Free Firearm Training


Hey Community!! Second topic from me. How does everyone feel about training for new firearm owners and those that don’t feel comfortable around firearms. Me personally, I think more people would feel comfortable if they had a better understanding.


I have been offering free tutalige for people new to firearms for a little over two years now. Only a few people have taken me up on the offer but, if anyone in my area wants it I will make time.

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It’s good for both the gun community and the new comers. It especially helps for those that look at firearms as a bad thing.


I’ve been teaching my son, my nieces and nephews and my younger as well as older cousins.


So far, I have taught my mom, a couple friends and, an x-girlfriend.

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Always a good way for people to be more educated and mindful.


I love it that you’re all helping others learn about guns and gun safety. Who taught you to shoot?

Have any of you done any formal training yourself?

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I shot a good friend on mines gun. A Smith and Wesson .357. I have taught myself by watching training videos, reading and @KevinM and all of the proving ground videos.

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I love the proving ground videos, Shawn! Especially the one in the convenience store. :blush:

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Yes. I train with every video. I’ll watch it, than run the training exercises.


I learned from books, videos (including USCCA materials) and, asking questions at the range.

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I should probably watch the proving grounds videos. I haven’t gotten around to making time for it yet. Though I did get that USCCA CC book, Should I Shoot. It was actually the first thing I got from USCCA before I became a member now that I think about it. And I still have yet to take a look at my bullet USB. Gosh, so much stuff I still have to do and look at and watch and read.


No matter how much you learn as you go, there’s always more to learn. Between techniques and skills, to laws and boundaries. It’s a lifestyle that never stops changing. Your own comfort is the most important to learn.


I’ve taught soldiers, ppl where I work now, friends, my wife, and my son soon… but 8 years in the Army and my dad I learn to shoot. But also watch former special ops guys on YouTube that give direction… and also be a videos…

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@Tankrachet86 could you elaborate when you say you watch former spec ops guys?


I get a great feeling teaching my son, my nieces and nephews and younger cousins. To know that they have a better respect for firearms is enough. The look on my son’s face the first time he shot one will always be in my head.

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Military special operations, rangers, Marine force recon, Air Force para rescue… if you look on you tube you can find their videos

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I meant, donyou watch shooting drills or something from those guys?


Yea, and they also going over setting up your kit that you use… abstractly you can convert that to edc

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@SeakK038 and @Lisa, What areas do you find new shooters to be the most concerned with? Are they thinking about mechanics or just focused on getting lead down range?