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It’s been happening for years now. Your liberal-thinking neighbor. A self-proclaimed feminist family member. Several formerly anti-gun individuals within your circle of friends. Countless people who may not act or think like you have been buying guns for personal protection and home defense. And it’s awesome!

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Unfortunately, many of these liberal gun owners still vote their liberal agendas- shooting themselves in the foot and the rest of us in the back.


I’m ready for them and all the ones that have bought all our guns that we want to go back a sell them back. That way we can get brand new never opened or fired guns really cheap lime new but not new prices lol

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My worries are most of these people do not get the training needed to truly use their firearms safely.
I see people at some firing ranges acting like they’re at a party. Groups on the firing line of one stall passing loaded weapons back and forth. People walking around with loaded guns showing them to others. So on, so on and so on.
Yes, I also blame these ranges for not having someone serving as RSO who is trained in such procedures.


Over 20,000 gun laws on the books, and things still aren’t perfect. We need to go back to “shall not be infringed.”


There are a lot of Progressive Gun Owners. This will get some Dems in office to change their way of thinking (or voting)when it comes to some gun laws, however it won’t change the progressive gun owner to become conservative voters. There’s more at stake.


I respectfully disagree… the left have a mind set of “do as I say not as I do” and “laws are for thee, not for me”. Look at Bloomburg-- he actually thinks that he and his family’s lives more than others because he is rich and a politician.

This is the typical democrat:,protecting%20more%20than%20the%20rest%20of%20this%20country.


I believe that’s just a Rich persons mindset… Do as I say, not as I do. However, he’s not in office to make changes to the laws. All politics are local, and if more people are becoming gun owners, they can provide that feedback to their local congressperson.


Very wise and thoughtful response… that’s why this site exists. I appreciate your insight… As a famous person once said… “live long and prosper”.


I’m appreciative of the dialogue as well. We must continue to listen to one another. Although I don’t like the two party system, I couldn’t imagine if we didn’t have checks and balances.


All we can do is continue to educate new gun owners and non-gun owners so when it’s time to vote, they’re making educated decisions and not emotional or irrational ones.


Welcome to the family


Welcome to the family,train hard and be safe, from Michigan. :grinning:

Welcome to the family,train hard and be safe, from Michigan.

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Great article. I definitely fall into some of these categories. Even though the President’s recent actions in June were a high contributing factor in getting a firearm I quickly realized government tyranny should be a concern with any government or politician. I grew up in a very pro gun state, so even though my family did not expose me to firearms I knew to get good training and be safe. I now have some education in gun laws in different states as well and it’s something I am paying attention to when voting. THe process of getting a firearm and training started a good friendship with extended family members recently that are generally more conservative than me. It’s a good thing to be able to talk with people with different views but we have some things in common too. We need more of that in America.


@Justin55. Welcome to the community,train hard and be safe.from Michigan :grinning:

Was a republican my whole life until 4 years ago. Spent 30 years serving this country beside my husband throughout his distinguished military career. Second Amendment is our Constitutional right, put in place by the founding fathers to insure protection from oppressors across the pond. 2nd A was also enacted to insure protection from tyrannical rule by those who would seek to destroy the United States from the inside. I won’t vote away my entire country to an autocrat and his sycophants. I’m sure I’ll get the standard set of justifications spewed back at me in defense so don’t bother, but if you feel you must to keep the illusion alive in your mind go ahead.
I’m a gun owner, and now I’m a “liberal” gun owner and not a bit worried about the democrats taking my gun. I don’t sit and work myself into a frenzy worried about my gun rights ownership when the democrats try to legislate against assault weapons. Second Amendment was written when muskets where the best weapon to date. Weapons of mass destruction don’t belong in the hands of the public. Period!
I won’t vote away my rights for healthcare. Making people pay their fair share for ACA insures I won’t be billed for someone’s emergency and catastrophic healthcare costs. People are losing their minds over government mandated health insurance. I don’t see them going ballistic over mandated car, house, boat, motorcycle and a variety of other insurances that are designed entirely to protect the public.
Our military has been weakened not enhanced. Our military allies and global security partnerships decimated. When I lived overseas I DID visit the gravesites of deceased soldiers and cried. Knowing most of them not older than 19 years of age at death. I didn’t think to myself…gee, what “suckers and losers”…“dopes”. And the only thing “fake news” about that comment is the FAKE Quote end Quote “President” we currently have in office.

Hey @Tina8 welcome to the family!

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@Tina8. Welcome to the community. Thank you and your husband for servicing our country :us: