Oliver North won’t return as NRA President


National Rifle Association President Oliver North said Saturday that he won’t serve a second term as the leader of the gun-rights group.

The resignation appears to be the culmination of an internal power struggle among the leadership that has recently engulfed the group, which reached a crescendo on Friday when the NRA’s executive vice president Wayne LaPierre, the effective public face of the organization, accused North of pressuring him to resign.

In a letter read out by a board member Saturday, North said: “Please know I hoped to be with you today as NRA president endorsed for reelection. I’m now informed that that will not happen.”

He said that the NRA should form a committee to probe the group’s finances, adding that it represents a “clear crisis” that “needs to be dealt with” if the organization wants to remain a viable organization.

The Daily Beast reported Saturday that the organization had also suspended its top lawyer, Steve Hart, although it was not immediately clear why. Meanwhile, NPR reported that the organization’s membership opposed an executive session of the meeting and a secret session without the media present.


Sounds like things are about to start getting fixed at the NRA.


If LaPierre, and Cox are out, and the NRA makes an about face on its policies as of late, I’ll rejoin. Until then, not gonna happen.


It looks like LTC North found out the hard way what happens when you mess with the establishment in the NRA hierarchy. It’s a shame. It would appear he wanted to try and fix some of the issues plaguing the organization…starting with the EVP. #WaynesGottaGo

I think I’ll be spending what would have been the $$$$ to renew my membership with the NRA on a shiny new membership in Gun Owners of America.

Either that or I’ll just upgrade my USCCA membership.


Changes will only happen if there is a clean sweep of the executive suite at NRA headquarters.


Or both :thinking:. That’s how I’m leaning.


I’m in for LIFE so I guess I will just have to sit by and see what happens.


I’m a LIFE member so I guess I’m not leaving but just sitting by and seeing what happens but I have been looking at the GOA. Sounds like a great 2A group.


I am also a Life Member of the NRA. I’m not going to cancel anything, but I am at the point where I will no longer send any more money to the NRA until Wayne Lapierre is gone, and the NRA takes real steps to clean up it’s financial mess. My money will be better spent with USCCA and GOA until those changes happen.


Sounds like a plan @Nathan. I have an envelope ready to be mailed out but its going to the shredder until the NRA gets their house in order.


Grab some :popcorn: it’s gonna be a wild ride for sure.


If that’s Popcorn, I just had a bowl tonight waiting for an Amazon Delivery that didn’t happen. :frowning_face:


I am glad I went with the USCCA. Thought about joining the NRA, but now I know I made the right decision!


I believe things will get worked out. From an instructors side of things, it seems kind of wonky at NRA headquarters. All in all though, as a new instructor, I do look forward to being a part of the furtherance of firearms education and responsibility. I really am grateful the USCCA has picked up a huge portion of the slack. I can not see myself not being a part of the USCCA world/universe. Taking the USCCA instructor class in June. Looking forward to it.