Another mass shooting. Brace yourselves for more calls for gun control

After the terrible mass shooting in Buffalo we all should get ready for calls for banning AR type rifles and 30 round Mag. I ordered 200 more 556 rounds and four 30 round mags. Are you preparing for restrictions?


I kind of thought 30 round magazines and the like were already banned in New York

But no I am not doing anything different as a result of this.


Ya! But as proven-again- criminals dont obey laws.




It was a firearm legally purchased in NY (a state with the most stringent gun laws) and a mag legally purchased in PA. To me it illustrates that restrictive gun control laws are useless. We are likely to learn this guy was on watch lists for a half dozen agencies. It seems they are more interested in driving their agenda than in saving lives.


The anti gun minority and its mega money puppet masters seem to have total control over the Democratic party at the moment. This horrendous act of terrorism by a sick racist (who was once again already on LEs radar but left alone to act on his violent threats) will be used as another opportunistic excuse by the antis but their agenda is set in stone regardless of current events. The next time the Dems have full control of DC they will push to disarm as many law abiding citizens as possible even if all “gun violence” has magically disappeared. Which certainly won’t happen given the completely misguided policies they are pushing for which only increase violence of all kinds.


I’ve thought about buying more stuff but in the end, I just don’t need more mags or for that matter more ammo. The sad reality is if/when the government comes for our guns it probably won’t be door to door sweeps or armed attacks on civilians. It will most likely be, as history has proven, the easiest thing they can do, remember the primer shortages of the past. Or they buy up all of the brass production, or maybe gun powder components.


Let’s face it, how many rounds would you actually get to use? Not near the amount most of us have. However you will want to have as many as possible if you enjoy shooting. If they came you wouldn’t get off 100 rounds. Just my opinion.

BTW all of this gun ban this no mags that, only drives the shooting retail shooting machine.

:thinking: Are the Dems invested in shooting stocks. Seems like sales go up in times of panic.


This is a horrifying video. It’s going to be a long summer.


Typically, the anti-gun bills that are introduced have nothing that would prevent the tragedy that the politicians tie them to.

A big moment for me was the 2012 Sandyhook shootings. Some nut mowed down a Kindergarten classroom. Honestly, I was ready to accept more gun restrictions after that; I couldn’t handle the thought of a bunch of innocent 5-year-olds being slaughtered. But I noticed that the bills they introduced after that 1) contained nothing that would have prevented the Sandyhook massacre, and 2) were printed and ready pretty quickly after the first headlines broke.

That’s when I realized the anti-2A politicians don’t really care about the victims of shootings, they just want to use them as a prop to push their own pre-planned schemes. It made me sick.


So how do we counter?

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It’s easy for people who are awake and notice such things. Their spells have no effect.
It’s the voting masses who are under their spell that concern me.


"Would a person with a firearm have stopped it? Would the likelihood of someone wiht a firearm on site (anywhere) deter these nuts? Just ask the libs that. You’ll have to hold the microphone for them to keep all of the bloodshed on their hands off of it.


But when they find out he got the mags in PA they could push for banning them in all states. Their reasoning is gun laws would work here if all other states banned them too. Yep, they are that stupid.


Elect true pro 2nd people. All things must be done to prevent people who only pay lip service to the 2nd and then just go to sleep for their terms. I hand it to the democrats. They have people who walk lock step with the party. They dont tolerate people who stray from the party line. The GOP needs to be like that.


For a 18 year old nutjob his manifesto read like it was written by someone who has a very good knowledge of guns. It wasnt rambling like most manifestos. It was very well written.

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This is the difficult, ragged edge of “unfettered” freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of [fill in liberty of choice]. Preemptive law enforcement will not be a solution for a free society. “Basically powerless to intervene despite being on LE radar” is a feature designed into our system of limited government control — not a flaw.

Among the flaws I see: our society (i.e. people, not government)
• has acted to produce these flawed individuals, perhaps in greater numbers;
• has given them license to act out instead of hiding in the dark corners where they have always been;
• has prevented citizens of Buffalo from being able to defend themselves in the moment; and
• in response, is turning against itself instead of against the problem — as is often the case.

Perhaps the only solution is a Cretaceous calamity to wipe out the dinosaurs, and allow the experiment in evolution of intelligent life forms to resume on a different line. Or perhaps we will respond rationally. At the moment, it seems like a pretty dim hope either way.


This is MUCH easier said than done.

In my experience, the majority of people who claim to be “true pro 2A”, aren’t. Most will argue for gun control, they just have a different opinion of how much gun control is okay.

Just sayin’


Sad but true,


When Gendron entered the store, Salter, who worked as a security guard at the store, shot him with his firearm multiple times. However, the gunman was wearing armored plating that deflected the bullets. Gendron then fatally shot Salter.

Apparently the retired cop working security tried to stop him.

When you have a smoking gun arrest like this they should put the murderer on a fast track to execution. Usher them through their due process and then through door number one. For the people that say capital punishment is cruel, I would argue if it would prevent just one of these events it would be worth it. We have had executions where the criminal felt discomfort and it should be discontinued. What about the pain and discomfort the victim endured. No, they are just lucky I was not in charge of the execution!

The anti-2A crowd doesn’t have to do anything but wait for these events to occur. It doesn’t take an actuary to predict any of this. The media revels in this stuff and Hollywood can’t put it in a movie fast enough. This gives the politicians a chance to get some face time while reading their scripts prepared by their handlers and mouth some of their phony compassion. They won’t enact any real deterrents and enforce them. They rely on these events to get the duped voters to keep them in office so they can continue their big money handlers real agendas.

It sure is apparent that the mistakes made by the voters is causing a lot of grief. Most voters don’t really vet who they vote for. They vote for a Repub only to find they are a RINO or they don’t want a Dem, so they vote for the Independent that will caucus with the Dems. So far the only people that have stymied any of the Dem agenda are Manchin and Sinema. Since Cackling Camel_ss can provide the tie breaking vote to allow the Senate to run roughshod over the Constitution, we owe them a debt of gratitude. There will be a full court press to further their agendas before the midterms, in the off chance that they lose some control. Either way we are going to have to deal with a very long recovery.