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Watching the news, a school in Indiana was telling a student he couldn’t fly the US flag off the bed of his truck on school property. The student stood his ground and read the school policy, state law to the lefty school admin. Then they realize the error of their ways and release a memo saying: we have reconsidered our policy and will ALLOW you to continue to fly the US flag on your truck.

Why do they have to spin it like that?


In my day (sounding really old :rofl:) the school taught us to stand and pledge allegiance to our flag, every single morning, all the way through high school graduation.

Now someone is offended because a kid wants to fly the flag on his own personal truck??? WTF? I wonder if those same losers would accept help from my local firehouse? Those guys fly huge flags off the back of their engines.


Because they are liberals! They hate any kind of patriotism for America!! They hate The US so much, they can’t comprehend that if it wasn’t for US, they wouldn’t have the freedom to be the stupid assholes, that they enjoy being!!! God Bless America :us:


Well put!


I feel offended.

How did you figure out the school admin was lefty?
Perhaps school admin was just ignorant and stupid?

I don’t like to see flags on vehicles because I think they will get destroyed by the wind. I don’t much like seeing dogs in the back of trucks either. I don’t think that makes me a dog hater or a flag hater. It makes me a lover

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That would be the first clue.


This may be the definition you are seeking. Lol


Our patriotism, and displays of that patriotism, is offensive to the left. I think the roots of this can be traced back to the Viet Nam war protests.


This isn’t over yet. I read the administration has vowed to rewrite the “policy” for next year to reimplement the ban. Obviously this won’t cover the removal of all the rainbow garbage posted in every hallway and classroom.


Yep, exactly. This is the long game that has been in place for decades: State run education and removal of God from the equation. State first; parent second (or third; fourth; fifth…). Easiest fix to this nonsense is to rip your kids out of public school today. Not tomorrow, today. They are all rotten. The only ones worth considering are private Christian schools (closely monitored by the parents) or to home-school (the best option because YOU control what goes into their brains, not the state). The rotten brainwashing institutions would collapse overnight. Home schooling need not be expensive or demanding of the parent’s time (self-paced for the student). If I had a school-age kid, this one would be my choice: The Ron Paul Curriculum


Not their Ducking Business what I fly on my Pick UP. I didn’t ask them for or need their permission to fly anything, or it used to be like that.


‘THEY’ The bastards got my 1776/We the People Stars N Stripes flag !
5’ Pole and all. Broke it right off the Garage wall. Camera’s caught them (2)
But skinny guys in Hoodies narrows it down to 500,000+ Yootz !



Damn! Sorry to hear that brother. That just sucks.


Yeah Buddy, It’s not like they even LIKE the AMERICAN FLAG !
El Distructo’s, (at least they could have detached the pole not rip the piss out of my Garage trim!)


I’m sure it’s more like they stole it because they hated what it represented, so they don’t mind damaging your house in the process.



That’s the general description of a lib!


Do you mean lefty lib… righty lib… or any lib? :joy:

Because the post wasn’t about lib… but lefty admin… :kissing:

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What I have been seeing on this Forum… this term usually means nothing.
If something is not normal, out of standard or doesn’t fit our thoughts → that must be a lefties, liberals or anybody who doesn’t fit narratives. :smirk:

Somehow I get different experience. My kids High School’s administration wasn’t “mostly”. However they sometimes came with either stupid or inconceivable ideas. There was no drama “Libs, Lefties”… just civilized discussions to resolve the problems.

So how I see this - stupidity or lack of competence doesn’t apply to single political side.
Yes, we can disagree with other side… but we should also consider looking into own field, perhaps we also do some mistakes that doesn’t quite fit our stories.