New for the 45 Crowd!


It’s nice to have options. It’s nice to see a newer model in .45 that has more than 10 rounds in a full size. If they come out with a 3.6" barrel and a three finger grip (without a magazine extension) that holds 10 rounds, I might have to rent one and try it out.


Hmmm… CZ seems to be saying that the P-10 F is 9mm Luger

This is their Czech site:

CZ P-10 45 AUTO


Thanks for that. Added Czech site to bookmarks.

CZ is really thinking about taking over .45ACP business…

So far they made CZ97 in .45, used Dan Wesson and now P-10 (I’m not sure if P-10 .45AUTO is available in USA) and Colt… :+1:


There are some cool guns getting announced. Rumor is S&W is announcing some new guns this month. I’ve been anxiously waiting.

I saw a video on a new Walther coming out soon that looks really cool as well.

Glad to see new stuff is coming out even during the current political climate.

Glock 30 already does that FYI.

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3 finger grip without an extension? You must have tiny fingers. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I have tried the G30 and hate the hump. I know some people don’t mind it.

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I have fairly big hands, and I don’t seem to have any problems using the normal mags. But for me Glocks are my SD/HD guns.

So I am not looking for perfection in them. My competition guns that’s a whole nother thing though.


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I really hope not :joy::rofl:

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wow cool! thank you for sharing!


thank you! for posting!

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I’m wondering if “P10F .45” will eventually hit US market… or like “P10M” stays in Europe… :thinking: