9/11 We Will Never Forget

Most of us can tell you exactly where we were at nine am (Central time) 20 years ago. Terrorists tried to destroy our country using our own planes and people against us.

Today, please take a moment to remember those who lost their lives at the hands of terrorists on our own soil. Also, remember the heroes of Flight 93, may their resolve forever inspire us to work together for the greater good of all.

We Will Never Forget


Honoring 20 years. My utmost respect goes out to the lives lost, both civilian and military/ LE, lost in the attacks and the ensueing war.

Everyone remembers where they were when they found out.

I was in college, working full time at a tire shop in Laramie, WY. When our boss told us about the attack, we all thought it was one of his ill timed terrible jokes until we heard it on the radio. We shut down for the day at noon to pay our respect. Every business in Laramie closed their doors the following day for an hour to honor the victims.


I will never forget 911and may all the souls who were lost that day Rest In Peace. May God bring comfort to their families. Give them the respect and honor they deserve today on this 20th Anniversary.




I don’t forget Benghazi in 2012 either.


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I know where I was and what I was doing. I remember rying to get my family to leave thir offices in big cities. I’m also keenly aware that we’ll likely have a repeat before long. So sad.


Hard to forget…
That was the day which changed the World.

I was 4,000 miles away watching everything on TV.
That day I didn’t realized how much it would affect my today’s life.

Honor and Respect to all victims and heroes.


As long as we fly the flag **we will not forget!


I will never forget.


Tome, New Mexico. Just getting ready to go to Albuquerque public schools maintenance yard to fix some dock levelers.

I won’t forget, the innocent lives lost, the Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines that went to the middle east and fought and many died. I remember, I remember every time I see a picture of a proud Taliban actor carrying a U.S. weapon. I’ll remember every time I talk to the women and men that brought the stories back with them.


And here is a Budweiser ad that aired only once. And it was during the Super Bowl to pay tribute to 9/11.


1990, after taking Anti terrorist training in the Marine Corps, I pointed out the weakness of a base, which was taking out the command post with an airplane. It would render the base helpless with no leadership, no communications, and no access to the amory. Never did I suspect, but was not surprised that they used passenger airliners. I was surprised at what they targeted the twin towers but not surprised about the Pentagon.
The Amory was later relocated away from the Command post.
We need to protect the Capital and the Pentagon from any attacks now.
How dare any country even think about attacking the United States!
Never forget, never forgive!




18 years ago this month I rejoined the National Guard to pay my respects to the victims by getting the criminal religious nuts that were behind the attacks on 9/11. I was supposed to deploy but was in no condition deplorable. The Guard relieved me two years later retroactive to a year from my rernlistment. I f do I’d get my rank back but my glory days are long gone.


But some of us Americans are smarter now. I meantioned some of us :us:


I fear death not :us: There are US Marines that are standing St Peters gate to guide me through. The 13 are the newest I would shake their hands


Happy Born Day my brother @DonJMac


I could never forget because it is the date of our anniversary


"I think that’s what makes Marines special, if only in our own minds, is that elusive Quality of Esprit de Corps. It’s the fact that we, as individual Marines, don’t feel that we are individual Marines. When we wear our uniform, when we hear our Hymn, when we go into battle, we are going with every other Marine who ever wore the uniform.
Standing behind us are the Marines who fought during the birth of our nation. We’re standing with the Marines who fought in WWI and gave birth to the legend of the “Teuful Hunden,” or “Devil Dogs.” We are standing with the Marines who took Iwo and Tarawa and countless other blood soaked islands throughout the Pacific.
We are standing with the “Frozen Chosin” and our beloved Chesty Puller. We are standing with the Marines who battled at Hue City and Khe Sanh and the muddy rice paddies of South East Asia. We are standing with the Marines who fought in Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom and now are fighting in Afghanistan.
Like real brothers, their blood courses through our veins, and when we go into battle, we would rather lay down our lives than be a disappointment to them. We carry on our backs their legacy, their deaths, and their honor. We carry that for the rest of our lives.
The Marine Corps uniform doesn’t come off when our active duty is over. We wear it daily in our attitude and our love of Corps and country. We wear it on our tattoos and our bumper stickers. We wear it on our hearts.
It’s why, no matter where we are in the world, on November 10th, every Marine celebrates the Marine Corps birthday. It’s why we’ll never be an army of 1. It’s why we never stop being Marines. It’s why, for most of us, being a Marine isn’t something we were. It’s something we are.
It’s the most important part of who and what we are. Some say we’re arrogant. We say we’re proud. We have a right to be proud. We are the United States Marines, the most feared and ferocious group of warriors to walk the face of this earth.
When America’s enemies formulate their battle plans, they plan on going around Marine units because they know Damn well that they can’t go through them. We are what other branches wish they were.
We are the modern day Spartans. This isn’t bragging. It’s written in the battle history of our country. When there’s a parade and the Marines march by, everyone pays a little more attention. Some say, “arrogance.” We call it “pride.” It’s why, in a crowd of servicemen, you can always spot the Marine. Why are Marines special? I don’t know. We just are.
Saepius Exertus, Semper Fidelis, Frater Infinitas, Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever,
-Semper Fidelis!