Must-have Dry Fire Training Tools

We recently talked about dry fire training ( Friday Drill Day: Dry Fire, do it often!) and how important it is especially now with ammo in short supply.

Many new shooters don’t take advantage of this economical way to train at home. Drawing from the holster, sight picture and sight alignment, emergency reloads and ammo malfunctions can all be practiced for free at home.

A few key points to keep in mind when you’re dry fire training:

  1. Clear the gun - have someone else clear it as well if others are available to double-check.
  2. Run drills in a room with NO live ammo ammo
  3. Reload/store firearm safely after you’ve finished training
  4. There are plenty of tools to help you dry fire train, however, you don’t need anything special to start!

What are your favorite dry fire tools or do you prefer to dry fire without any special tools?


I’ve found this to be highly beneficial, especially when teaching my wife, who has never handled a firearm before, how to shoot. It provided feedback and gave us a way to have a little healthy competition and make training fun. When you have fun…you train more often


Snap caps. I can work on reloads easy.

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  1. laser cartridge
  2. snap caps
  3. Rogers TRT ammo
  4. T3MT Dummy Rounds

Par timer app on phone. Indispensable.

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RE Factor targets and courses of fire (edit: “The Essential Shooting Guide”)
Coolfire CO2 actuator(s) in
SIG 220, 226, 229, 239
Mantis Application on Cell phone

Mantix X3, and the app that goes along with it.
I’ve “spent” the equivalent of maybe $8-9K+ of 9mm training with it in the past 7 months, and it’s made a huge difference in my live fire. There are some truly awesome shooters here, so I hope I’m not embarrassing myself with this photo, but for me personally, hitting a 3" target (the leftmost) at 20 yards would have been darn near impossible when I began shooting in June.


I haven’t been to the range in just over a year, but bought ELMS laser I practice dry firing and drawing my handgun from conceal carry. I recommend this to anyone who can’t get to the range also to anyone who want better trigger control when drawing my gun.


Are some dummy bullets or snap caps better or less problematic than others for your firearm?

I’ve seen other electronic devices similar to Elms G Sight. I liked them for pistols. However, for a revolver, buying 5-8 rounds of them was 5-8 times more expensive. Anyone know of a less expensive “electronic” laser round for the cylinder feature of a revolver?

I have had good luck with the Mantis company which is 1/2 the price of the one in thread. Their AR15 laser bolt resets the trigger too which makes laser training that much more fun.

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I been dry fire training more and more lately. But I’m also cheap and on a budget. So I use snap caps, I use a thumb tack to pin a paper plate to the wall, then stand back about 7yrds from it and start practicing my draw, sight alignment, trigger pull, and mag changes.

I can also practice moving from one side of the room to the other while keeping my sight alignment, or while mag changes.

I’ll sometimes pin two paper plates in a corner, one on each wall, to try to simulate 2 attackers. Then I try to practice my draw when getting off the X and transitions between 2 targets.

Sometimes for fun I like to get my Gary Cooper on, buy watching old westerns and practicing my draw and sight alignment during the shootout scenes.

All with NO LIVE AMMO in the room and after my firearm has been safety checked at least twice. SAFETY FIRST WHILE PRACTICING


Snap caps, are the cheapest route. For those who have the extra change. These new laser devices. In tend to go with the snap caps, Money that would be spent on the lasers deals will go to ammo when available

Need to add maybe a full lenght mirror for presentation drills

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I really like the ELMS system by g-sight. I’m having a tough time finding ammo (as I’m sure everyone is). This wasn’t the cheapest option, but it’s cheaper than buying ammo right now. +1 for the g-sight!

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I often shoot at my reflection in a full length mirror about four yards away, making it about an eight yard away target.

I get to see my technique, shoot at a life-size target and try to outdraw myself.


Yes sir That’s great practice. I also do that. I will let you know if I ever out draw myself. That guy in the mirror is quick lol

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My favorites:

  1. laser cartridges (caliber specific)
  2. Mantis system --works on any railed pistol
  3. Dry fire mag --Glock specific
  4. Dry fire timer app on my Iphone
    I can use them together on my Glocks. Awesome. The best part is it’s kept my skills up for a lot less money.

Arnie, try out one of the laser snap caps–$40 and you are shooting for a month all day long. I highly recommend.

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Thanks I will surely check that out

Will do