New Commercial on Conceal Carry (video attached); A Must See

Hope you like this lil video attached below. Saw this ‘Walther’ commercial today, on one of my favorite TV channels, “Outdoor”. Neatly enough, the actual commercial is only about half as long, but you get the full version here.

It might cover different sub-topics. I’m most interested to hear feedback from those in our family here who are of the legal mind.

Thought it interesting to see that conceal carry values might be edging closer into the mainstream, as I value the positives which we contribute to the greater society.

I found one older Taurus Judge commercial, attached below. However, if anyone can find another old famous Taurus Judge firearm commercial (of the woman defending herself when walking down a side-walk), please post it; I tried but could not find it. Looking forward to your reactions, and education for the group:


Makes you want to run out and buy one. :us:


Not sure I would call the Outdoor Channel main stream. Would love to see something like this on a major network that caters to a broader audience. Would sure rial up the the hoplophobes!


I think that’s the point.

So much to say about this video. We should really do an in depth analysis here. Some initial notes:

Don’t those guns sound so very cool?

Watching the guy on the range carefully stow his mag during reload before firing again makes me cringe. I recall my USCCA instructor talking about a shootout where a couple of FBI agents were killed. In the aftermath, it was noted they had taken time to pick up their brass (it was found in their pockets) after reloading, that delay possibly having contributed to their deaths.

Very tactful in the shootout scene, switching to the range shots rather than showing the BGs being shot.

Lastly, is this guy really coming home at what appears to be only a little bit late? Wouldn’t he be withLEO for a couple of hours at least after taking down the BGs? I know, picky, picky, picky.


I think the current trend is to try to make people feel more safe and more civilized. But the problem is that it’s actually making us more controllable.


On that Walther ad, that last part stood out for me the most; In reality, might the good-guy per se, be with LEO even overnight, at least, regrettably (how I wish that would not be the case)?


@Burdo these are pretty good commercials :+1::+1:. That Walther PDP is no joke. The woman with the Taurus Judge. This can motivate anti gunners to start carrying.


Something I learned from these videos is that those scenarios are realistic and can happen in everyday life. How many times you had to stop for groceries on the way home or had to go into an underground parking lot at night. The bad guys who are doing these bad deeds don’t work around your schedule so be vigilant and keep good situational awareness skills.


I am no longer “allowed” to watch movies with any sort of gun/shooting in them with my family. I can nit pick it completely apart.

I’ll say this, good trigger finger discipline in the Walther video, but being able to get home by the late news seams rather unrealistic no matter where you live.


Isn’t that the whole point! It’s a COVID hobby to find sneakers and jeans in “Gladiator” and airplanes in “300”.
We should be required to find theses faults.
Maybe WE (the trained) should be the firearm consultants on the sets of most TV/movies. Most newcomers have learned most of their skills from video games and movies. I’ve actually heard it on the range. It’s not until they have been “slide bitten” that they understand there’s the TV way and “the way of the gun”!


I had the chance to watch a Rambo movie in Israel once, and did not think about how audience reaction would be different when everyone in the theater was a vet. Howls of laughter as Stallone fired an RPG with his buddy right behind him where the backblast would have fried him in real life and every time he fired more rounds than his mags would have held. Basically it turned into a comedy cause everyone there had more experience than any of the actors.


Maybe the people who taught Keanu Reeves how to shoot for John Wick need to get more involved? :movie_camera:


What I like in Walther’s video is how they showed why the training is so important.
This is actually what happens during stressful situations…you do exactly what you have trained… otherwise it’s gonna be a chaos.


Lot of press checks, even after just chambering a round. Also lifting cover garment after getting out of your vehicle is not a good practice.


Duty Pistol - Duty habit. :+1:
Press check, mag check - all good. Ready to go!


I held a Walther PDP today, the best grip I’ve ever handled.


A group of us wives included went to see Terminator (I don’t remember which one) on the big screen. When he’s standing there in the window kneecapping all the police with the mini gun we were rolling in the isles much to the embarrassment / anger of the other patrons. The kid told him “Don’t kill anyone!”




Stumbled across this video ad for Glocks brand (attached):


Awesome commercial @Burdo :+1::+1:


Great !!

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