Must-have Dry Fire Training Tools

One of the nice things about the Mantis, it can be used for live fire as well, giving you some excellent feedback about what you’re doing, right or wrong when you’re dealing with true recoil, etc.


back when laser stuff was not available, I dry fired with a piece of blank paper taped to wall, stand within inches of paper, cock the firearm, drop a sharpened pencil with a new eraser down the barrel, when you squeeze the trigger the pencil will fly out and mark the paper, that is now the sighting point, then do same thing repeatedly, you should have just one mark onder the target mark. I did this and made master 22 gallery, with 297+ average

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I am getting a SIRT Laser Training Pistol
A tad expensive initially but after a couple of hundred practice “rounds” it all balances out.
Highly recommended by multiple online training sites:

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Welcome to the Community @Jack10562 .
Great choice and good path in dry firing practice.
Which model have you chosen?

I selected the Model 110 SIRT with a polymer slide based on a Glock 17/2 ,
A 20% discount was available through “Gundamentals” training session!

An available training aid compatible with the SIRT is L.A.S.R. (Laser Activated Shot Reporter) computer app using a web cam or tablet camera that records and analyzes “shot” accuracy

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That’s great setup.
I’m using the same software. Still don’t feel needs for SIRT…but I’m getting closer to buy it :grinning:

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I also ordered a Mantis X10 Elite, I’m retired with quite a bit of free time on my hands, plus I like “toys” ! :slight_smile:

The training programs Mike Ox from DFTC dotcom offers are also a great investment!
I’m currently working on the 21 Day Alpha Shooter program and just got the Tough Secchi Target Drills

I figured it’s an excellent way to invest the "$timulus Cash " that the Gov’t so generously provided!

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:+1: @Jack10562 . Positive thinking and dry firing eventually convert to perfection :muscle:

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I personally use the Mantis X10 and Laser Academy system, both of them side by side are a really great training tool and I can even use the X10 with live fire.

Welcome to the community Timothy. I purchased and received the X3 system just last week and have only used it for dry fire training. I will be taking it to the range for live fire on Thursday.

Stay safe out there.

Embarrassingly low-tech :flushed:

Five (my Centennial only has 5 chambers) index card “targets” set up at varied elevations and distances in the room, and a timer.
Set the timer then draw and snap all the targets while aiming before the timer rings.
Snap caps in a speedloader can simulate a reload.
Repeat using weak hand and repeat again this time “point” shooting

Heck, there you go. :+1: Embarrassing, why?

If you decide you can afford to go all out, drop $40 on a laser training cartridge and confirm that you aim and point where you think you do.

I agree. I use a 5,6 or 7 round revolver. I’d have to buy at least 6 for my 38/357 laser sights to do quick follow up shots. I also use 9mm so that’s a total of at least 7. (Six 38’s and one 9) I haven’t found anything that fits both. I started in 1970 using revolvers and carry that close to home most. In Chicago sketchy area’s it’s a Shield Plus or Glock 19. Any suggestions are appreciated.