Never Forget

Please take a moment of silence this morning to honor the nearly 3,000 lives lost 19 years ago today.



Never will.


… an event that is worthy of more than just a moment.


I shall never forget



I was only a child in 6th grade at 10 years of age but I remember watching it on live television in the classroom. It wasn’t the first time I had watched people die in real life but it was still crazy. I was a lot more mature at that age growing up homeless and what not. It was an event in my life that made me want to protect people resulting in me joining the Marines on my 18th birthday. (spent all day in the office doing paperwork).
To many people these days have forgotten and anyone younger than me by a few years also has no idea the intensity of something like this. I hate to say it but huge terrible events like this generally brings us together as a nation.

-Gone but not forgotten


We have to remember the Benghazi Embassy attacks as well. 9/11/12


I will never forget what happened on 9/11/2001 or 9/11/2012.


I am aware of this as well. Although horrific, the 14 lives lost on American soil in a hostile land, does not compare to 3,000 on the home front. Now as I was active duty at the time of Benghazi, It makes me upset to a different degree because it was a lack of leadership action that caused that while the towers was something we did not for see.(conspiracy theories aside)
It seems every 9-11 we are attacked somehow now as an anniversary. While in the sand box, the week of 9-11 was a long week in 2013. Also, the general public doesn’t know about Benghazi unfortunately.


Never forget! Never Forgive! We must always remain vigilant!





I never forget that day. The picture above hangs where I walk past it. I was supposed to be in the towers that day, 72nd floor, but was told I did not need to come in as I had the problem fixed the evening before. So I was at home in CT. A couple of co-workers had not made it in yet (working other projects). Two people I had worked with were in the planes from Boston (one worked at Sun Microsystems, the other at Oracle). I found out when someone called me to find out if I was ok… I was in my home office coding. I immediately called my parents here in Montana, as I knew they would worry. They had just seen the news. Two years later I moved back to Montana. I have only been back there a couple of times, for work, and those were immediately after the day, trying to get data recovered. No, I do not forget.

On the plus side, it is my sisters birthday!! :smiley:


Worked with some people who died that day and some are still dying due to cancer they developed years after from ground zero.


1 year ago today I was sitting in my recliner watching TV. A news channel broke in with a live feed of the Twin Towers & the Pentagon being attacked by Hijacked Airplanes ,that was the biggest act of a Terrorist attack on American soil ,I will never forget that morning or the feeling of the people in the towers & Pentagon being so Helpless. Please take a moment of silent prayer for the Americans that lost their lives that day. People we are now in the middle of a different kind of Terrorist attack on American soil .This attack is American grown attackers creating panic by Robbing ,looting ,burning buildings and terrorizing the communities around the US . Demanding the overthrow of our police forces that are in place to protect the good citizens of this great country. We can not sit back and allow these savages to continue what they are doing. Stand behind your local Police Departments. Take a stand against these savages and SAY NOT IN MY TOWN assist your local police in stopping this madness. Give them all the support they need . Protect your families and friends. And remember to Train,Train,Train.



New 9/11 Massacre Documentary

In order to help put to rest the 9/11 conspiracy theories,

@JudicialWatch sued for and obtained the Pentagon parking camera footage of AA#77 hitting the Pentagon.


I cannot watch any videos of the planes any more. Most people see the plane, I see 124 men, women and children who were murdered. :rage:
I carried some of their pictures in my wallet for a long, long time as a reminder. :cry:


I started watching some on the news this morning and as soon as I felt the anger and sadness coming on I turned it off…


I’m with you on this @Bruce26. My stomach turns and I want to cry every time I see the videos or even the stills from the videos. I’m not one to cry easily, but the loss felt that day will always bring tears to my eyes.


I am stealing this photo… just FYI :sweat_smile:




Here is a commercial from Budweiser with the Clydesdale’s that aired only once for the Superbowl that paid TRIBUTE TO THOSE LOST ON 9/11. here is the link to it on you tube.

Budweiser ‘9/11 Tribute’ Ad: Super Bowl 2011 - YouTube