2021 NRA Boad of Directors, members vote

To effect change, we, the voting members of the NRA must examine closely who we place on the NRA board. YES men and women have placed the very existence of the National Rifle Association in jeopardy by failing to do their due diligence and oversite of the Executive. The NRA board failed to back the change agents in 2020 that attempted to correct the inept and potentially illegal actions of the Executive Vice President.

The voting members MUST swallow the difficult pill and and place independent, competent and action oriented individuals on the NRA board who will replace the current EVP with a like minded, honest individual who will

  • place the membership at a higher level than themselves
  • seek and speak out on the national stage for the US Constitution and the liberty it enshrines in us all
  • regain the respect of the American people which will drive membership in the organization

This effort begins with you, electing members to the NRA Board

Donald J Bradway
James Chapman
Anthony Colandro
Edie Fleeman
Roy Innis
Carrie Lightfoot
Kim Rhode
Wayne Anthony Ross
John Sigler

Each of the above do not show nominating committee endorsement, which indicates they MAY not be YES men and women and will effect change in the organization.

If so inclined, add me as a write-in candidate
David Rosin
New Port Richey, Florida


In large organizations like the NRA, how does a voting member even know who they’re voting for?

Like, if I had just joined the NRA, I wouldn’t know Carrie Lightfoot from Carrie Fisher.


It is difficult, no doubt. The primary source is the bio published with the voting credentials that are sent to each eligible member and also published in the June/July issue of the NRA’s official publication of record. There is always your Internet search engine of choice. Another source is email correspondence to other BOD members, past and present who are open to such and are public figures with a social media account (be careful of the YES men’s response).


Yes. All of this.


There is a site called helpsavethenra.com that has some articles regarding NRA board members. They have a link to an article in the Outdoor Wire on what it takes to be a good board member that’s interesting.
Like most things on the internet it takes several sources to get enough information to be useful.

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thank you. Great contribution to the thread.

To help the readers of this thread and to publicize the information a contributor to this thread posted here is the grading of the existing 76 NRA board members.

Please visit helpsavethenra.com to see the updated list and read current information on what you can do to save the NRA.

Grade Key:

A- Advocates the replacement of CEO LaPierre and/or publicized one’s removal from committee’s due to questioning leadership, spending policies, etc.

B - Removed from committee(s) due to questioning leadership, spending policies, etc, but is not publicized

C - Insufficient oversight/direction to CEO LaPierre

D - Recently added to a committee(s) to limit oversight and fortify CEO LaPierre’s power

F - Supports CEO LaPierre and his leadership team with insufficient oversight
Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.


— Jim Shepherd

NRA Board Member Grades

Allbaugh, Joe M. C

Arvas, Thomase P. F

Bach, Scott L. C

Bachenberg, William A. C

Barr, Robert L. Jr. C

Barrett, Ronnie G. C

Baudler, Clel E. B

Blackwell, Kenneth J. F

Blunt, Matt R. C

Boren, Dan D. A

Brown, Robert K. A

Butz, David C

Cain, Dean G. C

Carter, Ted W. C

Childress, Richard R. B

Clark, Patricia A. C

Cors, Allan D. F

Cotton, Charles L. F

Coy, David G C

Craig, Larry R. C

Fleeman, Edie P. C

Froman, Sandra S. F

Frampton, Carol F

Friedman, Joel F

Geist, Mark C

Golob, Julie C

Hammer, Marion P. F

Heil, Maria D

Hill, Graham F

Howard, Susan F

Jenkins, Curtis S. F

Keene, David A. F

King, Tom F

Knight, Timothy A

Langford, Herbert A. Jr. C

Lee, Willes K. F

Liptak, Duane, Jr. A

Lightfoot, Carrie C

Malone, Karl A. C

Maloney, Sean A

Mansell, Robert E. C

Meadows, Carolyn D. F

Miller, Bill C

Mills, Owen P. B

Morgan, Craig C

New, Il Ling C

North, Oliver N. A

Nosler, Robert A. C

Nugent, Johnny C

Nugent, Ted C

Olson, Lance B

Pepper, Melanie B

Porter, James W. II F

Printz, Peter F

Rathner, Todd J. F

Rhode, Kim S. C

Ross, Wayne A. F

Rowan, Cart., Jr. C

Saba, Don C

Satterfield, William H. F

Schmits, Ronald H. F

Schneider, Esther L. A

Schreiner, Stephen Q C

Sigler, John C. F

Sisco, Leroy C

Skelton, Bart C

Titus, Kristy C

Van Horn, Dwight D. F

Vaughan, Mark E. C

Walker, Linda L. B

Wade, Blaine E. F

Walther, Howard J. C

Washington, Heidi E. C

West, Allen B. A

Young, Donald E. C


Another interesting site is ammoland.com and look at articles written by Jeff Knox. Simply enter Jeff Knox in their search window. He has been an advocate of “bullet voting” which is a good approach, but it takes time the organization may not have.
I think there needs to be a clear distinction made between participating board members and members in name only. That would give the voting members a better chance at flushing the good old boys and replace them with people that want to be part of the solution.

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agree, agree and REALLY agree … logically was aware of BOD member in name only, was NOT aware of the large number of member in name only.

Thank you again.