USCCA Live Training Broadcast


Hey everyone - we’ve got a live online training coming up! I know we’ve started to discuss it in other threads, but I wanted to start this one so that there is one place to discuss it for you all! I’ll have new videos every few days until the Broadcast.

You can sign up for the broadcast and enter the gun giveaway (Glock 19) through any of the official links. You only have to register once. You should get a follow-up email reminding you of the date and time of the broadcast - Tuesday, March 19 at 7pm CENTRAL time. :slight_smile:

You’ve already seen this one on a different thread:

Here’s the second trailer:

If you haven’t seen one of our live trainings before, they’re great! Please let me know if you have any questions.


Here’s the next training video for next weeks Live Training!


Watched the first three, thanks for tackling this subject, looking forward to the live event. While one of my pistols is a Glock 30, I’m looking forward to the day you give away some Sigs. Any ideas when I can put that on the calendar? :wink:


I would LOVE it if we give away Sigs @Shepherd! Unfortunately, I don’t get to make those decisions - yet… :wink:


I watched all 3, there are some things I learned, but on the first video once the knife came out, I was yelling at my phone for him to point the gun at the guy. The third video I think the dude was smart by not going for his gun. That’s probably where I would’ve put mine too, and it was good reminder to never keep a gun between myself and the most natural entrance point for an attacker. Sometimes @Kelly and I stay in a camper at her dad’s land and I lock the doors on that thing. Its maybe 3 miles from a prison, albeit a minimum security federal one.

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@James, that was my thought, it’s getting late in the evening or night and they are relaxing in front of the tv, why the heck was the door unlocked in the first place? I figured not everyone thinks about safety issues, plus if it was locked, the scenario might have ended right there. :grinning:


But either way, it was a good video and the guy definitely BSd his way through getting the gun out of the safe pretty well. You couldn’t really do a training video and lock the door. Lol.


I was glad to see in the third video that the man was a little more aggressive towards the attacker. I personally would not have had my weapon across from me. I would use a bedside holster to tuck it into the cushion next to me so it is close. Then I wouldn’t have had to walk down the hallway with the attacker behind my back going for the other gun. Great training videos.