Violent death in America stalks ordinary walks of daily life

I just read this on AP news. I don’t think anyone would doubt that these sorts of things are becoming more common, or that firearms are more often than not tools being inappropriately used in these events.

That being said, how can we help be part of the solution in our country, in our world? Will more firearms in the hands of good people help? What would have happened in half the shoppers at that grocery store were responsibly armed and trained citizens? What about in the shooting frenzy in MIlwaukee last week?

Take away all the guns, and people will just find another, albeit less efficient, way of bludgeoning and killing people. The tools aren’t the problem - the hatred and anger are the problem!

In the meantime, be a vigilant, observant, avoidant peace-maker.



I don’t want to get too deep in the muck, but I was chatting with a friend about the recent shootings in Buffalo, and we went down a strange line of thought. It dawned on me, though- not to blame the victims, but- I can’t be responsible for people who don’t exercise their 2nd Amendment right to self-defense.

Americans, are you tired of mass killing stories? Well, the 2nd Amendment is there. Use it.


When thugs and perps think they can get away with their criminal acts because of the perceived weakness of unarmed citizens like in liberal California and New York…


Of course, the security guard at the store took several shots at the perp, who had body armor on, and the security guard is dead now.

Would a dozen armed citizens changed the outcome? Maybe only with a single well-placed head shot?


There are lots of more efficient ways than firearms if you want to take a lot of innocent people out. Take away the firearms and you will just see those ways used a lot more often.

I don’t know how well trained the security guard was. Unfortunately his brave act did not succeed. But all it takes is one well trained person, with a little luck, at the right place and time to stop an event like this. The more well trained and equipped people out there the better the odds of situations like this being ended quickly.


My 2cents:
In everyday life I associate with people from all over the world, we generally talk business but on occasion we breach other topics. What we all seem to agree on is that it’s time to Stop listening to those in power in regards to you vs me, my ideas vs your ideas. There is a very vocal minority stirring up the stuff, TELLING us we are racist, we are entitled, we are stupid and we are just plain wrong. Too many in our society listen and believe these loud voices. However in everyday, out on the streets life those things just aren’t true, they occasionally occur but the vast majority of us are respectful are intelligent, are kind. So, we take that minority of society that listens and believes, they go and do crazy, stupid, ignorant stuff. Things that are on the front page of “News” web sites, represented as normal everyday fare, feeding the others in that group, inciting them to go and do the “Next Big Thing”.


And a vast majority of us voted for law and order, would it have stopped this shooter, well there’s a very good chance, it would have. I believe if Trump were still in office, the bad tweets would have become the norm, but the stress we are under now, would not be occurring.

This administration is pushing really hard on people who normally push themselves to make it from paycheck to paycheck!
It takes an extremely angry young man to perpetrate this horror!
Had we kept humming along…as a country we were doing fine, I surely had no complaints! I also think more people would have survived Covid if Trump was still in office!

IMHO the solution to the problem, is a gainfully employed society! Idle hands and all that!


But ultimately, the perp surrendered to police, even though he had planned to continue killing people.

It’s impossible to know what would have happened differently if more people had been armed. Perhaps more people would have died as they all fired rounds in confusion. Perhaps less people would have died when the assailant realized he was in over his head, or took one to the head. Perhaps the outcome would have been the same. But all things being equal, I prefer people to have a fighting chance.


Translation “Gun Free Zone”


Appreciated. To ask is to care. Perhaps no simple answer.


Being of support to our youth, a good parent, aunt, uncle, being a good friend, to see how they are doing, and help them find happiness in life, including positive and good mental health experiences. Love, and having something to live for long-term, can help one see right from wrong.

Strengthen programs for at risk youth, mental health care as prevention, as one would for regular health.

For that shooter, Payton Gendron, from what we heard so far, he had multiple serious mental health issues, including anger towards races, and I gathered “suicide ideation”, because he placed himself at risk of death as well.

I would challenge myself, all of us, and all of those who ever came in contact with youth – to look for signs, and help them. He was only 18 years old.

Given there are so many who advocate for more rules, should we be allowed to be a part of the dialogue though?

What if “we” in the 2A community could help write the rules? Is it not as simple as either no rules, or only the anti-gunner view gets to set the rules?

Is there even a set of standards which helps vet in or out riskier individuals? IDK?

Do the police or military have any helpful pre-tests? Not an easy fix. Therefore, some investment on developing a healthier mind set can be a win-win.

Could such incidences actually become evidence to allow legal conceal carry holders to enter stores with firearms, instead of prohibited signs?

We’ll not prevent all tragedies. Just looking to prevent the one right in front of us.

In honor of the people of Buffalo; I once knew a great person who lived and worked half way across the U.S., far from Buffalo; had a terminal illness, but their family lived in Buffalo. There was no insurance to cover costs of care in NY. Would you believe that the good people of Buffalo found a charity there, and the person was able to die with dignity, at home, with their family.


The perp in Buffalo stated in his “manifesto” that he felt enabled by the current NYS gun control laws limiting the likelihood of his being stopped by an armed citizen. He also stated that one goal of his shooting was to create more gun control laws. He also stated that politically he is Authoritarian, Left-of-Center, and anti-corporation and capitalism.


I never know what to do with manifestos from crazy people. Do we take them at face value? Do we try to unravel them? Do we ignore them? I really don’t know, I can’t understand how folks like that think.

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Quite sure that only crazy people write them, at least in the modern world. Well, he was released from the mental health facility, so they did not view him as crazy… :man_shrugging: He certainly was not the brightest, most educated person, but the Uni-bomber was supposed to be quite intelligent.


Why did they release crazies from the Arkham asylum? I forgot the plot, there was some point to doing so.


You can only take guns from law obedient people. Criminals will be able to arm themselves with guns for many decades, even under most severe punishment, let alone under 0 bail, and slap on the wrist leftist DAs.


I believe that was a plot to wear down Batman.

What is the purpose of the “RED FLAG LAW”? This Buffalo SHOOTER sure was not HUNTING BUFFALO!

No, he was hunting cats. All signs of a budding serial killer. Reporters took 2 days to find this, but cops and psychiatrists are too busy.


What about the fact that after he was taken in for a psych evaluation and the information was not put into NICS? Had the investigating agency reported that to NICS would it have prevented his approval for the purchase? I know many agencies in my area say they are behind in updating this info because of a lack of manpower. Adding more laws won’t be effective until the current ones are enforced/used properly.


There are a lot of very obvious actions the anti gunners could be focusing on if their goal was to stop violent people from harming others. But if you look at their proposals it is obvious that they either don’t have a clue what the real problems are or their true goal is to disarm all law abiding citizens to leave them at the mercy of violent people like this pathetic excuse for a human.