Friday Drill Day: Dry Fire, do it often!

Dryfiring is not going to hurt your centerfire pistol. You don’t need snapcaps, but you can use them if you’d like.

Here’s an oldie video from “Tactical Tim” that has a few dryfire drills you can try:

I completely agree re dry firing in fact I do it daily while watching TV, LOL. However concerning Kevin’s video and his assertion that slamming the slide on an empty chamber causing little to no damage, i submit this video from Wilson Combat entitled “DON"T DO THIS to your guns”


If I’m remembering right, he did take part of that back. Depends on the gun, the person, and their “slamming” strength. :slight_smile:

I’ve read through my firearm’s owners manuals a couple of times and I haven’t seen anything saying do or don’t. :slight_smile:

I know what you are saying. Kevin did walk it back “a bit”. What he said was even though manufacturers stated it was not a good idea, he was going to do it anyway. LOL.

I have no real opinion either way, I merely submitted a contradictory video by 2 expert manufacturers for consideration.

Watch their video, I don’t think they are saying not to manually rack the slide with an empty chamber, I think they are saying not to hit the slide release button slamming the slide on an empty chamber on high quality firearms. Their reasoning is FULLY explained.

After viewing their video, and after a couple of comments by previous trainers, i tend to work the rack on both dry firing and reloads manually, however its probably good to practice working the release one handed on a new full mag, if necessary due to injury or otherwise.

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Definitely! And you could do that with snap caps when you’re doing dryfire training as well.

I’ve never been big on just hitting the slide release button, but to each their own. When it’s your firearm, you should learn the ins and outs of it.