"Novelty items" that can get you in trouble legally

Thanks for your comment, Fish, and I certainly respect your choices.:blush: There is more than one way to approach these things.I

I don’t carry a gun, I carry a tool to be used as a last resort in defense of life.


To me it’s a catch 22 situation.

Where you are likely to get negative reactions to open carry is in states/cities where you have a strong leftwing anti gun bias.

In order to get past that bias and teach people to think there’s no better antidote than law abiding citizens going about their daily lives open carrying.

If your only concept of people with guns is negative, be that from interactions with LEO’s or criminals or daily exposure to news about gang shootings etc it is natural for them to be predisposed to have negative impressions when they see someone carrying.

The only way to counteract that is with as I said, them having more and more interactions with law abiding folks OC’ng.

Next, there is an absolute deterrent effect to OC as we know from interviews with felons. Something like 70% of convicted felons state that simply knowing that someone is armed has deterred them or someone they know from committing a crime.

As individuals we have to weight the loss of the tactical advantage of CC and the deterrent effect of OC and make our own decisions.

I carry both ways. Usually in cold weather I’m CC’ng, warm weather OC.


These are the Morale Patches I have on my Range Bag.


Good stuff, Fish, and nicely done. I especially like that you includes the Gun Safety rules.

When I was eight years old my father have me my first bb gun. Before he would even let me open the box he made me memorize and explain the four rules. He did have an addition to the first rule: Treat every firearm as if it is loadedand never, ever believe what anyone tells you about its load condition! Check for yourself every time.



I love the patches, @Fish! Unfortunately, I’d need to find a different one for NKDA… And now that I think about it :thinking:, I really should put that info in my range bag and bug out bags, just in case.


A quick Amazon search gives some for you. I don’t know your needs, but I saw Penicillin, Sulfa, Morphine, Aspirin (ASA), Cipro, and KDA (Known Drug Allergy).


Penicillin is my big one - although I’m lucky enough to allergic to most antibiotics. Thanks for sharing that, @Fish!

I had morphine after a surgery once - I’m very glad I wasn’t allergic to that as it was very helpful with pain during my recovery.


Several of my friends either have medical bracelets, or they start getting tattoos on their wrists for drug allergies / being diabetic.


There are medic alert type bracelets available today that are RFID and can carry virtually your whole medical history on them. You can also get it all downloaded to a flash drive that is worn like a necklace.

Those with serious conditions should probably consider something like that.


Here’s an example of why the right holster is important!

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I too am allergic to several antibiotic families, which made a recent MRSA infection stressful.