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Hey guys this is me a member of the uscca I have a Taurus g2c 9 mm and I’m very happy with what are your thoughts on this firearm for an everyday carry


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@Christopher_Brandon I have the Taurus PT111 G2C and also the G2C, I have and carry each day and will continue to it’s a good well balanced gun, easy to shoot, I have had guns my whole life, first .22 rifle age 11, now 69 years. I use good ammunition and never had any problems with either. Each time I pull the triggers they fire no problems. My first reason why I have a Taurus; here in IL if you are involved in a self-defense occurrence you will not get your property returned. My #2 reason is at my age I have different priorities than I did 30 years ago. I’m retired, I love hanging out with my wife at her lab, I like cooking. So to me a gun is just means of self defense nowadays. I’ve had nice guns in years past but as I said I have a Concealed Carry Gun like yours to defend my wife and myself. You’re not going to be disappointed with your selection in the G2C

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I’m just responding to a comment Robert8 made. That’s exactly why I carry what I carry for my EDC. If, God forbid, I have to ever use it. I probably will never it get back. But as far as gun prices go, the price to replace it would not be a devastating blow. I just use a base Glock straight out of the box.


@Zavier_D Hello Zavier, Well it depends on where you live, Illinois is my home, I was born on the South Side of Chicago in 1949 and with the exception of my 18 years of military I have been here all my life. Illinois has laws that you will not get your property back. Your state May be different but that’s law here in IL.

It’s not law but I just assume they will drag it out as long as they can meanwhile I just open next Glock. For just in case.

I’m just a pragmatist, I am just not physically the man I was. So I have to be as careful, educated and trained as I can be, so that if that moment comes I can protect those I love and care for.