"Novelty items" that can get you in trouble legally


My daughter gave me a rug (similar to the one below) after I started working for the USCCA because she thought it was funny - and it is funny because we know that is our intent with that rug. It is a joke. However, I couldn’t in good conscious put the rug outside - I didn’t want it used against me in court.


These types of novelty items can be funny, but they aren’t worth the risk or added fuel to a prosecutors fire. The homeowner in this blog article is already in enough hot water without his novelty sign…

What other novelty items about guns/carrying have you seen that make you cringe?

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Someone got me a non gun free zone sign for my front door. I hung it on the inside with another sign saying you’ve figured that out by now


Like that rug. I have a short story that may make a smile. Like the County Permit Sticker for the alarm
system, that is posted on the front door and I have cameras too. I like the Red, White, and Blue USCCA
Sticker and I added that to the glass door. One night I set off the alarm and I ran out of time to cancel
that false alarm and I was greeted by a Sheriff Officer at that door. I clear that alarm, but the OFFICER
did not like that sticker. He is a neighbor and he knows now that I conceal and carry that same Glock 27
.40 caliber pistol. I was at home and complete silence. I have been taught not to wear tee shirts and have
any bad bumper stickers too. : ( !

William Smith

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Why didn’t the officer not like the sticker, William?

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He ( Officer ) knows that I installed security cameras to my home and two neighbors, due to theft in our
cars and sheriff did help much until some stole a firearm out of a friend’s car one night and the bad guy was making people nervous, he was caught at 3 am. The officer knows me and he is a neighbor too.
When I refused to let him into my home LEGALLY due to the alarm. Well He knows know that I am armed. His comments, sticker USCCA (red, white, and blue) was in eye level and I answered his QUESTIONS. Respectfully! I do not drink alcohol or do bad drugs Appreciate the USCCA and your help. I am clean! Be careful of saying on TEE shirt, cars, and your front door.

Thank you

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“If you are reading this sign, you’re in range.”
“Shoot, shovel, shut up.”
“Guns don’t kill people, Daddy’s with pretty daughters do.”
“Due to the cost of ammo, don’t expect a warning shot.”

I see signs like these in various stores all over.

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Good one and very clear, to the point. I have run into a couple of police officers that they are masters at want they do and attitudes, actions, and their egos get the best of them. Stay safe and have a great day.

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This is a good thread. I personally subscribe to the “Gray Man” theory and try to go unnoticed in life. My state allows open carry but I dont recommend it to the people I discuss firearms with. First, it defeats the gray man concept. Second, I seldom see anyone who open carriers with a quality retention holster. Third, it pushes public opinion away from support for firearms ownership.


I disagree with your last statement. I’m not saying it can’t do as you have said, however I do open carry from time to time. Here in Michigan Open Carry is growing in popularity, primarily because you have to be 21 to get a CPL and you can Open Carry at 18. My experience has been that people get curious enough to ask questions. We can’t improve support for our cause without those conversations. Firearms aren’t allowed where I work, but I’m known as the gun guy. Not because I know more than others, I’m just more inclined to talk about it in a civil manner. I have coworkers come to me with questions all the time. And that all started with coworkers seeing me open carrying.

It’s useful, there is a time and place. But, no I disagree that it takes away our support. Do it right, do it intentionally and it’s an extremely useful tool in garnering support for firearms ownership.

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Justin I’m glad you live in a place where you can choose the type of carry that works for you. It’s just my personal experience after 40 years of carrying a firearm both professionally and as a private citizen that C/C presents fewer risks and complications. Good luck and thanks for replying.

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@Michael7 and @Spence - I would say it really depends on where you live and your demeanor when you carry. Some people will be turned off by open carrying no matter what. While others who are on the fence about firearms would definitely benefit from seeing a responsibly armed American openly carry - responsibly.