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Hey guys this is me a member of the uscca I have a Taurus g2c 9 mm and I’m very happy with what are your thoughts on this firearm for an everyday carry


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@Christopher_Brandon I have the Taurus PT111 G2C and also the G2C, I have and carry each day and will continue to it’s a good well balanced gun, easy to shoot, I have had guns my whole life, first .22 rifle age 11, now 69 years. I use good ammunition and never had any problems with either. Each time I pull the triggers they fire no problems. My first reason why I have a Taurus; here in IL if you are involved in a self-defense occurrence you will not get your property returned. My #2 reason is at my age I have different priorities than I did 30 years ago. I’m retired, I love hanging out with my wife at her lab, I like cooking. So to me a gun is just means of self defense nowadays. I’ve had nice guns in years past but as I said I have a Concealed Carry Gun like yours to defend my wife and myself. You’re not going to be disappointed with your selection in the G2C

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I’m just responding to a comment Robert8 made. That’s exactly why I carry what I carry for my EDC. If, God forbid, I have to ever use it. I probably will never it get back. But as far as gun prices go, the price to replace it would not be a devastating blow. I just use a base Glock straight out of the box.


@Zavier_D Hello Zavier, Well it depends on where you live, Illinois is my home, I was born on the South Side of Chicago in 1949 and with the exception of my 18 years of military I have been here all my life. Illinois has laws that you will not get your property back. Your state May be different but that’s law here in IL.

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It’s not law but I just assume they will drag it out as long as they can meanwhile I just open next Glock. For just in case.

I’m just a pragmatist, I am just not physically the man I was. So I have to be as careful, educated and trained as I can be, so that if that moment comes I can protect those I love and care for.