1 year ago today I was sitting in my recliner watching TV. A news channel broke in with a live feed of the Twin Towers & the Pentagon being attacked by Hijacked Airplanes ,that was the biggest act of a Terrorist attack on American soil ,I will never forget that morning or the feeling of the people in the towers & Pentagon being so Helpless. Please take a moment of silent prayer for the Americans that lost their lives that day. People we are now in the middle of a different kind of Terrorist attack on American soil .This attack is American grown attackers creating panic by Robbing ,looting ,burning buildings and terrorizing the communities around the US . Demanding the overthrow of our police forces that are in place to protect the good citizens of this great country. We can not sit back and allow these savages to continue what they are doing. Stand behind your local Police Departments. Take a stand against these savages and SAY NOT IN MY TOWN assist your local police in stopping this madness. Give them all the support they need . Protect your families and friends. And remember to Train,Train,Train.



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