09/11.... reflect

As we reflect upon 09/11/01 I ask all of you… Where were you?
Personally I was in bed, age 12, in West Linn OR.
My step dad woke me up and I watched the TV in our living room trying to make sense. My father called to make sure I was ok and as I took that call, I remember my mom screaming as the 1st tower fell.
Fast forward to 09/11/11, I was on a CH-53 getting shot at by the Taliban, while flying across the Helmand Province.
Looking back as we reflect on the eve of 09/11 of those who it has affected. My friends, family as well as those who I know who fought after the fact in places like Libya and Syria.
Today we as Americans need to reflect and remember this date, and what it means. God bless you all

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