NRA voting members - it is time for change

The NRA, the 76 members of the Board of Directors and its chief Executive, have robbed you over the past decade with an egregious misuse of member funds. You have received your hard copy of the official NRA magazine which contains your ballot, biography of the men and women who are competing for the 25 positions of the NRA board and the proposed By-law amendments.

To effect change, you and I must change the “YES” men and women of the NRA Board members. As you read the biography of each member, key on “NRA Nominating Committee”. There is a reason why they are nominated and it may not be because of their 2nd amendment support.

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There are nine candidates for board that are NOT nominated by the NRA Nominating committee. In other words they are not YES men (or women). Those nine, no particular order;

Mr. Jeffery A. Knox
Mr. Dean Cain
Mr. Wayne Anthony Ross
Mr. Dennis Fusaro
Ms. Kim Rhode
Mr. Craig Haggard
Mr. Roy Innis (he has a diff first name the site will not let me post n i g e r (not kidding))
Ms. Rocky Marshal
Mr. John C. Sigler

I’m not suggesting other candidates are corrupt or YES men and woman, what I am suggesting is these members have been part of the NRA Board of Directors during the time the Chief Executive was recklessly spending member funds for personal enrichment. Endorsing those behaviors with lack of board oversight is unacceptable and warrants change.

It is time for change


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Life time member, thanks for the heads up!


Are there BIO’s available for the recommended names?


They are, as part of you official ballot in the offical journal of the NRA.


Thank you for responding. I am a new member and have not received the journal yet.


I saw it too. This is not the time to waste our vote by throwing away the ballot in the recycle bin.


As far as I’m concerned the NRA is dead to me. I quit paying for suits a long time ago and nothing will entice me back.


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