515, explains, “a public elementary or secondary school shall display in a conspicuous place in each classroom of the school a durable poster or framed copy of the Ten Commandments.”

Sponsor state Sen. Phil King, a Republican, set up the plan to have the document at least 16 inches by 20 inches.

The plan now goes to the state House, and if the Republican-majority body adopts it, it would go to Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, for his signature.

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You know this would hurt somebodies feelings , and they will feel threatened every time they see it, and they will need a safe space so some people can go to curl up in the fetal position. And then the lawsuits will start and they will be forced to take them all down. But it is what we need in this country-- BRING GOD BACK INTO OUR LIVES – and the 10 Commandments are a basic guide to live by. But my guess is this will never go through, because people will say it favors a religion, and you can’t favor anything pro religion. Although it is Texas so just maybe…


Bad idea.
School is not about religion but about the Country.

If we really want to give something to kid, why not use 16 x 20 inch copy of Declaration of Independence? :thinking:


Why not both?


why is it a bad idea? the laws and form of government are pretty much based on biblical principals…

so IMHO it is correct to understand where it came from… ???

please explain?


The same reason we say at schools : “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America…” not “Our Father, Who art in heaven” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Because forcing one religion over others always brings conflicts and disaffection.
Perhaps we should allow every religion to display their principles? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


There is a reason there are Christian schools, for those who want religion in school.
If you don’t want it there are plenty of schools to pick from.


The 10 commandments in other religions are very similar with the same principles involved.


But not every religion get them.
Even small difference can cause issue.
We have been experiencing a lot of conflicts based on religion, I don’t see reason to bring them to the schools.

I already came through it in Poland and it didn’t work well.
In 1990"s over 90% of Polish population was Catholic so it seemed to be a normal thing to bring catholic religion education to schools. But from kids prospective it worked opposite way. We lost interest, sometimes even the faith. Instead of being the part of life, religion became a mandatory subject to learn, to think about receiving grades. It was never the same anymore.

So what actually will be achieved by displaying Ten Commandments at school?

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The commandments are not only gods’ basic laws but are initial instructions on a decent life.
Don’t steal, don’t lie, don’t be jealous of other people’s stuff, don’t be a glutton, don’t chase after some else’s spouse, curse with God in it. celebrate Sunday. Don’t worship statues. He is the only God. Some aeras of our Constitution are modeled after it. And yes the Constitution should be displayed next to it.

Don’t have to be a Christan to follow the Commandments. It’s instructions to a better life.

Sorry Jerzy had to go a different way .


While the Ten Commandments are good values to live by, in this country there is a thing called separation of Church and State. The reasoning behind it is as Jerzy was pointing out. You don’t want a “National” religion if you want people to be able to pursue their own religion. It can lead to religious persecution, which is again a principle the founding fathers had for this country.

There are private religious schools available. Public schools I agree to keep religion out of it.


Jefferson and the others who penned the Constitution had the reasonings for the separation. Human nature probably has allot to do with it. Probably not then but now If there is one writing displayed everyone will want something there. I will have to say I’m not a PhD of religion or Soloman. The truth is out there I know. :us:

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I agree that Ten Commandments are the great instructions to a good and proper life.
But all those values can be taught without showing that one religion gets privilege over another.

I’m a Catholic and true believer, but I also advocate to not force people to do anything that should come form their hearts, not from the Government.
I spent hundreds hours discussing this with my brother-in-law, who became a priest… not because he was told to be one, but because he felt a reason to be a priest and teach and help others.


“Bill of Rights” would be my choice.


While I agree with separation of Church and School, practice shows that once 10 Commandments had been removed from classroom walls in 1970s, they were replaced by commandments of CRT and the state flag of Rainbowia.

Experience shows, people opposed to 10 Commandments, equally opposed to the Pledge of Allegiance, the Flag of the USA, or very existance of the USA.


forcing religion??? not sure that is what is happening… just showing what our laws are based on???

laws which much of the western world has adopted???


Any act that shows kids why they’re free citizens living in great Country.
Religion has nothing to do with it.

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Fine, let it be the Bill of Rights. Do you think there will be a trigger (pardon the pun) warning for 2nd Amendment, or that it will cause any less backlash from the Left than 10 Commandments?


I agree Jerzy. Have a great Sunday friend!