Ongoing Situation Lewiston active shooter: 22 people dead and 60 injured with armed suspect still at large

Methinks this guy has had some training. :thinking:


Lewiston active shooter: 22 people dead and 60 injured with armed suspect still at large (

A gunman has killed at least 22 people after opening fire at a bowling alley and a bar in Lewiston, Maine, on Wednesday night, engulfing the state’s second-largest city in chaos. The suspect remained at large as authorities ordered residents and business owners to stay inside and off the streets.


It’s Starting Ladies and gentlemen…

How far away are we from ‘Alphabets’ AUGMENTING Local
Law Enforcement, Guiding the narrative, When these hits become…a Thing…
Marshall Law implemented
Gun Confiscation
Travel Restrictions


It’s as clear as the proverbial nose on your face to me…
Act Accordingly


It’s amazing how the democrats know exactly when to send out an active shooter! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s executive orders!
Just when Hamas is about to strike! Coincidence? Not on Bidens watch, it’s all coordinated and planned!
Prayers to the families, this is horrific!


Ratchet up the FEAR
Get the Shepple Paralyzed w/ Anxiety
Around every corner my sheep is a Terrorist (or legal Gunner)
Because in reality ‘What’s the difference’?
‘Please save us they will bleat!’ We don’t care how many rights we have to give up!
Take away all THEIR Guns, The .gov will protect us!
All they need is a HUGE9/11 type event! and the world is their oyster!
Easy Picking’s!
Like taking Freedom from a Baby!

It’s gonna get loud Boy’s!
Look for the Papers, Media and Internet follow in lock step…
The Congress and Senate will all of a sudden find communication/common ground
(when there is none!)

Box Cars anyone?
Another Brick in the Wall?

“Well, I won’t back down,
I’ve got just one Fight
When the world keeps pushing me around



U.S. warns of Imminent military invasion in Europe (

These phuckers are chomping at the bit to start a WAR with somebody! Anybody!
There was an article today that said something like US to start (3) wars simultaneous w/ (3) countries
(that will be the end of the United States)

THIS IS THEIR END GAME! Decreased surplus population! Just ask Mr. SCROOGE! He KNEW!


Police identify Robert Card as person of interest in Maine shooting | Watch (


Spot on :dart:


Many knew of him? Military background, firearms instructor. No one to stop him???

Robert Card has military background and reported mental health issues: State police | Watch (


Military firearms instructor.


Whether we like it or not, this tragedy is political in nature.

Corrupt media could easily use this incident to demonize the entire firearms training industry.


Like how the article states this at the end.

Maine doesn’t require permits to carry guns, and the state has a longstanding culture of gun ownership that is tied to its traditions of hunting and sport shooting.

Some recent attempts by gun control advocates to tighten the state’s gun laws have failed. Proposals to require background checks for private gun sales and create a 72-hour waiting period for gun purchases failed earlier this year. Proposals that focused on school security and banning bump stocks failed in 2019.

State residents have also voted down some attempts to tighten gun laws in Maine. A proposal to require background checks for gun sales failed in a 2016 public vote.


Could? Could?
They WILL use this to demonize the entire firearms community. Because they ALWAYS use situations like this to do just that. They and the gun-grabbing left.

Can’t wait for the renewed calls for “assault weapon” bans and even more gun-control that wouldn’t have stopped this,


I think we are very far away from those things. Very far.

I’ve been told we are just around the corner from travel restrictions, curfews, marshall law, etc, at least as far back as Y2K. It feels like every new thing becomes the reason we are about to have those things. I was even promised army checkpoints in every city circa 2020.

I still think we are very far away from those things.


I, how do I say this…I think I would stop reading information from that source.


So are we being too paranoid, can I let down my guard?

I think we’re in the middle of a sh/tshow!
Maybe because I was an invincible teenager growing up in Brooklyn, the world was a fairly safe place. We were involved in one theater of war and race riots were the pastime of NYPD. Heroin was like the “C” word ( cancer ) None of it had an effect on me. Maybe I shouldn’t say that exactly, I felt the need to escape New York, as soon as I was old enough I signed up and joined the Navy! Safety surrounded me and I was part of the most powerful team on the globe! As a submariner, we weren’t even that concerned about nuclear war. The reactor could last 20 years as for food, we were the elite of the fleet, we would figure it out!
I can’t figure today out!

Today, I’m totally NOT in control of my surroundings. I’m acutely aware of my surroundings and at this age, one oblivious look around the grocery store parking lot and I’m toast!

In addition whether we like it or not we are in the middle of three, possibly four fluid and dynamic situations. The Middle East, Ukraine and our own border. The current situations are all due in part to one and a half idiots! That’s an amazing accomplishment, that’s more impressive than the light bulb or the wheel!

It may seem innocuous, but college Protests have an extreme amount of sway over the general public! Suddenly they feel the atrocities of genocide are a good thing! Are we not facing some dangerous times? Young minds apathetic to beheaded burning babies? I’m sorry call it paranoia, but I’m not a part of that world. And my world seems to be shrinking. Normal people would not have stood for two seconds of this!
This is akin to living in an RV on top of a volcano!

I can’t say I’m paranoid but I’ve never felt the need to be this hyper vigilant! My neck is killing me! And it ain’t arthritis! No matter what outlet we’re getting our info from, we are surrounded. If we turn it off, well the Isrealis turned it off, they got totally overwhelmed. They are about to lose their country, especially if they listen to the schmuck in the White House! That’s the most dangerous thing on the planet!

FYI I don’t think we are very far from anything!


Call this criminal what he really is, a criminal Murderer! There are “shooters” at friendly lawful gatherings.


I was thinking the same Were there not anyone there to return fire to at least make this murderer duck? Was this a safe zone with the no guns allowed sign?

Fox just reported that the guy was under a doctors care and that he heard voices.


Previous shooting threats against a military base, 2 weeks in psych hospital just past June - not Baker Acted?
Maybe he was, but stashed some guns.


I think this is a well designed spectator sport meant to draw our attention away from world events! There must be something big happening in either Russia, Iran, Israel, Ukraine, the border or Washington?

I’m sure the idiots are not going to let this moment go to waste!
So, let’s see, the mushroom pilot didn’t succeed, so he was a blip ( no pun intended ) on the radar. Gone from the news. Last night a mass shooter, thousands from law enforcement and the gun hasn’t been caught yet! Maybe they should be looking for the “GUN” and not the guy? In the “hive” mind it’s not the criminal violence, it’s “gun violence”. They can’t have it both ways!

No I’m not letting it go to waste. I’m tired of grandpa whispering, yelling and attacking good people of this country! When he fixes the real problems and starts attacking the criminals, I’ll reverse my decision!

Just ONCE I’d like to see him attack MS-13 the same way he talks to Trump supporters!


Unless we all take responsibility for this happening it will continue to happen. Blaming someone for letting this happen, will not stop it. Just having a gun will not stop this from happening. Everyone of the 82 people that were shot or injured let this happen. This was because one person had a gun.