USCCA Live Training Event TONIGHT!

Who’s watching!? I can’t wait!


I will be there


I’ll be online for that a little later - in the live broadcast platform - NOT HERE. :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the live training will be broadcast:

@Skeebo Thanks so much for posting about it! I’ll see you there!

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I will be there!

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I’ll be there with my guns on!


Well that was a waste of 75 minutes. J/K lol. Great live training as always.

Yeah. Not exactly what I was expecting, but appreciate the time and effort put into it. Some really good legal tidbits for sure. I look forward to the next one and more training videos. I look at it like a snowball, each one will give me a little more knowledge…I just hope it sticks and grows. Lord knows I can use all the help I can get. :us:

You scared me! I ended up not working it (they had enough Social Care Advisors available :grin: ) so I could pick up my dogs from their last day of training and checked in on the community.

Was this the first live broadcast you’ve seen?

Good morning, it was my first and was well done. Just not what I was expecting.

The videos are THE BOMB!

Also, I didn’t win a new Glock, so there’s that. :joy::joy::joy:

:grin::grin::grin:No. I’ve watched 3 previous ones. Even when I don’t catch them live, I watch them on YouTube on my day off.

I didn’t win the Glock either, @Skeebo - oh wait! I can’t no matter what :laughing:

There’s always next time!

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@Dawn, I could see why someone who is trained might not find this video event fulfilling, however it does give a chance to 1) Learn more about what the USCCA has to offer, 2) Learn something that you might not have known already and 3) a Chance to WIN 3 guns!

I actually learned that I did not have the FULL USCCA protection. When they mentioned upgrading to ELITE, I called in to check and see if that is what I had and when I found out that the monthly cost was only about $20 more, I jumped right on it.

I also believe that this event is to bring NEW MEMBERS in and there is nothing wrong with that. I am just glad that the USCCA is there for me, and others. Thank You @Tim and ALL of the employees that make this organization possible.

NOTE: I am not an employee and my endorsement was not paid for.