NRA board - no 'Yes' men or women on the NRA BOD

Voting member of the NRA are receiving their physical ballot copies and the Board of Director candidate’s written biography.

This is your opportunity to place active, 2nd amendment and shooting sports involved, members on the National Rifle Association’s board of directors.

In recent years, the lack of involved BOD members has resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars of poorly used member dollars on everything from clothes, ski condos and extravagant meals by the Executive leadership team.

We need strong executive oversight, as provided by the Board of Directors at the NRA, to insure our member dollar are in the fight for our 2nd amendment rights.

Look over the nominees carefully, weigh the difference of a nominee being nominated by a committee of ‘YES’ men and women vs. being nominated by petition. Weigh the difference of a celebrity vs a person who has been involved with the shooting sports their entire adult life.

Vote wisely, your membership dollars depend upon it.


Oh man…just got back from my club, and there was a notice to nominate one guy, as they felt the rest were clowns. Tait or something…got to look this up.
Think the ballot may be in my latest rifleman mag…all I know is I want Wayne out…but sure that’s not up for discussion.
Edit…dang what a memory…350 rounds of .22lr, sold some steel on the way home, smoothed out the mud where my truck is trying to burrow, and still got the name right. #22 Frank Tait…my club endorsed him…and it seemed only him.


We are on the same page with regards to Mr. LaPierre. My method for selection is if the Nominating committed choose the director, I DO NOT VOTE FOR THAT DIRECTOR. Frank Tait is on my vote FOR list.


I believe Mr Tait is the only candidate nominated by member petition this year.
IIRC, there were none last year.

I found a few more who sounded like they might deserve a chance, but I can’t vouch for them by personal knowledge or reputation. I would not cast a vote for long-tenured directors or officers unable or unwilling to perform their function. Sent my ballot in with just 3 or 4 votes marked.

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Similar number, much less than 25, avoiding all who are nominated by the nominating committee.

NRA needs to be shook up and reorganized top to bottom. It might be a good idea to do a popular vote with the rank and file membership. I was member since my young days. Thankfully I was a year to year member. I will become a member again when the fix is in.


I’ve attended numerous member meetings. With all due respect to all my NRA brethren, it is like they all drank the LaPierre Kool aid. The brave souls who approached the microphone to voice contrary POV’s, are either shut off by the current President, who runs the meeting, or shouted down by the members present. More times than I would like to relate, people approach the mic, are ignored by the President, and end up SHOUTING, because the mic is turned off, “POINT OF ORDER”, over and over and over. Regarding “NRA need to be shook up”, we’re on the same page, but unclear how to accomplish. The only way I’m aware is for the BOD to NOT renew Wayne’s contract or terminate the existing contract for grounds. Returning full circle to my original post, do NOT elect ‘YES’ men and women to the NRA Board!


Not sure what you mean by “rank and file” popular vote.

The board is elected by NRA members — 5-year annual or any class of life.
I don’t think we fix anything by inviting Mark Kelly’s friends to show up for a year.
Even if one-year members were the answer, I don’t see bylaw amendments when we can’t nominate and elect a handful of Directors interested in change.

The problem with an impotent incumbent Board is not who is eligible to vote, but that:
• many eligible members do not vote,
• members who do vote may not be inclined to disrupt status quo,
• voting members fail to nominate new blood by petition, and
• local and regional organizations generally “dare not” make endorsements against status quo.

I don’t expect non-voting members and non-members will have much leverage to fix NRA problems.
Push against the wheel, or don’t anticipate change.


Hey what I meant by rank and file was just the avg members that pay their dues monthly,yearly or how ever they pay. Like anything else they really need to what or who they are voting for. You put it way better than I did.

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Sure. Bob & Mary Shooter definitely need to be the source of change in the NRA.
That requires being on the roster. Alternatively, a new club with capacity to be a national powerhouse…

I just wanted to make sure it was clear that by the Association’s bylaws:

  1. Board of Directors select and supervise the Executive VP (WLP), not the voting members;
  2. voting members elect Directors, and may nominate candidates by petition;
  3. voting eligibility requires five consecutive years of regular membership.

Member-driven change seems more likely to occur within the framework of the existing bylaws than from general clamor to change the rule book or change the outcomes.


well stated, I share that POV

I printed “vote of no confidence” across both sides of my ballot and mailed it in.

We tried that single candidate thing for the past 2 elections and it meant bupkis.


Almost all of the nominees have good pro-gun backgrounds, but the board as a whole seems passive and doesn’t perform its duties of long term strategic planning and oversight of the management of the corporation. The NRA should have never filed that action in bankruptcy court designed to escape New York jurisdiction; I’m not even sure the board knew about the filing in advance. Frankly, if I was on the board, I would advocate for increased advertising of its safety and training courses to emphasize safe and responsible firearms use and ownership. The mainstream media tries to paint the NRA as some sort of quasi-terrorist organization and management could do more to put its safety and training programs as a primary function of the organization.


I let mine and Nancy’s membership run out and joined as a life member of GOA.
When the nra calls for money I tell them “When you get wp out and clean house I will reconsider”.


I agree with you and I also joined the GOA, but I’m hanging in there with the NRA. There will come day when WP isn’t president and things could change direction.


As more NRA members join your way of thinking, Mr Lapierre, and the board of directors will come to the conclusion, Wayne has got to go.

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Wouldn’t it be great if we could find a recommended list from USCCA??


@Henry16 Yes it would. :+1: Welcome to the community, we are glad to have you here. :us:

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I agree with most of you. I’m a long time time benefactor member. Was a golden eagle member since it’s inception. I wrote them a letter after reading the transcript of the Court hearings against Wayne. Been a member 50 yrs won’t abandon the NRA but won’t contribute to Wayne’s life style anymore. It’s a slap in the face to its members. I belong to other 2nd amendment supporters as well. They still fight for our freedoms. I didn’t vote for Biden but we are stuck with him so I won’t abandon my country because of him. Keep writing keep talking the directors will get the message. They’ve been warned. I’ve considered getting more involved once I retire. Much is at stake.


Wayne needs to go as do the yes men to keep him in. We need a good 2A & gun knowledgeable candidate who appreciates the general membership.