Another year to place NRA Executive Dir 'YES' men and women on the NRA board

Yes fellow NRA Benefactor, Patron, Endowment and life members. It is that time of year when your mail box will be filled with a hardcopy of American Hunter or First Freedom magazine. Imbedded in those pages you will find your ballot and envelop to register your vote for 25 of the 75 Board of Directors (1 director is an annual ‘at large’ director and voted on at the member’s meeting) whose 3 year term is expiring this year.

The biographies, written by each candidate, is supplied to help you decide which of these dedicated 2nd amendment folk will actually do their job and provide oversite of the Executive Vice President in his daily expenditure of your membership dollars.

As has come up time and again, some, yours truly included, believe the current executive does not have your complete 2nd amendment support in his heart and that there are multiple, more qualified, more dedicated and certainly more fiscally sound individuals available to lead the NRA against a Biden administration and their relentless assault on your freedoms.

You might ask, hasn’t this, ousting of the NRA executive, been tried before? the sad answer is yes and the blood bath that followed left Oliver North, Chris Cox, two avid 2nd amendment stalwarts out of the 2nd amendment fight.

Choose your NRA directors carefully, some are only figureheads, don’t participate in the organization and only vote the way they are told, AKA ‘Yes’ men (and women).

Let me offer this approach; The NRA has a nominating committee, not sure why or how this committee is organized or the criteria they use to ‘nominate’ a director, but I’m confident the Executive Vice President (EVP) has influence (water cooler talk over the nomination [for your folks who don’t know what water cooler talk, sorry, not enough room here to describe]. Because of my perceived EVP influence, if a director is nominated by committee, I DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM. Which leaves me with these 6 nominees;
Bruce Widener of Anderson, SC. Linda L. Walker of Newark OH. Mark E Vaughn of Oklahoma City, OK. Barbara Rumpel of Melbourne FL, Mark Robinson of Colfax, NC and last but not least Rick Ector of Detroit MI.

Just to be crystal clear, I am NOT impugning the character of the other NRA BOD nominees, I just do not have a better method to eliminate the ‘YES’ men (and women).


To keep up with issues relevant to the election, and ongoing NRA problems & controversies, read NRA in Danger, including older posts.


I quit the nra mainly becaucse of their lack of 2A support and pushing their of liberal gun control. They are no longer the institution they were, but a source of income for Lapierre.


If the recent NRC reelection of Ronna Romney McDaniel is any indication, the NRA would bring back the good ol’ boys.

I am now a registered independent and would support individual local candidates and would no longer give to the GOP.

Similarly, I have stopped giving to the NRA but would continue to support the Second Amendment Foundation and Gun Owners of America.
NRA mail goes straight to the shredding bin.


Thanks Craig, much appreicated!

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I am trying to find out if there are any anti Wayne candidates. They will not get a dime from me until Wayne is gone.


I haven’t registered as an independent or libertarian, YET but with the BS the GOP throwing around I’m close to leaving the party. And as I told one of the RNC money beggars I refuse to give to them money till they grow some balls and attack the liberals in the same manner they attack conservatives .


I’ve never joined either party, and I have no stomach for either of them. But since we have no viable 3rd party (the Libertarians have a lot of support, but are scared to death of winning an election), who am I supposed to vote for?


To all the NRA members, past, present and future, which may not be much longer. Go to the link Craig posted, NRA in Danger
If you are on heart medication, don’t go, else you’re gonna have a heart attack. I’m a detail guy so reading every word of the transcripts is something I enjoy. The authors at the link provide by Craig do a GREAT job at summarizing t he gist.

At a minimum, plz read the summaries.

The NRA Has Lost One Million Members Since 2018 (

I’m not sure how accurate this story is. The publisher seems to think it is somehow responsible for taking down the NRA, so I don’t really trust the math used. But there seem to be a lot of disaffected NRA members, so I find the headline believable.

And yet, I can find one story after another which shows the NRA winning 2A battles in courts and in legislatures. The folks getting work done are doing so in spite of their leadership troubles, it seems.

Many are doing as I, keeping my Lifetime membership because I hold out hope that the training, range, youth, and museum programs somehow survive, but letting my wife’s annual membership expire, and vowing to send no money to any of the NRA entities (NRA, NRA Foundation, NRA-ILA, NRA-PAC, etc.) until WLP and his cronies have been cleaned out.

Side note: the Education & Training Division staff at NRA HQ has been losing folks and appears to be down to only three people.

Yes, the NRA has been involved in several successful case, but note they always claim full credit, even when multiple other groups like GOA, SAF, SAI, and state-level organizations like VCDL were also parties to the cases.
I have seen VCDL and GOA cross-support each other in cases and each credited the partnership instead of saying just we did it.