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NRA by-law revisions adding the “chief compliance officer” position that will be staffed by a board vote, is a cop out by the existing NRA board of directors. The NRA Board has the responsibility to oversee the Executive they choose. Creating a single position that is at the whim of the 76 member board accomplishes two NEGATIVE behaviors at the NRA chief executive position and the 76 member board.
1) the Chief Executive will now only have to corrupt one individual, the “chief compliance office” which will then report to the board that the chief executive, buying clothes, Ski Condos, private jet transportation is all “OK”
2) the NRA board of directors, the YES men and woman of the Board who previously let Lapierre spend members money on clothes, Ski Condos, private jet transportation, will terminate a Chief Compliance Officer who presents a report that is contrary to their liking.

Neither of these behaviors are in the interest of the members of the NRA.
New Board members, new blood is needed at the NRA. Any board member who receives a YES nod from the nominating committee is an odds on YES person and will vote in favor of ANY behavior of the Chief Executive. It has happened before, and will happen again if we, the voting members of the NRA do not change the YES men and women of the NRA board.

VOTE NO on the NRA by-law changes


This is part of the NRA’s problem. In the world in which we live, 76 board members can’t manage or oversee anything.

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The make up of (the number and function) of the NRA board of directors is beyond the scope of this USCCA blog post. There are good and bad points to be argued with a BOD of 76 like minded, 2nd amendment and a host of other functions, board of directors.

My post assumes no structural change to the BOD. It urges a change of the YES men and women that currently make up the NRA BOD.