CCW badge?


Hello, would it be frowned upon to have a CCW badge on your person (belt) ?? TY

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Oh to be more clear I don’t mean to wear it like I was a L.E.O. but under a long shirt and only visible if the shirt/coat was lifted up

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We highly recommend NOT having a CCW badge in any way, @Bruno as they can be construed as you are trying to impersonate a police officer.


Please just don’t. They will not endear you to any LEO who sees it.


That would be another one of those novelty items that can get you in trouble.


I do have a CCW badge. And when I carry I do have it on me. And I have a wallet that I keep both it and my carry permit in. And I’ve also talk to some LEO’s at my gun club and asked them about it. And they told me that the way that I’m carrying it that they didn’t see a problem with it. Because I’m not trying to be someone that I’m not. and that I’m showing my permit at the same time and not trying to pose as a LEO. And I’d only show it when I’m asked for my carry permit. Then both would be shown at the same time. But I also know that some don’t like the idea of a carry badge.


I wouldn’t recommend carrying that at all, @Reloader54. The law enforcement might not say anything about it, but a prosecuting attorney will definitely use that against you if you ever have to legally defend your physical self-defense.


Grateful for this community, it’s great to be able to ask questions freely & gain insight


YAY! That’s what it’s here for, @Bruno! Learning from each other is so important!


Generally it is heavily frowned upon as people view you as a “wannabe cop”, and potentially a police impersonator. Dawn is right on with this one as usual.

I do wish however where states issue carry permits they also issued something highly visible that we could wear in the event we are involved in a self defense shooting particularly in public to help alert police and other defenders that you are a “Good Guy With a Gun” rather than likely the perp.

There should be some way of accomplishing that without the “Wannabe Cop” baggage although I’m not sure what it is.

Detectives and undercover’s frequently wear a badge that is hidden on a neck chain that can quickly be yanked out and put o display for his purpose. I would not want to see anything resembling an LEO badge to avoid confusion and the wannabe cop impression but some sort of a state issued carry ID that is highly visible and recognizable I think could be of great value.


I don’t have the letter with me, but Sheriff Carolyn B. Welsh in Chester County, PA who issued my current PA LTCF’s form letter very strongly informs that if it’s found that you use your LTCF to even IMPLY being a sworn LEO, conviction or not, they WILL revoke your LTCF.
This next part is conjecture, but if I were making the “shall-issue” decisions to make SURE that the applicant is of good character, that would be a super-strong red flag (pending further info: was it a 21 year old who made a mistake as a young person? Has it been some time, allowing for maturing into a more responsible adult? Or is this some “gun(g)-ho gun nut” with a death wish and a hero complex?

Tell me, is that worth the risk to make or buy some badge? Especially with the growing fear and hate of police officers, that may make a bad guy (or even a fearful victim) want to kill you more.


WildRose, you hit the bulls eye on this one. My view is that you completely defeat the purpose of concealed carry by advertising that you are doing so. I believe that most bad guys are far more experienced than I am in violent confrontations; Therefore, stealth and surprise are my two biggest advantages. If you want to advertise that you are carrying, why not just open carry?

One of my concerns is that if I become involved in a public large scale incident law enforcement arriving on the scene could mistake me for one of the bad guys and put down me down with friendly fire. Something issued by the state that could quickly be displayed, is highly visible, and instantly recognizable by law enforcement identifying a person as a responsible armed citizen would be of great value in this scenario. My emphasis here is “issued by the state”, that way only people with valid concealed carry permits would have access to them.


“One of my concerns is that if I become involved in a public large scale incident law enforcement arriving on the scene could mistake me for one of the bad guys and put down me down with friendly fire.”

Perhaps this why in the training I received, it was stressed that if you are involved in an incident where you felt the need to pull your firearm, you need to make sure your firearm is put away and hands in plain view when law enforcement arrives so that you are not seen as a threat, they see you with your gun in your hand, good luck!